Chief 009

Chapter 9 – Let’s Act Like a Baby Once in a While

"Say, Dear. There's something wrong with Gail, after all." (Aina)

"Where did that come from? Gail hasn't thrown up or passed out since then, right?" (Arnold)

"That's right, but.... Do you remember when was the last time he cried?" (Aina)

"Now that you mention it, maybe when he was around six months old...." (Arnold)

"See? He is so quiet for a baby, but when I breastfeed him or when I change his diapers, he reacts excessively to the point of rampaging. He doesn't seem interested in toys either." (Aina)

"That's just a matter of personality. He's growing up just fine." (Arnold)

My parents are having such a conversation about me right now. But I can’t blame them because I really didn’t act like a normal baby at all.

I feel bad for always making my parents worry. However, it would be too unreasonable for an old man to act like a baby. I wonder what should I do in this situation....

My body has gotten much stronger and more mobile. If they see me starting to crawl or toddle around, I’m sure they will be less worried. For now, let's get off the bed and try crawling.

“Yoisho~!” (Gail)

Oh no, I accidentally said it out loud!

“D-Dear, did Gail just say something?” (Aina)

“It’s just your imagination.” (Arnold)

“Y-Yeah, maybe it was not actual words, but I suddenly thought he sounded like an old man for some reason.” (Aina)

"Come on, are you really saying your baby boy sounds like an old man? Look, Gail wants to get out of his bed. Hold on, Daddy will help you!" (Arnold)

Fwuh~ That was close. Now then....

*crawl* *crawl* *crawl* *crawl* *crawl*

"Look, Dear! Gail is crawling so fast!" (Aina)

"Oh, Gail is amazing! That's my little boy for you!" (Arnold)

My parents seem to be very happy. Let's do a babyish laugh as an extra service next.

     ail looked at his parent.

“Ehehehe~” (Gail)

“Kyaah! Gail is laughing! So cute!” (Aina)

I'm starting to get into the mood. Okay, here is the ultimate baby attack: Hug Me Please Pose!

“Babu~?” (Gail)


[Chief, what the hell are you doing...?]


Geh!? Megumi.....




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