Chief, the Next Personnel Transfer is to a Different World!

I, a department chief of a certain company, have been transferred to a different world. Moreover, it seems that the previous world and this world are like some kind of simulation game of gods. No wonder this different world is so similar to Earth.

I don't really understand, but according to the god, I have talent for this world. I mean, what is my talent?

What!? Starting over from a baby? In that case, please erase my memory. If it isn't possible, please seal my memory until I grow up a little more at least....

No, I don't want to wear diapers at this age!

I don't want to drink breast milk either!


       Transferred…. or to be more precise reincarnated for the convenience of someone who seems to be a god, Keita was forced to start his life over again as Gail. In a mysterious world where magic existed but underdeveloped, Keita, whose talent was recognized, would become matchless...?


Author : しゅーまつ

Other Title :
Buchou, Kondo no Jinji Idou wa Isekai Desu tte