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Chapter 21 – Baby Gift

"Join the group? What do you mean" (Gail)

    On the way home, Dan suddenly said that he also wanted to join the group.

“Look, John and Laura, Bent and Sarah. Unlike the relationships between the other Young Masters and their maids, Young Master and Misha give off a different vibe, you know, like, you two seem to be having fun together." (Dan)

Well, it's true that Misha and I often talk and laugh together.

"If I have to put it into words, it doesn't look like a master-servant relationship at all, it's more like a family." (Dan)

Apparently, Dan feels lonely having no one to talk in the mansion.

"That's right, if you let me join, I can take Young Master anywhere on my days off. When Young Master gets a little bigger, not only the city, I can also take you to the forest." (Dan)

Forest? I can't wait to see it.

“I got it. I got it. You are one of us from now.” (Gail)

“Yeah, I did it!” (Dan)

♪♪♪terrettettette --- a bear joins the party ♪♪♪

"Thank you, Young Master. I'm looking forward to the future." (Dan)

"Please take care of us, Dan." (Misha)

"Yeah, please take care of me, too." (Dan)

"All right, where should we go on your next day off?" (Gail)

"Let's go to the western side of the town next time. Unlike the central, it's a bit more grimy area, but some interesting people live there." (Dan)

"What kind of people?" (Gail)

"That's a story for another time." (Dan)

“Come on, just tell me now!” (Gail)

"Let’s save the fun part for later.” (Dan)

    The three walked home in a merry mood




“Damn, it looks like they just came back from playing outside.” (Bent)

    Bent, the second son, was watching the three from the window enviously.

"Master Bent, let's do this calculation next!" (Sarah)

"Yes...." (Bent)




    Gail had turned two years old and Misha celebrated her coming of age at 15.

"Misha, congratulations on your coming of age. From today on, you will graduate from your apprenticeship and officially work as a maid." (Aina)

"Thank you, Madam. I will do my best!" (Misha)

    Misha looked extremely happy when Aina told her about this.

"Hmph, a girl who only plays around with Master Gail every day is an official maid now? Well, it doesn't matter." (Sarah)

    No one noticed that Sarah was watching this exchange from the shadows.




"Young Master, we are going to the western side of the town today." (Dan)

Yeah, it's Dan's day off.

"Too bad I can't go with you...." (Misha)

Misha, who has officially become a maid, seems can't go out with us today. Oh well, it's not a bad idea to spend some guys only time once in a while.

"Don't be so disappointed. You might not find it interesting even if you come with us today. I will get you some souvenirs later." (Dan)

"Okay.... I want something sweet." (Misha)

"Leave it to me!" (Dan)

    The two headed off after waving at Misha who asked for sweets as a souvenir.

"Hey, Dan. What's in the west?" (Gail)

"The road in the eastern side will lead us to the royal capital. Meanwhile, we will arrive at the forest if we continue to follow this road. Because of that, there are adventurer guild, weapon shops, potion shops, and so on in the western side of the town." (Dan)

"Hee~." (Gail)

"There are monsters and various medicinal herbs that can be harvested in that forest, which provides plenty of works for adventurers. That being said, this place became famous and adventurers started to gather only after your father became the lord." (Dan)

“I see.” (Gail)

"Just think about it, the lord of this territory is a former adventurer who defeated a never-seen-before monster and then received a peerage from the king. Your father is someone all adventurers aspire to be. There is also your mother whom people call a saint. This is a town where the people you admire are close at hand." (Dan)

It's something like a town where you can meet idols, huh. Here I thought they were just a former delinquent couple from the countryside. However, it turns out they are some sort of famous celebrity.

“Did you also come to this town for that reason?” (Gail)

“That’s right! I've never seen Dino in person, but I heard it was huge and very strong monsters. To be able beat that kind of creature with only six people, it's a heroic feat!" (Dan)

“I see.” (Gail)

I’m glad to hear my parents are admired by many people, but it’s also embarrassing at the same time.

“Then why did you quit being adventurer?” (Gail)

“Well, that’s.....” (Dan)

Oh, was it a sensitive topic?

“It’s just a common story. One of my party member was killed by monster during a quest.” (Dan)

“Sorry, I really had no idea.” (Gail)

“No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. I said it was just a common story, didn’t I? Adventurers talk something like this often.” (Dan)

Being adventurer is a risky job, huh.

"I'd say it was a pretty strong party, though." (Dan)

There was a bear in that party, after all.

"We normally wouldn't have such a hard time against ogres. However, at that time, there were so many of them, and they were also more aggressive than usual.” (Dan)

Ogre is similar to Oni from Japanese folklore, right?

"I guess we had let our guard down because we were so close to defeating all the ogres. However, another ogre stepped out of the shadows and gravely injured one of us. There was nothing we could do to save her because we were already out of potions and we also didn't have anyone who could use healing magic in our party." (Dan)

    Dan spoke with a distant look in his eyes.

"I thought of taking revenge for my dead friend after that, but in the end, I decided to disband the party for good. Then, while I was wandering around the town, trying to distract myself, I heard news that the lord was recruiting people to work in his mansion. This is how I ended up in this job." (Dan)

    Having finished such a sad story, Dan said that he was happy to be able to work for someone he admired so much.

It must have been painful to lose someone close to you.

“Oh, we are here. First let's start with this place.” (Dan)

Maybe a weapon store? There’s a signboard with a picture of swords, shields, and armor, after all.

"Pops, are you there?" (Dan)

"This is not the kind of place you come with babies. If you understand, then go home.... no, wait, is that you, Dan?"

    The one who came out of the room in the back was a muscular small old man.

"It's been a long time, Pops." (Dan)

"What is this, Dan, have you decided to return to being an adventurer again? More importantly, when did you have a child?"

"No, I have no such a plan and this is also not my child....

Young Master, this little hairy old man is Dwan. He is a dwarf who runs this weapon store." (Dan)

A dwarf? I've seen them in anime in my previous life.

"I don't want to be called hairy by you of all people! So, this Young Master, whose child is he?" (Dwan)

"He is the lord's son." (Dan)

"Arnold and Aina's? I was sure their children would have grown much bigger...." (Dwan)

"Ah, it's their third child. He is amazing." (Dan)

"What do you mean by amazing? Or rather, when did they have another child? No one has ever told me." (Dwan)

"They are busy people, after all. Maybe they just forgot to tell you about this." (Dwan)

“If it’s them, that’s possible.” (Dwan)

This dwarf old man seems to know my parents pretty well. I wonder what kind of relationship they have.

"Young Master, this old man is a former member of your father's party, one of the hero who fought Dino." (Dan)

"Stop it, don't bring up an old story." (Dwan)

So he is my father's comrade in arms. I need to say hello.

"Nice to meet you~!."(Gail)

"H-Hey, he just talked. How old is he now?" (Dwan)

"He turned two not long ago." (Dan)

"Isn't it too early too talk?" (Dwan)

"That's why I told you that he is amazing." (Dan)

"Yeah, you are right, I guess...." (Dwan)

    Dwan was somewhat dissatisfied with the answer but he decided not to pursue it any further.

“Hold on, I will be right back.” (Dwan)

    Dwan seemed to be rummaging around for something because there was a clattering metallic sound after he entered the back room.

"Here, boy. I've got something for you." (Dwan)

A knife? No, it's too long for a knife. Maybe a short sword?

"Pops, it's too early for 2 years old to hold a sword.... wait, no way, that is...." (Dan)

"It's just a baby gift. It makes more sense to give it to the person himself who came to see me like this than to give it to the heartless parents who didn't even inform me about the birth of their children." (Dwan)

"But this sword...." (Dan)

What's wrong with the sword? Certainly, it's a work of art that even an amateur like me can tell.

"Yeah, it's a magic sword. It's a little short for an adult to use, though." (Dwan)

Magic sword? What is that?

“I still think it’s too early....” (Dan)

"Hey, kids grow up before we realize it. If he starts sword training at this age, I bet he will become a swordsman who surpass even his father Arnold. Your job is to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't get hurt." (Dwan)

"You are right, but...." (Dan)

"I still don't know if he can use magic, but it wouldn't hurt to go forward with that possibility in mind. Abrick the magic sword user and Arnold the godspeed swordsman, if he can reach their levels, even if Dino appears again, he might be able to defeat it alone. He also has Aina's blood in his vein, so there's a possibility that he can use healing magic, too." (Dwan)

Who is Abrick?

"T-To do Master Abrick and Master Arnold's roles all by himself...." (Dan)

    Dan was so impressed by the idea that his body trembled.

Hey, can you tell me who is this Abrick person?

"Listen, boy. Depending on how you use a sword, it can be something that protects or hurts people. It’s all up to you. But well, I guess I shouldn't worry too much since you are Arnold's son and Dan seems to be really fond of you as well." (Dwan)

Is this what they mean by fools and scissors have to be used in the right way? From Dan's surprise, this sword must be a very expensive item, too. I need to thank Dwan.

“Thank you for the precious sword and advice~.” (Gail)

“Y-Yeah, sure, as long as you understand....” (Dwan)

Oh no, was that too unnatural?

    Gail let Dan, who was still mumbling about something to himself, to hold onto the sword for him.

"When you get bigger and your skill get better, I will make you a sword for adults." (Dwan)

Dwan is a really good guy, isn’t he?

"Pops, please sell a magic sword to me next time!" (Dan)

"You can't use magic so it's pointless." (Dwan)

"Ugh...." (Dan)

    Gail urged the depressed Dan to leave the store.

"Even so, I still can't believe that he gave you a magic sword." (Dan)

"What is magic sword?" (Gail)

"Magic sword is a sword that can produce various effect by casting magic into it. It's a dream sword for adventurers. There are only a few blacksmiths who can make magic swords, so their price is ridiculously high. Even if you are lucky enough to buy one, only a small number of people can actually use it. For example, if you cast fire magic into a magic sword, it will become a sword wrapped in the power of fire, and if you cast wind magic into a magic sword, you will be able to swing it at a blinding speed." (Dan)

"Hee~" (Gail)

"The flame sword that Master Abrick used was also a magic sword." (Dan)

"By the way, who is Abrick?" (Gail)

"He is also a former member of your father's party and one of the heroes who fought Dino with him." (Dan)

Since my father couldn’t use magic sword, I’d like to meet this person and learn from him.

"Is it true that Dan can't use magic?" (Dan)

"Yeah, I can't use magic at all. I fight with a great sword when I was still active as an adventurer. I can also fight while using a one-handed sword and shield." (Dan)

"Hee~ it must be heavy." (Gail)

Even this short sword is quite heavy for a two years old like me

"I'm confident in my strength." (Dan)

You are a bear, after all.

"I was planning to go to one more place, but we have spent too much time in Pops' place. Let's just go home today." (Dan)

"I agree." (Gail)

The stalls on the western side mostly sell monster meat skewers, so today's lunch is after returning to the mansion. I'm still scared to try something unknown.

    When the mansion was finally in his sight, Gail suddenly remembered about something.

"Dan, have you bought some sweets for Misha?" (Gail)

"Oh no, I completely forgot!" (Dan)

"Misha seemed to be looking forward to it. I don't think she will forgive us if we say we forgot." (Gail)

"I know. Let's go back to the town." (Dan)

    Needless to say, the two came home late and got scolded by Aina.




    After Gail and Dan left....

That was Aina and Arnold's third child, huh. I didn't feel anything special from his elder brothers, but there was something I couldn’t put into words about this child.

Dan didn't seem to have noticed it, but that boy was overflowed with aura like that of great people. I’m looking forward to what he will become when he grows up.

I hope I can see him using the magic sword soon, though. For now, I need to focus on forging the best sword.... an amazing sword for him!




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