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Chapter 28 – Mirror of the Heart

"Now then, can you tell us a little more?" (Arnold)

    After a few moments of parents-child hugging, the conversation resumed.

"That’s right, besides being able to talk normally, you can also use magic without incantation, correct?” (Aina)

"Yes, though I still don't know the extent of my magic is." (Gail)

"What have you been able to do so far? (Aina)

"I was able to produce water, move things without using my hands, float myself, and heal wound." (Gail)

"So water magic and.... telekinesis magic, isn't it? Have you seen someone use it before?" (Aina)

"No, I was told that I have a talent for magic in the revelation, so I thought I'd just see if I could get some water out of my hand, but it really came out." (Gail)

"Was that when you mysteriously drenched in water and passed out?" (Arnold)

"That's right." (Gail)

"I was right, after all. You lost consciousness at that time because you ran out of magic power." (Arnold)

"How about this 'floating yourself'?" (Aina)

"I want to open the door but my hands couldn't reach the doorknob. When I imagined my body floating in the air, it just happened." (Gail)

"You also did it without incantation?" (Aina)

"Yes." (Gail)

“Misha can also make fire just by thinking about it, right?” (AIna)

"Yes, Madam." (Misha)

"I was taught that magic is about borrowing the power of Goddess through incantations. I guess this theory is wrong...." (Aina)

"I can’t use magic, so I really have no idea. It might be better if we consult this matter with Miguru." (Arnold)

"Miguru? Could she give us the answer?" (Aina)

"Well, even though she is like that, Miguru is an expert when it comes to magic. I will try to contact her when John takes exam in the royal capital." (Arnold)

"I see. I guess I should go, too." (Aina)

"That would be better." (Arnold)

“That's all we want to ask. Now then, it’s about what to do from now on....” (Aina)

“*gulp*..........” (Gail)

“Let’s continue as usual.” (Aina)


"However, you have to promise not to use magic in public without permission. Not only Gail, but Misha too." (Aina)

Misha too?

"It's unheard of for magic to be cast without incantation. I can't imagine what kind of a commotion it would cause if such a small child could do such a thing. Misha is a girl, and we are worried about her getting involved in a trouble." (Arnold)

"I understand, Master." (Misha)

“Gail, you can continue with your sword training and learn how to protect yourself as quickly as possible. If something happens and you can defend yourself even for a second, the chances of me and Dan being able to do something about it will increase.” (Arnold)

"I will work hard." (Gail)

“I leave Gail to you, Dan.” (Arnold)

“Yes, Master.” (Dan)

"That's all we want to say for now. We will talk again if something changes." (Arnold)

    The talk ended more smoothly than expected, and the three went back to Gail's room.




"Thank you, Dan. You've really lifted the burden from my shoulder." (Gail)

"Good for you, Young Master. Now then, shall we go to the forest to train?" (Dan)

    Misha kept crying when Gail was talking to Dan.

"Misha, Mom wasn't angry at you, wasn't she? Please stop crying." (Gail)

"No, I'm not crying because of that." (Misha)

"Then, are you crying in relief?" (Gail)

"No, I'm crying because I'm happy that Young Master thinks of me as a family member." (Misha)

    Having said that, Misha cried even more. Misha, who had lost her mother and father early in life and had no family left, seemed to be touched by Gail's words.

"Misha, I'm not lying. I think of you as my real family. If it weren't for you, my heart would have been broken with anxiety.

"Th-Thangyuuu.... uuuu.... Father...." (Misha)

    Misha hugged Gail tightly while crying.

No, I'm no your father. Oh, well....

    Gail gently hugged Misha back without saying anything.

“I'm sorry for interrupting this emotional moment, but why did you call Young Master father? You also did that before, didn't you?" (Dan)

"I mean.... Young Master's way of talking.... is really like my father's.... so I just.... *sob*...." (Misha)

"So it's something like that. Still, I don't think it's a good idea to hug a two-years-old while calling him father...." (Dan)

    Dan looks at Misha with a complicated expression on his face.




"Have you calmed down, Misha? Well then, Young Master, shall we go now?" (Dan)

"Misha, I will be going now." (Gail)

"Yes, I'm sorry. Please take care." (Misha)

    Gail and Dan left Misha and headed to the forest for sword training.

"Hey, Dan. You've seen John and Bent training, haven't you?" (Gail)

"I watch them sometimes." (Dan)

"Isn't John overwhelmingly stronger than Bent?" (Gail)

"That's right." (Dan)

"Even though they're only one year apart, is it possible for such a big difference to appear when they're doing the same training?" (Gail)

"Well, even if they're doing the same training in the morning, it doesn't mean they're doing the same thing outside of that." (Dan)

"What do you mean?" (Gail)

"I think they also train on their own in their free time." (Dan)

"I see." (Gail)

"Does Young Master know what's different about Young Master John's and Young Master Bent's swordsmanship other than their strength and speed?" (Dan)

"John's swing is beautiful and straight while Bent's swing is shaky at the end." (Gail)

"Oh, you can see that much already?" (Dan)

"Well, somehow." (Gail)

    The two finally arrived at their destination.

"Let's check the answers to what you just said." (Dan)

"Check the answer?" (Gail)

"First, swing your sword and pass it through the gap." (Dan)

"Okay, I will do it today!" (Gail)





Damn, no matter how many times I try, I still can’t get it through. Unlike the first day, my sword enters the gap more often, but it still gets stuck halfway.

“Difficult, isn’t it?” (Dan)

"Yeah, I no longer feel like I can do it no matter how many times I try." (Gail)

"It's not something that can be done in a day or two. That being said, Young Master has already grasped about how to control your sword." (Dan)

"You don't have to comfort me." (Gail)

"No, I am not. Young Master haven't broken your sword even once, after all" (Dan)

"I will never break it with my strength." (Gail)

"I've told you that this sword is special, right? It was made to break easily if you don't swing it right." (Dan)

    Dan showed Gail a number of spare swords.

"I've made a lot of spares because I thought Young Master would break a least one or two swords during the training. However, they seems to be unnecessary." (Dan)

Dan laughed happily.

"Then why am I still failed?" (Gail)

"Young Master, what is in your mind when you swing your sword." (Dan)

"Well, of course I want to make it pass through the gap." (Gail)

“I see, that’s the case, after all. However, Young Master doesn’t actually need to make the sword pass through the gap.” (Dan)

"What!? Didn't you tell me to swing the sword through the gap?" (Gail)

"It's fine, don't worry about it. Young Master doesn't have to swing the sword through the gap. Just try to swing it straight down. Even if the sword breaks, I still have plenty of spares." (Dan)

What the heck!? I don’t get it.

Well, never mind. I just need to swing it down, right?


Huh!? My sword just passed the gap, right?

"Congratulation!" (Dan)

"Did I just swing it through the gap?" (Gail)

"Yes, it was a beautiful swing." (Dan)

"Why? I kept failing no matter how many times I tried before?" (Gail)

"Earlier, Young Master swung your sword without thinking about making it pass through the gap at all, am I right?" (Dan)

"Now that you mention it...." (Gail)

"Something like 'I want to do well' or 'I want to impress people', when you swing your sword with such unnecessary thoughts, the sword will waver." (Dan)

"I see." (Gail)

"You wanted to know why Young Master Bent's sword wavers, right? That's the answer." (Dan)

“Ah, so that's how it is....” (Gail)

"Young Master Bent is the type who care too much about what other people do and think, after all." (Dan)

"The sword is like a mirror of the heart." (Gail)

"Oh, as expected of Young Master. You are right. The sword represents the heart of its wielder. Did you hear that from someone before?" (Dan)

"No, it just came to my mind." (Gail)

"I see. Young Master has reached such a level in this short amount of time. I would expect no less from someone who was entrusted with a magic sword by Pops." (Dan)

    Gail felt embarrassed because Dan praised him so much, so he continued to swing his sword trough the gap to clear his mind.




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