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Chapter 25 – Looks Like I’ve Messed Up

    The day after Gail's first sword training, he learned that it was extremely difficult to swing a sword correctly. He even thought that Bent was pretty awesome as he watched him swinging his sword during morning practice.

Oh, the sibling rivalry has begun yet again.

"Ha!" (Bent)

    Bent launched a strike at John but he successfully dodged it.

"Ha!" (John)

"Guh!?" (Bent)

    Next was John's turn to launch a strike which resulted in a clean hit.

From what I can see, John is a few steps ahead of Bent in terms of speed and power. But why? Their physiques are not that different.

"Ha!" (Bent)

Oh!? I think I get it now. Bent's swing was a little shaky. On the other hand, John was swinging his sword beautifully. They train in the same way under the same teacher, I wonder what's causing this difference.




“That’s it!” (Arnold)

““Thank you very much.”” (John / Bent)

    The training ended in a flash. Even today, John and Bent were still unable to land a single strike on Arnold.

I guess this is what Dan meant when he said I would understand more of Arnold's greatness. Though John's swing was beautiful, it was still pale in comparison with Arnold's. The way he swung his sword in the same line with the same speed was truly artistic.




"Gail, we're going to the clinic again today." (Aina)

    After breakfast, Aina picked up Gail and headed to the clinic just like yesterday.

"Hey, Gail. I heard Misha injured her finger yesterday." (Aina)

". . . . . . . . . ." (Gail)

"I was thinking about healing it with magic, but when I checked on her, I couldn’t find any wound on her finger." (Aina)

". . . . . . . . . ." (Gail)

"Gail, do you know anything about this?" (Gail)

". . . . . . . . . ." (Gail)

    Gail couldn't help but averting his eyes from Aina's. There was noting scarier than a silent pressure from woman.

"Well, never mind...." (Aina)

    Aina smiled meaningfully and said nothing more.




"Good morning, Ma'am."

"Good morning. It's pretty quiet today." (Aina)

Come to think of it, there were a lot of people coming for treatment since early morning, yesterday.

    Just as Gail was thinking about that, a woman came to the clinic with a crying little girl who seemed to be her daughter.

"What happens?"

"I'm sorry, I don't think it's anything serious, but she just won't stop crying."

    Gail looked at the little girl and saw that she had scraped her knee.

"Oh my, did you scrap you knee? Don't cry, I will heal it very soon."

    When one of the employees was about to cast healing magic on the little girl....

"Hold on!" (Aina)

Hmm? What's the matter, Aina?

"Gail, you do it!" (Aina)


"You are the one who healed Misha's finger, aren't you? Now heal her." (Aina)

". . . . . . . . . ." (Gail)

I guess I can't hide it anymore.

    Gail toddled up to the little girl who was bigger than him.

"Heal!" (Gail)


    The girl's scrape healed after being enveloped by a pink light.

"Done~." (Gail)

". . . . . . . . . ." (Aina)

"M-Ma'am, did he...."

“Gail, come with me for a bit.” (Aina)

    Aina carried Gail out of the room in a tight hug.

"Gail, what did you do? What about the incantation?" (Aina)

Incantation? Does she mean something she always mumbled about before casting healing magic?

"Dunno~." (Gail)

"You don't know? Did you use healing magic without even knowing the incantation?" (Aina)

I mean, you just need magic power and a strong mental image to cast magic.

"You really are.... I will be right back, don't go anywhere, okay?" (Aina)

    Aina left Gail and returned to the previous room.

"Ma'am, Young Master Gail, healing magic, wi-without incantation...."

"You saw nothing." (Aina)


"You didn't see anything, okay?" (Aina)


    Aina turned to the mother and daughter pair.

"Your daughter wasn't hurt. You two didn't come to the clinic either, okay?" (Aina)

"Eh, umm, that...."


"Y-Yes Ma'am!"

"Good, you two may go home now." (Aina)

    Aina went back to Gail after "convincing" everyone in the room that nothing had happened.

"Gail, since when did you able to use healing magic?" (Aina)

"Yesterday~." (Gail)

"Did you learn it after just seeing it once?" (Aina)

"Yes~." (Aina)

"What about the incantation?" (Aina)

"Dunno~." (Gail)

"If people find out that you can cast magic after seeing it once and chantless to boot...." (Aina)

Oh, is the fact that I could use magic without incantation more of a problem than the fact that I could use healing magic? I mean, what would happen if she finds out that I don't actually need to say 'heal' or anything?




"Everyone, we are closing the clinic temporarily today. Don't accept any patients unless it's an emergency situation." (Aina)

"Yes, Ma'am.... That, about Young Master Gail...."

"Gather everyone in the break room when you are done." (Aina)





"Everyone, listen carefully as I'm about to tell you is a very top secret...." (Aina)

    Aina started explaining about Gail's healing magic after making such an opening.

"After all, it was chantless....."

    One of the employees muttered so.

"That seems to be the case. I thought he might be able to use healing magic someday, but I've never imagined he would be able to use it after just seeing it once and without chanting an incantation." (Aina)

"How could he cast magic without incantation?"

"I don't understand it myself. Gail only said that he didn't know anything about the incantation." (Aina)

". . . . . . . . . ."

"Anyway, if this information spread, there's a very high chance that the kingdom's army will try to recruit him by any means." (Aina)

"Ma'am, it's healing magic, not offensive magic. Instead of the army, the church...."

"No, it's the army that is a problem. Just imagine it, what do you think would happen to a healer who could cast healing magic chantless?” (Aina)

". . . . . . . . . ."

“They would be sent to the front line because they can heal the other soldiers while they're fighting.” (Aina)

“You are right....”

“This child is only two years old. I couldn’t imagine what would his future be if he joined the army.” (Aina)

“. . . . . . . . . .”

"This is both an order and a request from me. Don't tell anyone about what happened today. Because if you do that...." (Aina)


    While saying that, Aina crushed a wooden cup in front of her with her bare hand. Everyone could only nod with pale faces under her silent pressure.

Hey, Aina. That's not an order or a request. That's clearly a threat.




    Misha and Dan were called in after all the employees left the room.

"Misha, tell me honestly, did Gail cast healing magic on you yesterday?" (Aina)

"Yes, Young Master healed my finger with his magic yesterday." (Misha)

"Did he chant any incantation?" (Aina)

"No, Young Master only say 'heal'. That's all." (Misha)

"I see.... Did you not think anything about that?" (Aina)

"I just thought Young Master was amazing because he could use healing at this age." (Misha)

"Yes, he is amazing. But don't tell anyone about this, okay?" (Aina)

"Yes, I understand." (Misha)

"You are a good girl." (Aina)

"Dan, sorry about this, but could you come to Arnold's office after dinner? I'd like to discus about something. Also, please stay in the mansion with Gail today." (Aina)

"I understand." (Dan)

I guess this means no sword training with Dan today. Even though there's something I'd really like to try.




    Inside Gail’s room.....

"Young Master, did you do something today?" (Dan)

"My mother told me to try to heal a scrape on a little girl's knee, so I did it." (Gail)

"You can use healing magic!?" (Dan)

"I was just imitating what I saw yesterday." (Gai)

"You learned it by imitating!?" (Dan)

"Well, it seems that the real problem is because I didn't chant any incantation." (Gail)

"What!? You cast magic chantless?" (Dan)

"Young Master healed my finger just by saying 'heal'." (Misha)

I don't actually need to say 'heal', though.

"That's.... certainly a huge deal...." (Dan)

"Looks like it. But are incantations absolutely necessary?" (Gail)

"Of course. I mean, I've never seen or heard anyone casting magic without incantation." (Dan)

Hold on, did he just say never?

"Misha can use fire magic, isn't that right?" (Gail)

"That's right, but only a little." (Misha)

"Oh, Misha can use magic?" (Dan)

"Yes, but it's really nothing impressive. I can only create a small fire to lit the hearth." (Misha)

"Misha, show it to Dan." (Misha)

"Here?" (Misha)

    Seeing Gail nodded, Misha started concentrating on her fingertip.


    A small fire like that of a lighter's, appeared at Misha's fingertip, and went out a few seconds later.

"I can only do this much." (Misha)

    Different from Misha who didn't think it was something impressive, Dan was making a dumbfounded face.

"Mi-Misha, what about the incantation?" (Dan)

"What incantation?" (Misha)

". . . . . . . . . . " (Dan)

"You see? Misha could cast magic without incantation as well. It's not like I'm special or anything." (Gail)

"B-But, the common sense...." (Dan)

"Misha, tell Dan how you became able to use fire magic." (Gail)

"So, umm, long story short, it took a quite long time for me to start a fire. Because of that, I've always thought that it would be great if fire comes out of my fingertip, and one day, it really came out.” (Misha)

“That easily...?” (Dan)

“There you have it. Incantations are not absolutely necessary to cast magic.” (Gail)

“H-However.... No, if Young Master said so, it must be right....” (Dan)

    Dan took a deep breath to calm himself.

“Master and Madam still don’t know that Young Master can speak normally, right?” (Dan)

"Yeah, I'm still keeping it secret from them." (Gail)

"How long are you going do this?" (Dan)

"I plan to start speaking normally when I'm 3 years old." (Gail)

"You are going to keep this secret for another year, huh...." (Dan)

"Is something the matter?" (Gail)

"Well, if Young Master still wants to hide the fact that you can speak normally, I have no idea what to say to Master and Madam later. I mean, if someone who can't use magic like me started explaining about a theory of magic, people wouldn't take it seriously, would they?" (Dan)

"Yeah, I guess...." (Gail)

“This means Master and Madam will be left in the dark. If they don’t even have any idea about what could happen, in order to avoid any potential trouble, they would most likely decide not to allow Young Master to go outside anymore.” (Dan)

Am I going to live under a house arrest again? Give me a break!

“I really want to avoid that.” (Gail)

"Right? Then Young Master can choose between staying quiet in your room until you're three years old, or keeping your current freedom by revealing that you can talk normally and give them explanation. You decide for yourself." (Dan)




"If I talk normally, won't father and mother think that I'm creepy?" (Gail)

"Tonight, it seems like we are going to discuss about Young Master. I'm going to tell Master and Madam about this in advance so they can prepare themselves." (Dan)

"I understand. I'm counting on you. Thanks, Dan." (Gail)

"Leave it to me!" (Dan)

    Dan looked radiant as he gave a thumbs-up and smiled to Gail.




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