Chief 002

 Chapter 2 - We are Game Characters

    Six months later.


[Hey, Chi—]

Hmm? I think I heard someone’s voice….

That’s right, it feels as though someone is directly talking to my head.

[Hey, Chief! Can you hear me?]


Y-Yeah, I can hear you.

[You finally noticed me. I guess it took some time for the soul to settle.]

Soul? Settle? Come to think of it, I should have died from a cerebral hemorrhage or something. Maybe it was just a dream.

[Hey, are you still half asleep? Take a good look at yourself.]

    Gail tried to look at himself when he was told so, but he couldn’t see well.

It’s like opening my eyes underwater and I can’t move my body as I want either.


Not good. I can’t even get up. Maybe my body became paralyzed because the blood vessel in my brain ruptured.

[No, idiot, look more closely! You could at least see your own hands if you bring them closer to your eyes.]


What’s with these tiny hands?

Baby’s hands?

I am a baby now?

But why?

[That’s right! You have been transferred to my world!]


[I said you have been transferred to my world. Do You Under Stand?]

Why English suddenly? No, I mean, I still don’t understand what’s going on.

[Sigh~ You are actually not as bright as I thought. Chief, you have been transferred!!]

Yup, that explains nothing. I’ve experienced a quite number of personnel transfer myself. You can’t just move someone to a new workplace without a prior notice and a preparation period. No, that’s not the problem. What I want to know is why did I turn into a baby?

[Gosh, you are such a pain in the ass.]

It’s rude to call someone you’re meeting for the first time a pain in the ass.

Who are you to begin with?

[You were transferred to my world because your talent was recognized. So, Chief, start over your life here. Understood?]

Hey, are you listening?

You’ve been casually calling me “Chief” since a while ago, but who are you?

[Oh, right. I haven’t told you my name yet. This has never happened before, so I kinda forgot….


I’m Megumi~! I’m the creator of this world~!]

Huh!? The creator? What are you talking about?

[Your previous world was made by another girl, but this world is made by me. You refer to us as gods, I guess? In any case, there are the other worlds made by the other girls out there.]

God? You mean, a real god? There is no way you are a god!

[What was that!? Forget it, I will continue…. There’s this game called ‘Let’s Create a Star’ where we create our own world based on the same pattern, assign various parameters, and enjoy how it develops. The development varies depending on how you assign the parameters. Speaking of which, I think the world Chief came from is the most advanced so far. Of course, my world is developing pretty well, too.]

That sounds like some kind of simulation game. If everything is true, am I, no…. are we actually game characters? Maybe we are actually just a data?

[I guess you could put it that way. However, since living things have souls, they have egos and cannot be manipulated. We can’t reset our world, so it’s not a game in the sense you’re talking about. Besides, all we do is assign initial parameters and manage souls.]

Oh well, it’s no use no matter how hard I think about it. This is just something far beyond a human’s reach.

[Yup, that is just how the world works.]

Speaking of which, you’ve been replying to me for a while now, even though I have never said a word. Maybe you can read my mind?

[That’s obvious! I’m talking directly to your soul now.]

I guess it was a stupid question.

[Ah, it looks like the souls have accumulated. I’m going back to the management office for a while. Bye-bye!]

Hey, wait, I still have some questions!




Welp, I guess I’m starting over from a baby.

I’ve still got a long way to go.




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