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Chapter 15 – The Other World’s Letters

Damn it. Just when I thought I finally could eat normal food, I'm back to baby food again.

This body isn’t ready for normal food yet. Even without modern knowledge, I guess they know from experience that infants need to be fed baby food. This is called the wisdom of life. For now, let’s give up on the normal food and focus on learning the letters instead.




In addition to taking care of me, it seems Misha has other duties as a maid apprentice, so she couldn't be my side all the time. I guess it would be strange if I call out for her. Well, she would usually come when I made some noise. Let’s try it by knocking on the door.

    Gail walked towards the door.

Oops! Even though I'm getting better at walking, this infants body is still out of balance. My head is heavy and my limbs are short.

    Gail arrived at the door safely and knocked on it several times.

*tock* *tock* *tock*

These arms are too weak. I can hardly make any sound with them. Maybe I should make my body float with magic and open the door myself. No, it would be bad if Misha sees me floating again.

Damn, what a dilemma... I want her to come, but I also don't want her to come....

Hmm? I heard something.

Maybe Misha is really coming. It’s a good thing I didn’t use magic to float this time.

Even so, I didn't expect her to come because of such a small sound. It's as though she had been waiting at the other side of the door this whole time.

“Young Master, what are you doing here?” (Misha)

If I answer her with something like; "I want to go to Bent's room.", it would be a big deal again. I guess I have to convey my intention in baby language.

“Daa~! Daa~! Daa~!” (Gail)

    Gail pointed at the outside of room.

“You want to go outside? It can’t be helped....” (Misha)

    Misha said so as she picked Gail up. Gail gave Misha a big smile in return.

“Oh, Young Master is smiling. My guess seems to be correct.” (Misha)

“Daa~!” (Gail)

“Where do you want to go?” (Misha)

“Ben! Ben!” (Gail)

“Ben? Oh, do you mean Young Master Bent’s room?” (Misha)

“Daa~!” (Gail)

"I guess that means yes. But let's go to somewhere else because Young Master Bent is studying right now." (Misha)

I know. That's why I want to go there.

“Ben! Ben! Ben!” (Gail)

"You really want to go to Master Bent's place that much?" (Misha)

"Ben! Ben! Bent!" (Gail)

"I understand. Let's go there and ask permission from Sarah. If that doesn't work, please give up." (Misha)

"Daa~!" (Gail)

    Gail raised his fist energetically.

[I knew it! Young Master can really talk, can’t he? I have a feeling that he understands everything I just said.] (Misha)




"Young Master, we have arrived. Now I will ask Sarah's permission first." (Misha)

*knock* *knock* *knock*

"Misha? Do you need something? Master Bent is studying right now." (Sarah)

"I'm sorry, Sarah. It's just that Young Master seems to really want to come here." (Misha)

"How could you possibly know that? I hope you're not actually coming here to disturb us." (Sarah)

"No, I would never do that!" (Misha)

Sarah doesn't seem to be pleased with our presence here.

“If there’s nothing important, then I will return to my job....” (Sarah)

Oh no, she is closing the door on us.

    Gail immediately jump off Misha’s arms and entered Bent's room, crawling.

*crawl* *crawl* *crawl*

"Young Master! You can't go in without permission." (Misha)

*crawl* *crawl* *crawl*

"He escaped inside because you didn't hold him properly!" (Sarah)




"What's going on, Sarah...? Gail!!" (Bent)

Good, I managed to get in. Now then, what kind of letters are they used in this other world? You better not underestimate a former Japanese who have mastered Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana. First let's take a look at Bent's writing.

What's with this worm-like drawing? No, maybe it's something like Arabic letters. To be honest, I thought the letters wouldn’t be that difficult to learn. But it seems I have underestimated this world.

“Don't look!” (Bent)

    Bent hurriedly hid the slate-like object with his writing on it.

"Young Master! You shouldn't enter someone's room without permission." (Misha)

"Misha, you are really here to interfere with Master Bent's studies, aren't you?" (Sarah)

Sarah looks very upset. I mean, don't be so angry just because a cute toddler broke in. Don't you feel sorry for Misha?

"I-I'm sorry! But I really didn't mean to interfere or anything." (Misha)

"Enough! Take that baby out of here!" (Sarah)

“Y-Yes, we will be leaving soon.” (Misha)

    Then, as Gail being carried out of the room by Misha, he saw the chalkboard with the example that must have been written by Sarah.

Hmm, wait, those are.....

"Young Master, let's go back to your room. Please excuse us." (Misha)

    Misha ran out of Bent's room with Gail in her arms.


"Really, even if you interfere with Master Bent's studies, there is almost no chance for the third son to become a successor. Now then, Master Bent, let's study hard and aim for the heirship. You can't lose to Master John." (Sarah)

"I know. I will do my best." (Bent)

“Great. This Sarah will make Master Bent a worthy successor of this house without fail!” (Sarah)




"I was scolded by Sarah. Even though I've told you to give up if she didn't give us permission...." (Misha)

I'm really sorry, Misha.




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