Chief 013

Chapter 13 – Misha

I'm Misha, 14 years old. My mother died when I was little and my father died when I was 12 years old.

I, who had just become an orphan, was hired by the lord's wife as an apprentice maid after that. My salary is not very high since I'm still an apprentice, but I am provided with food, room, and clothes. I am sincerely grateful to her.

Young Master Gail was born so I became his caretaker. Then, about six months later, strange incidents began to happen around him….

For some unknown reasons, Young Master was drenched and covered in his own vomit. I heard a strange noise from Young Master's room and when I went to check it, I found that Young Master was covered in his own vomit again. Sometimes, I also heard what sounded like incantations coming from his room....

Young Master also doesn't cry or laugh at all. I wonder if this is what babies are like. I don't know because I didn't have any siblings.

Whenever I enter his room, Young Master will be staring at me intently. No, it's more like observing than staring, which I find it a little uncomfortable.




Now that You Master has safely turned one year old, I'm finally allowed to take him outside his room.

I heard it's the custom of the nobles to keep the birth of children hidden as much as possible until they turn one year old because they often die in infancy. Still, I feel sorry for those babies who were not allowed to go outside for one whole year.

Even more shocking incident happened. This time I saw Young Master floating in the air. Moreover, he clearly blurted out my name when our eyes met.

Everything really happened and not just my imagination. However, I was defeated by a silent pressure from Madam and decided to call it all misunderstandings.

No, I actually didn’t know what to do at that time. But it was Young Master who suddenly mumbled “Mommy” and basically concluded the matter.

Is Young Master really a baby…? I mean, I’ve seen him since he was just born, so there’s no doubt that he is a baby.

Ah, it’s a secret that I’m a little happy because Young Master’s first word is Misha.




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