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Chapter 11 – One Year After Reincarnation

I am one year old now. It's about time to graduate from breast milk and enter the period of baby food. I feel so relieved thinking that I would no longer have to drink that lukewarm and somewhat sweetish liquid anymore.

In addition, I started to be able to walk a little and my eyesight has become clearer as well. Since language is no longer a problem, the next step is to learn how to write and read. Then after that….

In any case, there are still so many things I have to do. For now, let's put them aside and summarize what I've learned during this one year instead.

【Magic Power】24/25

Total magic power's increase conditions:

· Increase on its own by 2 points every month. There is an individual difference in the amount of increase.

· If you use up all your magic power, it will increase by 1 point. It's still unknown if there’s an individual difference in the amount of increase.

· There's a risk of dying when your total magic power reaches zero.

· Your total magic power will increase by killing strong monsters. The amount of increase is still unknown.

Magic in general: In this world, all creatures have magic power and can use all attributes, but in reality, many people cannot use magic, and even if they can, they can only use shabby magic or specific magic.

Talent: I have an amazing talent. I don’t understand what does this even mean….

Family structure:

· Father = Arnold Dinoslayer

· Mother = Aina Dinoslayer

· First son = John Dinoslayer

· Second son = Bent Dinoslayer

· Third son / me = Gail Dinoslayer

When I became able to see clearly, I was surprised at the color of my parents' hair. My father, Arnold, has golden blonde hair, while my mother, Aina, has shocking pink hair with blueish glint.

I've also caught a glimpse of two people who seemed to be my older brothers before and the two have light brown hair. Speaking of hair, I haven't looked at myself in the mirror yet, but my fallen hair was brown.

In other words, only my parents have unique hair colors, so maybe they are former delinquents or maybe have a hobby of cosplaying. If I were a student, I might not want them to come to my school....


· Maid(?) = Misha, a girl with reddish brown hair.

There seem to be several other servants besides Misha, but I don't know their names or their exact number. Misha, who takes care of me, still looks like a child, so I thought she was my older sister at first. I wonder if it’s common for children around her age to be working in this world.

House layout (two-story wooden building):

· First floor = There is a dining room, a kitchen, a parlor, a servant's lounge, two rooms that are not allowed to enter, a toilet, and a bath. The dining room is spacious enough to accommodate about 20 people. I wonder what are those two restricted rooms for.

· Second floor = There are seven rooms. My bedroom, my two elder brothers’ rooms, my father’s work room, my parents’ bedroom, and the rest seems to be empty rooms.

In addition to this, there are a separate building for guests to stay, servants' quarters, and some kind of work shed.

I think we are nobles since we have a family name. I don't know if this house is big or small for a noble's house, though. Of course, it’s much bigger than the house I used to live in Japan.

Well, that’s about it. I couldn’t help but feel that the amount of information I’ve gathered in this one year is only this much. Misha has started to take me out of my room only recently, after all.

I wonder if they not let babies out of their rooms until a certain age in this world. There are still too many things I don’t know….

Well, for now, the things I'm going to do until I turn 2 years old are:

· Learn how to read and write.

· Get closer to my two elder brothers.

· Gather information about the restricted rooms.

· Gather information about the people working in this house.

· Explore the surroundings of the house.

· Find out about my talent while practicing magic.

I guess that’s all. Even though I can move around more now, there's only so little I can do with this body.




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