Chief 008

Chapter 8 – I was right, after all

    ~10 Months Old~

Megumi isn't going to contact me again, after all....

Let's not expect anything from her anymore and just do my best.

Status Open!

【Magic Power】20/21

Just as I thought, it has increased by 2 points again. Now it's almost certain that magic power can also increase apart from physical growth.

So, are we really going to do it? There is a high chance that the same incident will repeat itself if I use water magic, so let’s use a different magic this time.

Speaking of which, would it be super useful if I could move thing without directly touching it? Okay, let’s try to move that trash-can-looking thing over there.

Come here~! Come here~! Come here~!


Oh, it really moved!

【Magic Power】20/21

1 magic power for a distance about 1 meter. This is easy to adjust. Let's keep going!






       Learning from the water ball incident, Gail didn't continuously channel his magic power this time. Instead, he repeatedly moved and stopped the trash can with some interval.

【Magic Power】3/21


【Magic Power】2/21


【Magic Power】1/21

Okay, the next one will be the last. I need to brace myself….


【Magic Power】0/21

Ugh, I'm feeling sick....

I can't.... this is.... impossible....




“I’ve been hearing a dragging sound from this room since a while ago. I wonder what’s going on….

Kyaah! Young Master! Young Master is throwing up again!” (Misha)

    Gail’s consciousness left his body as he heard Misha's screams in the background.




Ugh, the inside of my mouth is sour….

However, I’ve confirmed that the sudden dizziness and nausea was caused by the loss of magic power with this.

My clothes have been changed and the mess has also been cleaned. I don’t know if it’s because I have developed a tolerance or it's because my body has grown more, but I apparently have regained my consciousness faster than the last time.

"Say, Dear. Gail was throwing up and passed out again. He is sick, after all." (Aina)

"Even though his body has gotten bigger, he is still a baby. It's not unusual for a baby to throw up, is it? And I'm sure he is just sleeping." (Arnold)

"No, I can tell the difference between sleeping and passing out! I'm also worried because Misha said she heard something being dragged from Gail's room." (Aina)

"..............." (Arnold)

"So I checked the room and realized that the trash can was in the wrong place...." (Aina)

"I see.… Gail might have eaten something strange after digging through the trash can." (Arnold)

"Hey, don't say weird things about your own child!" (Aina)

"My bad, my bad.... Well, there's no point in thinking about things that are not certain. Let's bring Gail's bed to our room and sleep with him tonight." (Arnold)

"Geez! You are always like this!" (Aina)

Oh, no! The mood is getting sour now.

This is all my fault.

I've caused an unnecessary worry for my parents.

Even so, can my mother really tell the difference between sleeping and fainting? I was a parent myself, and I'm not confident I can tell if my child is sleeping or fainting. I guess male parents are just not that sensitive.

I know it's not a good time, but I'm really curious about my current status.

Let's just take a peek before going to bed.

Status Open!

【Magic Power】7/22

Oh, it has increased by 1 points!

I was right, after all.




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