Chief 012

Chapter 12 – First Word

Is there something I can use to learn the letters?

    Gail looked around the room.

Even though it’s a baby room, there are no educational toys, picture books, or anything at all. Furthermore, I was left alone unattended except when it’s time for milk, diapers, and bath.

Yeah, it's a world of low intelligence. There’s probably no concept of early childhood education here. The parents are busy with their work during the day and only come to see their baby at those times or when the baby is crying. But since I don't cry, I spend most of my time all alone in this room. Oh well, that’s more convenient for me.

    Finding nothing that seemed useful, Gail decided to check the other rooms.

Even getting out of bed is already a huge challenge.

    Gail managed to slide off the bed. However, it took more strength to stand up than he thought, so he grabbed the edge of the bed as a support.


It's hard to keep this body in balance because my head is heavy.

Okay, slowly…. whoa, whoa, whoa….


Ouch, I fell flat on my face!

Normally, a child's room should have at least a carpet or something of that sort for safety purposes. However, there’s such a thing here, only bare floor. Let’s give up on walking and just crawl towards the door.

Now then, how do I open the door?

I can't reach the doorknob and it's not like there's a stepladder around here….

That’s right, it might be possible to float with magic. First let's try to imagine my body floats in the air.




I’m floating….

Oh!? Floating! I’m really floating in the air!

Okay, off to the doorknob now!


“I thought I heard some noise from the inside….” (Misha)

“Ah, Misha….” (Gail)


“Kyaah! Young Master is floating…. and talking!? Madam! Madam! Young Master is…. Young Master is floating and talking….” (Misha)

Damn, I totally screwed up this time. Misha suddenly opened the door when I was floating in the air. To make it even worse, I also blurted out her name without thinking. Let’s go back to my bed for now.


“Over here, Madam! Come one, quickly!” (Misha)

“Gail...!? He’s not floating, though.” (Aina)

“B-But earlier…. Young Master…. at the door…” (Misha)

"You must be just imagining things.... Well, never mind. Instead of that, is it true that Gail talked? What did he say? Hey, what did he say? It was Mommy, right? Of course it was Mommy!" (Aina)

"That’s...." (Misha)

"No way! Was it Daddy?" (Aina)

“N-No, it was Misha….” (Misha)

"Misha? That's impossible! I can't believe that his first word was Misha!" (Aina)

"Umm...." (Misha)

"Hey, Gail! It's a lie, right? You didn't say Misha, did you?" (Aina)

Yeah, it would be quite a shock for parents if their child's first word is not Mommy or Daddy but someone else's name. My carelessness has completely put Misha in a very troublesome position. I need to do something soon….

“Mommy….” (Gail)

“Kyaah~! He said Mommy! Gail just said Mommy! Did you hear that, Misha?” (Aina)

“Y-Yes, Madam….” (Misha)

“I knew it! His first word was not Misha, after all! You must have misheard it!” (Aina)

“Yes, Madam. Young Master didn’t float and didn’t say Misha. I apologize for the misunderstanding.” (Misha)

"It's fine! Don't worry about it!

Come on, say it again, Gail! Mo~m~my! I'm your Mo~m~my!" (Aina)

"Mommy...." (Gail)

"Kyaah~! He is only one-year old! Isn't Gale a genius?" (Aina)

I'm sorry, Misha.

I promise I will make up for this someday.




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