Chief : Prologue #3

Prologue #3

Let's enjoy my lunch for now.

    Keita slurped down his ramen while being heartbroken by the new employee's unexpected reaction.

*bzzzt* *bzzzt* *bzzzt*

Hmm, a phone call?

"Yo! It's been a while. You doing good?"

    The caller was Hirose, a colleague of the same generation as Keita.

This is a rather unusual person. If I remember it correctly, he was transferred to a subsidiary last year and assumed the position of president.

"If it isn't the president. It's been 10 years, hasn't it?" (Keita)

"Don't call me president. It's just a subsidiary company, after all." (Hirose)

"But a president is still a president, right? So, what's the matter? Don’t tell me you are going to headhunt me to your company." (Keita)

"Don't be stupid! I'm not going to pull out a pain in the ass like you." (Hirose)

"Don't call me a pain in the ass!" (Keita)

I guess he already knew that back in the days, I had challenged my boss to change the unfair evaluation system and caused quite a stir in the company. Well, it's a blessing to have someone I can freely joke around with, even at this age.

"I'm here on a business trip, so if you're free, why don't we go out for a drink tonight?" (Hirose)

"I happen to be free today, and I'm also in the mood for a drink." (Keita)

"Great. Let’s meet at the snack bar we used to go to at 7:00 p.m." (Hirose)

"Okay, see you at 7:00 p.m. then." (Keita)

Speaking of which, we used to go there to drink while complaining about our job a lot in the old days. Hirose was a muscle brain bastard so I though we won't get along well. However, before I knew it, he has become someone I've been friends with for the longest time. I guess we both have grown old and mellowed out.

    With that in mind, Keita called his wife and tell her that he didn’t need a dinner tonight.




“You came at last!” (Hirose)

“You are early. Does a president have so much free time?” (Keita)

“Fool! I simply work fast.” (Hirose)

    They both jabbed at each other lightly, smiling at the rival whom they hadn't seen in a long time. Then, they began to give each other’s updates.

"Hey, listen to this. Some time ago, my secretary had her hair cut, so I told her that the new hairstyle looks good on her." (Hirose)

"You have a secretary? That's a president of a company for you." (Keita)

"Enough with that! Well, anyway, what do you think she said to me after that?" (Hirose)

"I don't know. Maybe 'You noticed it well, President.' or something along those lines." (Keita)

"Not even close! Instead, she said it was a sexual harassment! Say, is complimenting someone's hairstyle considered a sexual harassment now?" (Hirose)

    From there, Hirose started complaining about his job.

“In the old days, it was considered rude not to notice when your coworkers had just cut their hair....” (Hirose)

I don't know what the definition of sexual harassment is these days, but that sounds like something even I would do. I also need be careful.

"I understand your feeling." (Keita)

    Keita was bitterly reminded of a recent exchange he had with the new hires.

"That reminds me, you have three daughters, don't you? That must be nice. I wanted a daughter, too." (Keita)

"Five." (Hirose)

"Huh?" (Keita)

"I said I have five daughters!" (Hirose)

Five daughters? Have you two worked really hard since then?

"You know, I really wanted a son. That’s why we really worked hard believing the next one would be a boy...." (Hirose)

Does this mean the fifth try was also a girl?

"But it was twin girls." (Hirose)

Oh, I see. What a puller!

"Well, congratulation.... or maybe my condolences...?" (Keita)

"I don't have a place at my own home anymore." (Hirose)

Yeah, it will be awkward for an old man to stay in a house full of young women.

"Well, even so, you are lucky to have lots of cute daughters." (Keita)

"But sooner or later, some guy will take them all away from me…. Do you understand my feeling?" (Hirose)

Sorry, I don't understand. It didn't even bother me when my sons moved out.




    Feeling refreshed after spitting out all his complaint, Hirose had returned to his usual muscle brain bastard. Then, we parted ways with a promise to go out for a drink again some other time.

Did I drink too much? My head hurts a little.

However, it was only two glass of beer and one glass of shochu highball. I guess my alcohol tolerance has gotten weaker.




"Welcome home, Dear."

"I'm home." (Keita)

    Keita was welcomed by his wife when he got home. She seemed to had not gone to bed yet and was waiting for him to come home.

"You just went out drinking, right? Please sleep in the living room since you will be snoring loudly."

"Yeah, I will do that." (Keita)

I don't know about it myself, but it seems I snore extra loudly on the days when I was drunk.

    Keita took a shower, drank a glass of water, and get ready to sleep in the living room.

Tomorrow is my day off, and if the weather is nice, maybe I will go fishing....

    Keita fell asleep with such thoughts in his mind.




My head hurts....

    Keita was awakened by a severe headache not long after he fell asleep.

*thump* *thump* *thump*

Ugh, it feels as if someone hit me on the head with a blunt instrument. My head is going to break open....

This is in the most intense pain I've ever experienced.

Is it a hangover? No, it's not that kind of pain.

This pain is something worse.

*thump* *thump* *thump*

Maybe a cerebral hemorrhage? This is bad. I'm going to die at this rate....

No, I can't die yet.

I can't die yet.

I can't die yet.

I can't die yet.

I can't.... die.... yet...?

I have fulfilled my duties as a parent. I also have paid off the loan for this house. The preparations for my transfer are already underway, so there shouldn't be any major problem even if I suddenly disappear.

My wife and my sons are on good terms. I'm sure they will take care of her after I'm gone. She will also receive my pension and it should be enough to support her for life.

My only regret is that I was hoping for a granddaughter, since I couldn't have a daughter myself.

I see....

I guess there would be no problem even if I died now....

Oh, well....

    Thus Keita Kuroiwa let go of his consciousness.




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