Chief 023

 Chapter 23 – Oh, I did it!

*knock* *knock*

"Yes, I'm coming." (Misha)

    Misha went to open the door.

"Oh, Dan, what's the matter?" (Misha)

"Excuse me." (Dan)

    Dan entered the room, closed the door, and sat on the floor.

"I've got a little report to make. As of today, I've been assigned to Young Master." (Dan)

"Is that so? But why?" (Gail)

"Starting tomorrow, Young Master is to join sword training with Master in the morning, and after that, you are going to train with me." (Dan)

"Sword training? But I'm only two years old." (Gail)

"That's true, so it's not going to be a full-fledged sword training. For the time being, Young Master will only be watching the others training." (Dan)

"Only watching...?" (Misha)

    Misha looked at Dan curiously.

"You can learn a lot just by watching someone who is good at something. Besides, Young Master would get bored if we only take him out for a walk, wouldn't he?" (Dan)

"Sword training, huh. That sounds interesting. Dan is also going to train me, right?" (Gail)

"Yes. I will make a wooden sword for Young Master after this." (Dan)

"Then I will come earlier than usual starting tomorrow." (Misha)

Speaking of which, Misha comes to wake me up every morning around breakfast time.

“Dan, what time does the training start?” (Gail)

"It's from one bell until breakfast time." (Dan)

They start the training at the crack of dawn. That’s pretty early.

"I'm sorry about this, Misha." (Gail)

"No problem because it won't change the time I usually wake up." (Misha)

“I see. I’m counting on you then.” (Gail)

“Yes, leave it to me.” (Misha)

"Oh, one more thing, it's better to keep it a secret that Young Master's sword is a magic sword." (Dan)

"Why?" (Gail)

"Well, that's...." (Dan)

"I got it. Or rather, I won't have a chance to use it anytime soon and I don't even talk with my brothers that much." (Gail)

"You are right, but it's just in case. Now then, I guess I should start by looking for someone who can take over my job. That being said, it's a simple job that anyone can do." (Dan)

    Dan left with a big smile on his face.




    The next morning....

"Shall we go, Young Master?" (Misha)

    Before the sun rose, Misha took Gail to the training ground.

"Gail!? What are you doing here? Dad, why is Gail here?" (Bent)

Bent looks irritated. Maybe he still wants to sleep?

"It's a little early, but I thought I'd show our training to Gail." (Arnold)

"I started sword training when I was 5 years old. Why is it always Gail...." (Bent)

"You are noisy, Bent!" (John)

"But brother...." (Bent)

“Is there any relation between Gail coming to watch the training at the age of 2 and you started training at the age of 5?” (John)

    John made a good point.

"And while you're complaining about something stupid, our precious training time keeps dwindling. If you have a problem with father’s decision, you can leave." (John)

You are so harsh, John.

    Bent glared at Gail while biting his lower lip.

What? It's not like I invited myself to come here.

“Father, let’s begin.” (John)

    John ignored Bent and started doing warm-up. Bent followed suit, albeit still looked dissatisfied. The two continued doing practice swing for a while before finally proceeded to a one-on-one combat. Aina could heal injuries with her magic, so John and Bent were seriously trying to hit each other without holding back. Occasionally, Arnold threw advice at them.

This is my first time watching sword training, but even from my amateur's point of view, John's sword skill seems to be much better than Bent's. It's not just because he is one year older and has trained more.

"That's it!" (Arnold)

    Arnold decided to stop the battle after John successfully landed a few solid hits on Bent

"Damn, I couldn't even score a single hit again." (Bent)

"That's only natural. I won't be beaten by someone who is easily distracted by unnecessary thoughts. You should improve yourself first before worrying about others." (John)

"Ugh....." (Bent)

    Bent groaned in frustration.

Even so, John is as solid as an adult for someone who lacks intelligence. He is indeed the eldest son.

"John, leave it at that. Now then, you two can come at me at the same time." (Arnold)

    John and Bent charged at Arnold at the same time. However, there was no sign of their attacks would hit him at all.

"I've said it many times, don't simply swing your sword with brute force." (Arnold)

    Arnold's sword came in right after John swung his sword down.


"You will be an easy target after launching such attacks." (Arnold)


"Bent, don't close your eyes in battle. Those who close their eyes in fear will die first." (Arnold)

“Y-Yes!” (Bent)

There is an indescribable sense of intimidation when Arnold is in combat mode. Somehow, he looks bigger than usual. I can’t blame Bent for closing his eyes when Arnold was attacking him.

That being said, I think Bent is putting up a pretty good fight, too. It's already an achievement that he can do this well at the age of nine. John is just a bad match to compare.

"That's it!" (Arnold)

""Thank you very much."" (John, Bent)

Looks like today's training is over.

"Alright, wipe your body and let's have breakfast together." (Arnold)

    Different from John and Bent who were drenched in sweat, Arnold was barely breaking a sweat.

This explains why these two always smelled sweaty at breakfast. Well, most people in this world don't take a bath every day and just wipe their bodies with wet cloth. They don't seem to mind the slight smell of sweat, but it bothers me quite a bit.

"Gail, how was the training?" (Arnold)

"Amazing~" (Gail)

"I see. You can also join us after you get a little bigger." (Arnold)

"Yees~" (Gail)

    John immediately left the training ground, leaving Bent who still looked somewhat dissatisfied.

Should I try to say something to him?

"Bent, that was great~" (Gail)

"Noisy!" (Bent)

    Bent also left the training ground, running.

What the heck!? Even though I just praised him. Is he in a rebellious period?

"Come on, Gail. Let's go to the dining room. And, you know, you should leave him alone in this kind of situation." (Arnold)

Did the encouragement from this two-years-old-me hurt his pride instead? That's a very delicate pride.




    After finishing breakfast in a strained atmosphere, John and Bent left the dining room to get ready for school.

"Ah, Misha, wait. I'm going to take Gail to the clinic." (Aina)

    Misha, who was going to take Gail back to his room, was stopped by Aina.

[Clinic!? Why is Mom taking Gail to the clinic?] (Bent)

    Bent went to school with such questions weighing his mind.

"Excuse me, Madam. I was ordered by Master to give Young Master some basic sword straining after breakfast." (Dan)

Oh, it looks like Dan has come to pick me up.

"Dan, can you do it at noon instead? I want to spend this morning with Gail and show him the work I do at the clinic." (Aina)

"I understand." (Dan)

“Gail, you can ask Dan to teach you about sword after lunch.” (Aina)

“Okay~.” (Gail)

"All right, come here, Gail. Mom will give you a hug once in a while." (Aina)

    Aina left the dining room with Gail in her arms.

This is a bit embarrassing.




    Aina showed around the clinic to Gail.

This is the room I was told not to enter --- a room with a couple of simple beds and chairs. Apparently, they have already started receiving and treating the patients there.

There are several people working in this clinic. They all are new faces to me. Three of them also have pink hair, albeit not as shockingly pink as Aina's hair.

Ah, could it be these three are Aina’s fans? If it weren’t for the wounded patients, this place could be mistaken for a cosplay cafe.

    One of the pink-haired women cast healing magic on a wounded man sitting on a chair. After chanting some kind incantation that ended with 'heal', his wound was enveloped in some kind of pink light, and it was quickly healed.

"All right, it's over."

"You are really a lifesaver. I was in trouble because I injured my arm and couldn't plow the field. So, umm, I only have this much right now...."

"It's fine. You can pay it later when you have the money."

"Thank you. Thank you very much!"

    The old man, who must have been a farmer, left while thanking her many times.

Eh? You didn't take his money? Is this alright?

    When Gail was wondering that, he heard a commotion from outside.

"This way! Come on! Hurry up!"

"Hang in there, Nick! You will get fixed real soon!"

"Nick! Don't you dare to die on us, Nick!"

    A man covered in blood was brought in on a wooden plank by some men who seemed to be his friends.

"Monsters got him! I'm begging you! Please save Nick!"

"Ma'am, this level of injury is impossible for us."

"Bring him over here!" (Aina)

    The men put his injured friend on a nearby bed.

"Please save Nick! If it's about money, we will pay whatever amount you ask!"

"Don't forget that word." (Aina)

    Aina started chanting a healing incantation.

"□□□□□□□ Heal!" (Aina)

    Aina held out her hands towards the bloody man and started pouring her magic power. As she did that, a pink light enveloped the man’s body and his wounds began to heal.

"My magic power might not be enough. Someone, get me a magic potion." (Aina)

    Aina drank the magic potion in the middle of the healing process as she continued to pour her magic power towards the bloody man. When the pink light began to subside, all the wounds on the man’s body had completely healed and his breathing gradually stabilized.

"Is he.... alive...?"

"He should be fine now. I've healed his wounds but the blood he had lost won't return. Leave him here to rest for a while." (Aina)

"Ha-ha-ha-ha. Thank goodness."

"I didn't think he was gonna make it."

"I thought Nick was already dead when we arrived."

    The four men who brought in a man called Nick fell flat on the floor.

"I-It's the saint!"

"Y-You are right! It's really her!"

"I almost couldn't believe my eyes!"

"Thank you! Thank you Lady Saint!"

    The four men started worshiping Aina in unison.

"Your friend is no longer in danger, so stop making ruckus inside a clinic. And you haven't forgotten what you said earlier, have you?" (Aina)


"You said you would pay whatever amount I asked, remember?" (Aina)


“Five gold coins.” (Aina)

“F-Five gold coins!?”

    The four men stared at each other, their voices muffled.

"You guys are adventurers, right? From your equipment, I know you have a pretty decent income. You can't lie about not being able to pay it." (Aina)

"Y-Yes, we will, pay it...."

The fee must be far higher than expected. The four men looks disheartened.

"If you have learned your lesson from this, buy enough advanced potions for the number of people in your party before going on a dangerous adventure. You can't bring back the dead with money, after all." (Aina)

"Y-Yes, we will...."

"Good. Now go withdraw your savings in the guild and come back here." (Aina)

    After being told that, the four men left the clinic with heavy steps.

"Ma'am, isn't 5 gold coins a bit too much?"

       One of the employee asked Aina.

"It's okay. If I don't do this, they will come here with a dying party member again later. I made it this time, but I don't know if I'll make it next time." (Aina)

"You are right."

"Squeeze as much as you can from the idiots who have money but are too stingy to buy potions and end up dying." (Aina)

       Aina chuckled while saying that.

Instead of a saint, she looks more like a gold digger right now. Maybe this clinic runs with a system when you can pay later if you don't have money, and those with money will be charged as much as possible to cover the deficit.

"Gail, are you surprised? This is a place where we heal the wounded with magic." (Aina)

"Mom is a saint~." (Gail)

"Fufufu, thank you." (Aina)

"Ma'am, may I know how old is your son?"

"He is two years old." (Aina)

"It's amazing that he already can talk at this age."

"Yeah, we were surprised at first, but we're used to it now." (Aina)

"Well, why did you bring your son here today?"

"I wanted to show him healing magic to him because he might be able to use it, too." (Aina)

"A two-years-old using healing magic?"

"No way, I'm talking about the future." (Aina)

"Oh, yes, of course, the future. Hahahaha...."




       The two went back home when it was time for lunch. In the dining room, John and Bent, who had also returned home, were already seated.

"Mom. did you take Gail to the clinic today?" (Bent)

"Oh, Bent, did you hear what I said this morning?" (Aina)

"I overheard it a little before I left for school.... I was wondering if Gail was hurt or something." (Bent)

"Oh, are worried about Gail? That's so sweet of you. You're his big brother, after all. But don't worry because he wasn't hurt or sick. I brought Gail to the clinic because I wanted to show him healing magic." (Aina)

“To show him healing magic...?” (Bent)

"That's right. You have seen me using healing magic when you got hurt, right? It's something like that." (Aina)

"I see...." (Bent)

This guy seems to be really curious about what I'm doing. Even though John had told him that he should focus on his training instead of worrying about other people.




"Master Bent, it's time to study." (Sarah)

       Sarah came to pick up Bent who still looked dissatisfied about something. The two then left the dining room in silence.

"Young Master, let’s go back to your room." (Misha)

       Misha also came to the dining room pick up Gail after that.




"Misha, what happened to you finger?" (Misha)

       Gail noticed that there was a piece of cloth wrapped around Misha's finger.

"Hehehe. I messed up a little...." (Misha)

       Misha explained that she accidentally cut her finger when she was peeling potatoes.

"Let me see it." (Gail)

"Oh, it's still bleeding...." (Misha)

       Misha untied the cloth and showed her finger to Gail.

"Why don't you ask mother to heal it?" (Gail)

"No, no way, I couldn't possibly bother Madam with such a trivial thing!" (Misha)

In this world where there are no waterproof plasters, it will probably sting if she does any water-related chores.

"Misha, can I try something?" (Gail)

"Try what?" (Misha)

"Heal!" (Gail)

       Misha's finger was enveloped by a pink light and the cut disappeared in the next moment.

"Wow, my finger is healed!" (Misha)

Oh, I did it.


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