Chief 010

Chapter 10 – Her Intelligence is Lacking, After All

From where?

[Hah?] (Megumi)

From where did you start watching?

[Do you mean about what happened earlier?] (Megumi)

That's right.

[From when you accidentally spoke in Japanese.] (Megumi)

Damn, that’s from the beginning!

Well, anyway, where have you been all this time?

[W-What are you mad at me for? I just left you for a while.] (Megumi)

For a while? It's already been a few months since then.

[Oh, did you perhaps feel lonely without me? Or maybe you have fallen in love with me? No, you can’t, you’re still a baby!] (Megumi)

This girl....

[By the way, Chief, have you gotten somewhat bigger?] (Megumi)

Like I said, it’s already been a few months. Babies can grow a lot during that time.

Come to think of it, she said that the industrial revolution in Earth started not long ago. I guess her sense of time is completely different from humans.

Enough of that. There's something I would like to ask, instead.

[What?] (Megumi)

What's the average magic power in this world?

[There's no way I'd know that. Besides, I have no interested in the magic power of each individual soul.] (Megumi)

Unreliable as usual....

Then, what's the highest number you've ever seen?

[I think it was 9,000 or so….] (Megumi)

I thought 2400 magic power would be the highest if one could live until 100 years old. I really didn't expect there was someone with more than 9000 magic power.

How does the magic power increase

[It increases on its own by a certain amount every month until you die.] (Megumi)

Is that without exception?

[Yes, but the amount differs depending on the individual and race.] (Megumi)

Are there any other ways to increase magic power?

[Of course. You can increase it more by killing strong monsters.] (Megumi)

Monsters? That's scary. I mean, this is the first time I heard there are monsters in this world.

[Chief, there were animals like cats or dogs in your previous world, right? In this world, even animals have magic power, so they are often referred to as monsters.]

Yeah, but I still don’t get your point.

[Here we have goblins and orcs.] (Megumi)

No, they are genuine monsters. Don't group them together with cats or dogs!

Seriously, I don't understand her sensibilities at all.

Does this mean my magic power will increase after I kill goblins?

[Even if you kill those small fishes, your magic power will hardly increase.] (Megumi)

Then, what kind of monster should I kill to increase my magic power?

[I guess monsters with high magic power like dragon. They can use magic to fly and breathe fire.] (Megumi)

Dragon...? I don't think I can beat such a creature.

Is there anything else? For examples, if you use up your magic power until it reaches zero, your magic power will increase.

[What's that? I’ve never heard such a thing.

Besides, if your magic power reaches zero, you will receive damage to the point of dying. There's no way anyone would do that intentionally.] (Megumi)

So that dizziness and nausea was because I received damage that could even kill me. I didn't know that I had done something so dangerous.

[You don't have any more questions, do you? Then, I will check on you again some other time.] (Megumi)

Hold on, because your ‘some other time’ seems going to be 100 years later.

[What? I don’t have that much free time.] (Megumi)

Just one more question. You said before that I have a talent for magic and it was amazing. What kind of talent is that exactly?

[Even if you ask me, amazing is amazing.] (Megumi)

Again, she and her lack of intelligence explanation....

[Ah, people with an exceptional talent tend to die faster, so be careful. Well then---] (Megumi)

Huh? Hey, wait, wait, wait!

[What now? You are really such a pain in the ass.] (Megumi)

Don't call me pain in the ass! I mean, what do you mean die faster? Does that mean a shorter lifespan?

[Instead of lifespan, I think it's more about the high chance of being killed.] (Megumi)

Being killed?

[Yes, people with an exceptional talent are often targeted by people without it. That's why you have to protect yourself. Well then---] (Megumi)

I said wait! What am I supposed to do when I need to talk to you? You won’t contact me again for a while, right?

[Just call my name while using magic power until I respond. Later!] (Megumi)

There she went off again….

In the end, I still don’t understand what my talent is.




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