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Chapter 20 – The Bear is Looking at Me Like He Wants to be My Friend

"Hey, is Misha close to Dan?" (Gail)

"No, we hardly ever talk." (Misha)

I thought she was close enough to Dan to understand his personality, but was that wrong? I guess Misha has a natural talent for leading men around.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." (Dan)

    Dan came back equipped with a sword at his waist.

Oh, he really looks like an escort now.

“No problem. Thank you for using your day off to accompany us to the town.” (Misha)

“Then, shall we go?” (Dan)

    Dan picked Gail up in his arms and started walking toward the east.

"Young Master, look, that's the building when Master works!" (Misha)

There’s a fairly large building near our house. Maybe something like a city hall? It's easy to commute when it's this close.

    Then, after walking for about 10 minutes, the group arrived at a place where many stalls were lined up.

They mainly sell vegetables, meat, and other foodstuffs that can be eaten on the spot. Yeah, it's like Marché (open market / farmer's market).

Many of the ready-to-eat stores are grilling meat skewers. The smell of delicious food is wafting around the area.

    Misha spoke to Gail as the group was walking around the stalls.

"Young Master, would you like to eat honeycomb?" (Misha)

Offal? That's not a choice I would expect coming from a young girl. Oh well, I don't mind, because I don't dislike it.

"It's so sweet and delicious" (Misha)


"Look, over there!" (Misha)

    Gail looked at the stall Misha pointed to and saw something that looked like bite-sized wafers lined up.

What are those...? Oh, it’s honeycomb. I thought she said offal because of the smell of burning meat in the air. I'm sorry for doubting your sensibility.

"What, do you want to eat that? Old man, give me three." (Dan)

"Sure thing!"

    The stall owner handed three cuts of honeycomb on a wooden plate.

"It's three copper coins each so it's.... umm.... three times three.... umm.... nine coppers in total."

Too slow! I guess people who are not good at math are common in this world. It would be easy to cheat them if I do something like Soba and Time story.

“Dan, this is the money....” (Misha)

“It’s my treat today. You're still an apprentice and don't get paid much, do you?” (Dan)

Oh, Dan, what a gentleman!

“I-I'm sorry for the trouble.” (Misha)

Still, three copper coins (about 300 yen) for a small cut of honeycomb, I think it's pretty expensive. Is this taken from nature or are they keeping bee?

"Here, eat it!" (Dan)

    When Gail was thinking about such things, a hairy hand shoved a cut of honeycomb into his mouth.

H-Hey, have you washed your hand?

*munch* *munch* *munch*

"Oho, what a rich taste!" (Gail)

I haven’t had something this sweet in a long time.

"D-Did Young Master just talk!? He also sounded like an old man...." (Dan)

Oh, shit. I unconsciously said it out loud.

"So sweet~!!!" (Misha)

    Misha exclaimed with both hands on her cheeks while making an expression that seemed about to melt.

“Y-Yeah, I see, that’s great....” (Dan)

    Dan turned his attention to Misha.

I’m saved. It seems that Misha used her wits to divert Dan’s attention to her.

“Then, I will have mine, too.” (Dan)

    Dan licked the plate clean after tossed the honeycomb into his mouth.

This guy looks good with honey. If I put honey in a jar and handed it to him, he'd probably scoop it up and eat it with his hands.

"Thanks for the food." (Dan)

    Dan returned the licked plate to the stall owner and he accepted it with a wry smile.

I don't see any water, so I guess that plate can't be used anymore today. Misha also looked like she wanted to lick the plate, but I'll pretend I didn't see that.

    Walking further to the east, Gail saw shops selling miscellaneous goods and clothes. There were no street stalls around there, only a line of proper shops.

"Oh, Misha! Are you looking for something today?"

    When the group passed in front of a fairly large store, a young woman called out to Misha.

This looks like some kind of supermarket that handles a variety of foodstuffs and miscellaneous goods. I guess Misha often comes here to shop.

"No, I'm not shopping today." (Misha)

"I see, it's a pity. Please come again."

This kind of conversation often takes place in other stores as well. Maybe Misha is pretty well-known around here?

    Gail reached out her hand towards Misha from Dan's arms, asking to be carried by her.

"You are pretty popular, Misha." (Gail)

"That's not the case. I've been coming here often to shop ever since I was little, so I just know a lot of people." (Misha)

I see. Her mother died when she was little, after all.

    From the side, Dan was glancing at the two who were having such a secret conversation.




    The group arrived at the town's central square.

Whoa, there are a lot of people in the square.

    The central square was like a park, and there were many people sitting on benches or on the ground eating meat skewers.

"Misha, what are you going to do for lunch? Do you plan to eat after returning to the mansion?" (Dan)

"I thought it might be nice to eat outside once in a while, so I said I didn't need lunch." (Misha)

"I see. Then I will go and buy something for us." (Dan)

"I-I'm sorry for the trouble." (Misha).

Is it already time for lunch?

    Gail waited until Dan was out of sight before talking to Misha.

"Misha, thanks for what you did back there." (Gail)

"Eh? Did I do something?" (Misha)

"I'm talking about the time when I accidentally talked in front of Dan and you immediately distracted his attention from me." (Gail)

"Young Master talked in front of Dan?" (Misha)

Eh? Maybe it was just a coincidence. Oh well, let's change the subject.

"Even so, Dan is really a nice guy." (Gail)

"That's right. I didn't know that he was that nice." (Misha)

"Is that so? You at least get a chance to talk to him in the break room or something, right?" (Gail)

"No, I don't think I've ever seen Dan talking to other people either." (Misha)

"Then why did he immediately volunteer himself to accompany us? He also took good care of me, and even though he carried me the whole time, he never looked displeased." (Gail)

"I don't know about other people, but I was a bit scared of him. I mean, he is so big and tall." (Misha)

"Yeah, and also hairy." (Gail)

"That's right. He is kind of like a bear." (Misha)

"You think so too, Misha? I thought he really looked one when he was eating honeycomb." (Gail)

“Young Master, that’s mean!” (Misha)

    While the two were having a good time talking about Dan, the person in question finally returned with a large bag of meat skewers.

“You two seem to be having fun. From the other side, it looks like a parent and child.” (Dan)

“Eh!? Do you also think Young Master looks like my father?” (Misha)

No, Misha, I’m sure it’s the opposite.

"What are you talking about? There's no way Young Master looks like your father. I mean you look like Young Master's mother from the outsider's perspective." (Dan)

“A-Am I the mother?” (Misha)

"That's right. You will be an adult soon, right? It's a bit early, but it's not strange to have children around this age." (Dan)

Wh-What are you talking about!? Misha would be still attending a middle school if it was Japan

"It's true that I'm almost 15 years old, but..." (Misha)

"Well, you're rather small and still look very young, so I guess it's a bit too much to call you a mother. I'd say you two are more look like brother and sister." (Dan)

15 years old seems to be considered an adult already in this world. Well, it might have been the same in Japan a very long time ago.

But Misha will be an adult soon, huh.....

"Anyway, eat whatever you like. It's going to get cold if we keep talking." (Dan)

"Ah, the money...." (Misha)

"Don't worry about it. I'm getting paid more than you." (Dan)

"I'm sorry for the trouble." (Misha)

"Misha, let me tell you something. At times like this, people would be happier if you say thank you instead of sorry." (Dan)

"Yes, thank you very much." (Misha)

"That's better." (Dan)

    Dan smiled happily.

He is really a gentleman, after all. No, maybe a gentle bear?

"Now then, which one should I eat first?" (Dan)

    Dan began to pick the skewers as if hunting for prey.

By the way, what kind of meat are these? They seem to be seasoned only with salt.

"Misha, what kind of meat are these?" (Gail)

"Sheep, chicken, and pork or maybe orc." (Misha)

Orc? That bipedal pig? I think I'll pass on that. I'm not a fan of sheep, so I guess chicken is my only choice here.

"Hey, Misha, I---." (Gail)

"Here, Young Master. You eat, too!" (Dan)

    Dan shoved some kind of meat into Gail's mouth.

"It stinks!" (Gail)

I can still eat lamb, but not mutton. And this is just grilled mutton with salt.

"Did Young Master just talk again!?" (Dan)

"This is so delicious~!" (Misha)

    Misha exclaimed with one hand on her cheek and the other one holding a skewer.

"Y-Yeah, right..... No, I mean, did Young Master just talk?" (Dan)

"Did he? Young Master has started talking early. He is amazing." (Misha)

    Misha, who nibbled on the skewers, lightly flushed the topic. Her attention seemed to have completely turned on skewers.

"I-I see. Even so, the way he talks doesn't sound like a child at all, but is that amazing? Well, I guess you are right...." (Dan)

    With a look of both dissatisfaction and disbelief on his face, Dan began to chew on something that looked like pork.

Okay, that one!

    Gail was ignoring their conversation and grabbed a skewer of what looked like chicken and started to eat it.

I've always loved chicken skewers. There are those who prefer to eat it with sauce and those who prefer to eat it with only salt. I'm definitely the later.

“Oh, this is good!” (Gail)

The meat is a bit dry but it has a rich flavor like Jidori chicken. It's absolutely delicious.

"Now I want to drink some beer...." (Gail)

"Y-Young Master...!?" (Dan)

Oh no, I've done it again. I unconsciously said what I was thinking out of loud.

I mean, chicken skewers and beer is just a perfect match. I can't help it if my inner voice leaked out. Yeah, it's the chicken skewers' fault, not mine.

"Dan, it's delicious~." (Gail)

". . . . . . . . . ." (Dan)

    Gail turned his eyes to the skewer after saying that, clumsily removing the meats, and then eat it one by one.

"You just said you wanted to drink beer, did you?" (Dan)

I guess I can't fool him anymore.

"Ehehehe~ Did you hear it?" (Gail)

“Wh-Whoa!!!” (Dan)

This is the first time I saw a bear jumping backwards in surprise.

"Young Master, are you really sure?" (Misha)

"It's impossible to hide it from him at this point. Besides, Dan seems like a good guy. I think it's fine to tell him our secret." (Gail)

"If you say so, then I don't have any problem with it." (Misha)

"M-Misha, what's going on here?" (Dan)

"Well, that's...." (Misha)

"I will explain it to him." (Gail)

    Gail gave the exact same explanation to Dan.

"I see, that's really surprising...." (Dan)

"I believe you can keep this secret from everyone." (Gail)

"Yeah, of course. It's just...." (Dan)

"What's the matter? Are you scared of me now?" (Gail)

"I'm still a former adventurer. I might be surprised me but I'm not scared." (Dan)

"So, what's the problem?" (Gail)

"Well, it's just...." (Dan)

    Dan started mumbling to himself.

"The thing is I'm not very good at using polite language...." (Dan)

So it’s not that he dislikes socializing with others, but he has been trying not to get involved with everyone in the mansion because he isn’t good at using honorific or polite language.

“The chief maid Meyer and Sarah often admonished me because of this.” (Dan)

"So why did you volunteer yourself to accompany us today?" (Gail)

"Misha is much younger than me and she also came to the mansion after me. I thought I could talk to her without minding my words too much. Young Master is still a baby and wouldn't understand mo words, or so I thought." (Dan)

"I see. Then don't talk in such a strange way and just talk normally like before." (Gail)

"No, that's...." (Dan)

"Dan is much older than me, and even though I am a lord's son, I don't think I will inherit the house. Besides, your way of talking now feels weird." (Gail)

"If you say so, that would be very helpful.... I mean, that will be really a great help." (Dan)

"That settles it then. Thank you for today. I think we should go back soon." (Gail)

What's going on? Dan doesn't seem to be moving. Is he still in shock?

"Dan, shall we head back now?" (Gail)

    Dan still didn't moved. Gail and Misha looked at each other.

"Misha already knew this from the start, right?" (Dan)

"Well, as Young Master’s caretaker, I spent a lot of time with him, after all." (Misha)

"You two always seem to be having fun. Even today, when I wasn't around...." (Dan)

Hmm? I wonder what he is trying to say.

"N-Next time, don't leave me out of the group!" (Dan)

The bear is looking at me like he wants to be my friend. What should I do?

➞ Let him join.

➞ Turn him down.




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