Chief 006

Chapter 6 – Chief, Try Using Magic!

There is a very little information about my talent. I guess I'll just have to try things out myself. Let's see, where do I start?

Fire magic is too dangerous in a closed place without fire prevention equipment. If a fire breaks out, I also won't be able to escape with this body.

Water magic is the safest choice, after all. Even if I mess up, I will just get wet at worst. First let's try making a ball of water….

Hold on, how much magic power do I need to create a ball of water? I will try it while looking at my status to be sure.

Status Open!

【Magic】 7/12

There’s 7 left, huh? I wonder how much I can do with this. Once again, let’s imagine the water gathering into a ball above my hands….


    A ball of water about the size of ping pong ball was formed between Gail's hands.

【Magic】 6/12

Is this a water ball worth of one magic power? Let's try to make it bigger....

【Magic】 5/12

If I use 2 magic power, it's about the size of a baseball.

This is fun. Let's go a little further!

    Gail channeled more magic power and the water ball kept getting bigger and bigger.

Huh!? No, wait, I can't stop it!




I can't stop it!

I can't stop it!

Oh no, my magic power is running out!

    The ball of water had swelled to the size of a basketball.



    The moment Gail's magic power reached zero, the water ball could no longer maintain its shape and rained down on him.


Ugh, what is this? I’m suddenly feeling sick….





“Kyaah!!! Young Master! Young Masteeer!”

“What’s wrong Misha…. Kyaah!!! Gail! Gail! What happened to Gail? Hang in there, Gail! T-That’s right, first we need to take off his wet clothes. Misha, bring me something to wipe him.”

“Yes, Madam!”

“Gail! Hang in there, Gail!”

Ugh, no, stop, don't take off my clothes....


“Oh no, he threw up again! Hang in there, Gail! *****Heal! Heal! Heal!”

     Gail passed out from the shame of being stripped naked, along with an intense dizziness and nausea.




"Gail has calmed down and is sleeping now. So, do you have any idea about what happened to him, Dear?"

"You said he was drenched, right? Maybe he unconsciously used water magic and ran out of magic power."

"He is only six months old. I don't think he can use magic yet."

"That's not certain. If he inherited the water magic from you, such a possibility exists."


"Well, he must be a genius to be able to use magic at six months old. I would expect no less from my boy! Hahahaha!"

“You're so optimistic, aren't you? But I wonder if that's really the case...."

    Sleeping peacefully, Gail had no idea that his parents were having such a conversation.




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