Chief 003

Chapter 3 – Life Reset

I'm starting over from a baby --- is this really happening?

"Gail~ it's boobies time~!"

Humph!? No, wait, wait, the hurdle is too high for someone who have a memory of living as a man in his fifties to drink breast milk.

“Come on, drink a lot~!”

*gulp* *gulp* *gulp*

I don't really want to drink this lukewarm and somewhat sweetish stuff….

*gulp* *gulp* *gulp*

Ugh, I managed to drink it, but how much longer until I can eat baby food?

"Let's change your diaper too, okay~?"

Eh!? Hey, wait, don't take it off!

S-Stop, don't lift up my legs and leave them exposed!





My exposed butt was stared at by a woman.... *sob*

Will I be able to endure this kind of baby life? I might get mentally ill before I grow up. In addition, I still have no idea of what they were saying at all. Not being able to understand the language is quite stressful.

    Gail's eyelids were slowly getting heavier as his consciousness gradually drifting away.

Zzzz…. Zzzz…. Zzzz….

"He fell asleep with a full stomach. I wonder what kind of child he will grow up to be. I'm looking forward to it."





[Hey, Chief!]

[Chief! Hey, Chief!]

Hmm? Did I fall asleep...?


You need something?

    Gail was in a bad mood because someone disturbing his sleep.

[What's with that tone!? I thought you still have something to ask me.]

Come to think of it, she left in the middle of our conversation.

    Gail's head gradually cleared up.

Oh, my bad, my bad, it seems like I was still half asleep.

[Hmmp! You should thank me at least.]

Yes, yes, thank you very much.

[So, what else do you want to know?]

No, it's about the memories from my previous life, can you seal them until the period of breastfeeding and diapers is over?

[Nope. Your soul has already taken root in that body. I can't tamper with it anymore.]

I guess I have to endure this state for another half a year. Then, can you help me understand the language?

[Well, that's not impossible, but are you sure?]

Is there some kind of problem with it?

[I can give you the ability to automatically translate the language, but there's a time lag in translating what was said and what was heard, though it's only a few seconds. I mean, it's annoying when the movements of the mouth and the words heard are out of sync, right? The people you talk to will also feel the same.]

So it's like a certain ventriloquist's satellite relay story. That will be inconvenient for everyday life, indeed.

Well, I have no choice but to learn the language on my own. I wonder if I can do it, I was never good at English....

[You already have a solid foundation of Japanese, so it might take a more time…. Okay, I will raise the parameter of your language comprehension ability.]

You can do that? I mean, can you change someone's parameters freely? My life will be easier if you can raise the other parameters, too.

[No, that’s not good. It's against the rules to tamper with an individual's parameters.]

But you are going to raise my language comprehension ability, aren't you? Is that all right?

[Well, it's also an apology.]


[Originally, when a soul is reborn into a new body, all of its memories from the previous life are erased. If that soul still retains those memories after being reborn, it will become fragile, after all.]

Huh? Fragile?

[Those memories often make them less motivated to start over from zero and make them prone to fall to the evil side.]

Then, why do I still have memories from my previous life?

[That's why I said it's an apology! No, it's all because you died earlier than you were supposed to in the first place!]

Died earlier?

[That’s right! You gave up on life too soon at your last moment. Normally, people would hold onto their life until the end. However, you accepted death so quickly that you died earlier than planned. You were transferred to this world without going through the process because of that.]

Well, it's true that I thought it would be fine even if I die at that time.

[Your soul was not dirty, so there was no need to clean it, and since this world is different from your previous world, I don't think I need to worry about your motivation either. The only problem is your memories. They're going to affect your language comprehension ability, so I will make a little adjustment.]

I see. Speaking of which, why did my soul get transferred to a different world? Is this a common occurrence?

[Nope. In a very rare case, souls with a potential to greatly develop the world are born. But if they can't use their potential in that world, it's just a waste of treasure. Therefore, those souls will be transferred to the world that matches their potential.]

Do I have such potential?

[That's right, it's amazing. I've never seen a soul like this before. To put it bluntly, it's abnormal.]

It's hard to believe. So, what kind of potential do I have?

 [You have a talent for magic!]




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