Chief 007

Chapter 7 – My Magic Power Has Increased?

Mmm.... Did I pass out...?

I don't remember what happened after that, but I feel much better now. Even so, I have never had such a horrible experience since I got seasick on a fishing boat a long time ago. No, seasickness is nothing compared to it.

I'm afraid to use magic now. I never thought I would suddenly lose control of my magic power. There's a chance the same thing might happen again, so maybe I should refrain from using magic for the time being. I'll ask Megumi about magic in more detail later.

I think the dizziness and nausea were caused by the loss of my magic power, and since I'm feeling better now, does that mean my magic power has recovered? Let's chec­k my status....

Come to think of it, viewing one’s status is also magic, right? I'm afraid I will lose control of my magic power again the moment I open my status.

Yeah, forget it. Let's focus on learning the language instead of that. I need to take advantage of the absorbing power of baby's brain.



    ~Seven Months Old~

It's been a month since then and there's still no contact from Megumi....

I don't know if it's normal for a baby or maybe it's because I have been working hard to learn the language, but during this one month, I have started to understand what the people around me were saying.

My mother is called Aina and my father is called Arnold. There's also Misha, a girl who often takes care of me. I thought she might be my big sister, but since my mother always tells her to do this and that, she is probably a maid or something. That being said, she still looks like a middle-schooler.

If Misha is a maid, does this mean my parents are wealthy? Or is it normal to have a maid or two in this world? Well, even if that's the case, this house doesn't seem poor, at least.

I don't have any problem not knowing at the moment, but when I can walk on my own, I want to see the situation around this house.

Now then, since it's been a month since the throwing up incident, my magic power should have fully recovered as expected. Let's check my status….

【Magic Power】14/15

Oh, my magic power has increased by 3 points. What could be the reason for this? Will it continue to increase as I grow up?




    ~Eight months old~

There's still no contact from Megumi....

Maybe she forgot about me. Or maybe she wouldn't contact me anymore because she feels like she's done explaining. Even though she left in the middle of our conversation.

Now that I've learned most of the words, I'd like to know more about magic. Let's check my status for now....

【Magic Power】16/17

Last time was 3 points and now is 2 points. I wonder if it will continue to increase on this pattern. There are still many things I don't know about magic.




    ~9 Months Old~

Seriously, what the hell is she doing? Hurry up and contact me already!

I hope she doesn't really think she's done explaining. I mean, she's not that bright, so it's quite possible. However, she himself said that she would contact me again later. Let’s check my status for now….

【Magic Power】18/19

Oh, it has increased by 2 more points.

+3 from 6 months to 7 months.

+2 from 7 months to 8 months.

+2 from 8 months to 9 months.

Hmm, did anything unusual happen during that particular month? That's right, I ran out of magic power. Maybe that's the reason for the extra point.

If we assume that the magic power would normally increase by 2 points every month, that explains why it increased by 3 points in that particular month. However, it's also highly possible that there is a variation in how much magic power increases every month.

I guess I'll just have to test this theory out. However, this means I would have to go through such a horrible experience again.

If the increase in magic power is really fixed at +2 per month, an ordinary one-year-old would only have 24 magic power, 240 magic power at the age of 10, and 2400 magic power if they can live until the age of 100.

However, if we estimate the average lifespan of people living in this developing world to be 60-70 years, then the actual upper limit of magic power one can reach in their lifetime is only around 1500.

I don't know if this number is big or small, but considering I used 12 magic power only to create a water ball as big as a basketball, this 1500 magic power doesn’t seem to be a big deal.

Well, it would be very helpful in everyday life, but I don't think it’s enough power to develop the world. That's the reason I want to find another way to increase my magic power.

But what if using up all magic power is the only alternative to increase it? There's no point in thinking about it with so little information. If my magic power only increases by 2 points again next month, I have no choice but to brace myself and go for it.




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