Chief : Prologue #1

Prologue #1

    Keita Kuroiwa would be 55 years old this year. He was an old man who worked as a department chief of a certain company in Japan. Of his three sons, the youngest had finally joined the society as a working adult also this year. He felt like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders now that he had been relieved of his parental duties.

"Chief, please confirm this." (Shibata)

    Shibata, who has been with the company for five years, came to him with a document. He was the type of person who only did what he was told, but he did it perfectly.

I could have successfully promoted him if he was more proactive....

    Last year, Keita had tried to promote him to a supervisor position, but it didn’t pass due to his inadequate track record.

It's a shame because he is actually a capable man.

Alright, let’s put him in charge of the next project so he can show off his skills to the higher-ups.

"I don't see any problem. You may proceed with it. Ah, this is a different matter, but I am thinking of putting you in charge of a new project that will be launched in the near future." (Keita)

"I'm sorry, but please pick someone else." (Shibata)


"C-Can you tell me why? It's not a particularly difficult project, and if it succeeds, I think you even can get a promotion." (Keita)

"I'm not interested in promotion. As long as I can work at my own pace like now, that's enough." (Shibata)

"But if you get promoted, your salary will increase, and if this project is successful, you will also get a bonus." (Keita)

“I'm satisfied with my current salary." (Shibata)

"You may think so because you are still young, but once you get married and have children, you will need a lot of money like crazy. You have to work hard from now on." (Keita)

Yes, raising children is more expensive than you can imagine. You need a lot of money to pay for their tuition fees, monthly cram school fees, and so on. Even if you don't have children, you'll still have to pay for the rent or the mortgage and also living expense. No matter how much your salary increases, money will fly out of your pocket like hot water.

"I have no intention of getting married, so I'll be fine." (Shibata)

"Think again about your future life...." (Keita)

"Chief, please don't impose the value of your generation on me." (Shibata)




"I see.... I will reconsider the decision." (Keita)


I don't think I'm wrong, but times sure have changed.




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