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Chapter 19 – There’s a Bear in the Garden

"Can Misha use magic?" (Gail)

"Yes, but only a little fire magic." (Misha)

"How old were you when you learned it?" (Gail)

"Hmm.... it was just before I entered the school, so I think I was seven years old at that time. I helped my father by doing housework every day, but I always had a hard time starting a fire. Because of that, I often imagined myself being able to create fire using magic, and one day, it really came out. I was able to use fire magic since then." (Misha)

"I see. Misha is so good a lot of things." (Gail)

"No, that’s not rue at all. I always mess up and get scolded by Sarah and the others every day." (Misha)

"Sarah is really scary when angry." (Gail)

"That's right. Hehehehe...." (Misha)

    Before the breakfast, Gail and Misha were excitedly talking about various trivial things.

"Oh, it's about time for breakfast. Let's go to the dining room." (Misha)

"Yes." (Gail)




"How is the school, John? The first year is almost over." (Arnold)

    Arnold was talking to his eldest son, John.

"I've memorized all the letters, but I'm still not good at calculation. I can do addition up to ten without problem, but once I get past ten, I don't have enough fingers to calculate it." (John)

"Yeah, I know the feeling." (Arnold)

No, John, it’s not that your finger are lacking, it's your brain. Looks like Arnold isn't good at math either. Is it hereditary?

"How about you, Bent? Have you learned all the letters yet? You will learn them at school next year, but noble children will be ridiculed if they don't learn them in advance." (Arnold)

"Th-There's no problem." (Bent)

I saw his handwriting was catastrophic last time. Is he really able write well now? I can only see the future where Sarah was groaning.

"Gail also can talk quite a bit now. I was surprised when he started talking this early. Maybe he would learn to read and write soon." (Aina)

"Talk, talk, Gail talks!" (Gail)

I would respond to my parents with a giggle or a laugh from time to time like this, and they both would be overjoyed. It's just a little bit of filial piety.


Oh, scary. Sarah is really staring at me right now. But it's not my fault that Bent is slow in his study.

"You two, it's about time to get ready for school." (Aina)

"Yes." (John / Bent)

"Misha, I will be going, too. Please do the rest. Gail, you can eat slowly." (Aina)

"Take care~!" (Gail)

"Oh my, thank you, Gail!" (Aina)

I will soon turn two years old, so I try to speak little by little at home, in a way that won't arouse suspicion. But even so, my parents were still surprised sometimes.




"Young Master, can I clean the table now?" (Misha)

"Yes, thank you for the food~." (Gail)

"Pfft.... W-Well, what shall we do today? The weather is nice, so let’s go for a walk." (Misha)

    Misha and Gail went outside.

“Hey, Misha, stop laughing!” (Gail)

“Pfft.... I'm sorry. I just think it's funny how Young Master talks like that on purpose.” (Misha)

"I have no choice. It's still too early to talk normally in front of my parents, isn't it?" (Gail)

"Yes.... Pfft...." (Misha)

Damn, I started to feel embarrassed now.

"Hey, Misha. I'd like to go to the town for a bit, but is that possible?" (Gail)

"Well, it's not impossible, but I can't protect you in case something happens. I don't think Young Master can walk that far either, right? Young Master has gotten a lot heavier. I can't carry you all the way until the town." (Misha)

"You are right. I wonder if there's a better way. Only walking around the garden is boring." (Gail)

"Well, Master and Madam are busy. You can only be with them during meals." (Misha)

"Yeah, I'm almost two years old, but they haven't taken me anywhere." (Gail)




“Yo, Misha! Are you taking a stroll with Young Master?” (Dan)

    Dan who was in charge of garden and other odd jobs called out to Misha. He was a big man about two meter tall. His arms were covered in thick hair, making him looked like a bear.

"Hello, Dan. Are you taking a day off today?" (Misha)

"Yeah, I have nothing to do today, so I'm taking a day off." (Dan)

This is it!

“Hey, Misha. I wonder if Dan could take us to the town.” (Gail)

“Okay, I will try.” (Misha)

"Actually, I was thinking about showing the town to Young Master, but I realized that it might not be safe with just the two of us." (Misha)

"Yeah, that's no good. There are bad guys in town. There might be some idiots who want to kidnap the lord's son, too." (Dan)

"You’re right...." (Misha)

"How about I go with you? I'm sure Young Master is already bored here." (Dan)

Oh, Dan! You are a good guy, aren't you?

Misha is also really good at guiding him. She can read Dan's personality very well

“Eh? Are you sure? It’s your day off, right?” (Misha)

"Well, you know, I was also thinking of going to the town to buy some booze, so I thought we could just go together...." (Dan)

    Dan smiled shyly.

What is this?

Do you have a thing for Misha?

Misha is mine, I'm not giving it to you!

"Misha, please tell Madam that I will escort Young Master to the town. I will get ready in the meantime" (Dan)

"Okay!" (Misha)

"Everything goes well so far." (Misa)

"That's Misha for you!" (Gail)

"Hehehehe..." (Misha)

Town, I'm looking forward to it.




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