Chief 004

Chapter 4 – A World Where Magic Can Be Used

Talent for magic? But I've never used magic before.

[That's obvious. There's no magic in that world. Are you stupid?]

Ugh, this girl....

[Do you remember when I talked about assigning parameters of the world?]

Yeah, I remember you talked about that.

[There are various parameters, but the main part is what to use as the axis for the development of that world.]

Hmm, okay....

[In your previous world, magic couldn't be used because that world was made to be developed using intelligence. However, in my world, in exchange for high magic parameter, the intelligence parameter is low.]

No wonder that I feel she lacks in intelligence

[E-Excuse me!? Who's lacking in intelligence?]

Oops, I forgot that she can read my mind.

[Well, anyway, I'm expecting you to use your talent for magic to develop my world.]

Developing the world using magic should be much easier and faster than using intelligence.

[I thought so, too. That's why I've put everything on magic parameter so that all creatures can use magic. However, for some reason, there’s only a small number of them who can actually use it.]

Huh!? Only a small number? What do you mean by that?

[Magic is all about the mental image. 'Be like this!' or 'Be like that!' and so on.]

Yeah, and then?

[From my observation, it seems like they didn't know that they can use magic, or they can't visualize the image strongly enough because of their low intelligence.]


[For example.... Chief, do you know what tailbone is?]

Yeah, more or less.

[That's the same organ as animals' tails. However, since humans don't need tails in their daily lives, their tailbone has shrunk but still functional.]

You point is…?

[Chief, try moving your tailbone!]

Eh!? Humans can't move their tailbone, can they?

[See? It's the same as that. The magic won't be activated because they believe that they can't use magic.]

Oh, so that’s how it is. But still, I must say it's an easy-to-understand analogy for someone of low intelligence.

[Hey, stop calling me low intelligence!]

Oops, I forgot again….

But if you let them to see their own parameters, they would know that they can use magic, would they?

[They can do that.]


[Not only their own parameters, they can also see the parameters of others.]

Then why are there people who don't know that they can use magic?

[Are you stupid? How can they see their own parameters when they don't even know that they can see it? In the first place, viewing one’s parameters is also magic.]


[Besides, I don’t think they understand the concept of parameters itself.]

Yeah, their intelligence is….

But not all of them have low intelligence, right? I'm sure there are some intelligent people out there?

[There certainly was a soul with an exceptional intelligence…. However, because that soul was a waste of treasure here, I've transferred it to the world where Chief came from. Hmm, what was that again? That's right, I heard it started something called industrial revolution not long ago.]

Industrial revolution? You mean the industrial revolution in Earth was started by this soul? That's awesome!




Hey, that soul, had it stayed and worked hard here, something like industrial revolution or magical revolution would have started and the development of this world would take a big step.

[I mean, it has no talent for magic, and Zeu--- ah, Zeu is the creator of your previous world, she also said that soul could make better use of its talent in her world. I also thought a world with a higher intelligence parameter would be better for that soul. I mean, look, Zeu also transferred your soul to this world.]

There's no magic in my previous world, so my talent for magic is useless. However, for a world with a low intelligence parameter, isn't that kind of soul extremely precious?


Her intelligence is also lacking, after all.




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