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Chapter 18 - I'm Starting to Figure Things Out

Six months have passed since I got Misha involved. During this time, she taught me various things, so the amount of information I have has increased greatly.

This is the Dinoslayer territory --- a rural territory located in the westernmost part of the Kingdom of Westland, under the rule of my father.

I heard both my parents used to be adventurers who mainly took monster subjugation request. They were also members of a six-man party which was one of the best in the kingdom.

Incidentally, they were originally from a small village around here and have known each other since childhood.

Back to the topic, a little over 10 years ago, a ferocious monster that later would be called "Dino", suddenly appeared and went on a rampage near their village. My father with his party members went to subjugate it and succeeded after a fierce fight.

Monster's body parts can be used for various things and adventurers make extra income from selling them. However, Dino was an unprecedented monster and its value couldn't be assessed. In the end, it was decided that the Dino's body would be donated to the kingdom.

For his contribution, in addition to the monetary reward, my father also received a peerage, this fiefdom, and a family name from the king. Dino comes from the monster’s name and Slayer is Slayer, as in Dragon Slayer, so it’s Dinoslayer...? Let's not thinking too hard about it.

I don't know whether it was the former lord or the village chief, but what happened to him? When Dino showed up, I heard he ran away and disappeared, and it seems he didn't come back even after it was subjugated. He might have been eaten, I guess.

My father's job as the lord is to develop the territory, collect taxes, manage the residents, and other administrative work.

My mother was active as a healer during her adventurer days. After marrying my father and became a lord's wife, she opened some kind of healing clinic in our territory.

Misha's father was brought to my mother's clinic for treatment, but his illness couldn't be treated by magic and then he eventually died. This what brought Misha to our house.

I'm getting to know about this house pretty well, aren't I?

This world also has 12 months, 365 days a year. However, one month is fixed at 30 days. There are 6 days in a week and 5 weeks in each month.

December 30th marks the end of the year, and there are no dates for the remaining five days. The four days will be thanksgiving days and the remaining one day will be the day of the beginning.

The day is not hours long here. One bell, two bells, and so on --- this is how people read the time. The first bell rings at sunrise, and the bells ring approximately every two hours after that. The bell doesn't ring after the sun sets, so perhaps they use sundial to decide the time to ring the bell.

In a world where you don't have to act in seconds like Japan, there would be fewer suicides.


  • Copper coin = 100 yen
  • Copper plate = 1,000 yen
  • Silver coin =10,000 yen
  • Silver plate = 100,000 yen
  • Gold coin = 1,000,000 yen
  • Large gold coin = 10,000,000 yen

For daily transaction, it seems that people only use up to silver coin. Misha told me that she has never seen coins higher than that.

When I was wondering what to do with an item worth less than a copper coin, Misha told me that they would either increase the amount until it was worth a copper coin, or barter it with something equal.

Well, it will be a few years until I can use money myself. I can just learn about it later.

Next about the school, there are compulsory education, secondary education, and specialized education.

  • Compulsory education: 2 years at ages 8 to 9. (free)
  • Secondary education: 2 years at ages 10 to 11. (paid)

Misha told me that only children of aristocrats and wealthy families go to the secondary education because you need to pay a tuition fee. However, she didn't know how much the tuition fee was because she only went to the compulsory education.

Both compulsory education and secondary education start from 2 bells until 4 bells. The so-called only in the morning. There’s no information about specialize education, so that's all.

Thank you, Misha.




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