Chief : Prologue #2

Prologue #2

The difference in values, huh....

    Keita Kuroiwa was shocked to learn there was such a big difference in values between himself who had been striving for achievement and promotion ever since he joined the company and today's young employees.

    Although he did not have particularly good academic background or abilities, his friendly personality, caring nature, and hard-working attitude had successfully brought him to the position of department chief.

    Of course, that was not all. Despite receiving a transfer order almost every year, he was able to meet most of the work budgets he was assigned to, and made a big contribution to the company by rebuilding loss-making departments and reducing the employees' turnover rate by improving the biased evaluation standards. No more superior or senior with excellent academic background stealing achievement from those under them.

    However, because he reformed the evaluation standards that favor subordinates of faction, it was also true that he had been shunned by some executives. The repeated transfer to loss-making department was some kind of harassment from such people. But ironically, this had resulted in Keita's evaluation to shoot up, instead.

I'm already at this age and I don't think they will ever promote me to an executive position here. My next transfer is likely to a subsidiary­.

I will probably leave this office this year or next year. I wanted to promote a good employee before that, but if the person himself doesn't want to be promoted, there is nothing I can do.

    Looking around, Keita noticed that the five new employees who joined this year seemed to be in low spirits.

Maybe they are suffering from May disease….

    Every year, some of the new hires quit during their training, and a few more quit soon after their assignment. As for those who quit during the training, it couldn't be helped, but after the assignment, the senior and superior have to be a little more considerate of the new hires. However, it was also true that sometimes the cause of their desire to quit was the senior or superior who were supposed to take care of them.

Should I try to talk to them? It’s almost lunch time, but we can't drink alcohol. I might as well invite them over for dinner.

"Ah, you guys. Do you have any plans after work today?" (Keita)

"No, we don't have any plans."

    The five new employees replied.­­

"Well, since it's Friday and tomorrow is holiday, let's go out for dinner! We can go out for yakiniku, sushi, or whatever you like..." (Keita)

"Is this an overtime?"


"If it's an invitation from your boss, it's like a job, isn't it? Will there be an overtime pay?”

"N-No, it's not a training or part of the job, so you won't get an overtime pay...." (Keita)

"Then, although it is very kind of you, I would like to decline the offer."

“I-Is that so? Well then, maybe another time.…” (Keita)





When I was still a new employee, I used to follow my boss like a dog when he offered to buy me a drink or invite me to have some ramen. I guess this is also the difference in our values....



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