Monster Girl : Extra 02

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Extra: Does the Honey-Crazed Boy Dream of Alraune? (Part 2)

My name is Armin.

I was attacked by a bee-shaped monster called Zornbiene in the forest and then lost my consciousness. But when I opened my eyes, I somehow found myself being a captive of a plant monster called Alraune.

I'm sure this is a fate. Everything in my life has changed since that moment when I tasted her honey for the first time. Each time I lick her honey, the world around me seems to be shining in seven colors.

It's soooooooooo deliciouuuuus!!!

Speaking of which, I've heard that there's a lot of delicious food that humans can't imagine in heaven. Maybe I am really in heaven? Every day feels like a dream, after all.

Still, I think this Alraune is asking me too many questions. I also want to ask her back about why does she want to know about this country's name, roads, and other worldly things when she is just a plant monster. However, as long as she gives me her honey, everything else doesn't matter anymore.

Her honey has completely changed my world. From this day onward, her honey is my spiritual master.




It's been a few days since I started living in the forest with Alraune. I'm satisfied with my new life since there is honey here. However, such a life seems to be coming to an end soon. I found out that Grandpa is looking for me using his magic.

I received a small honey ball from Alraune as a parting gift. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew right away that it would be even more delicious than the usual honey.

When I put the honey ball in my mouth, I feel as though my tongue is melting into honey as the sweetness fills my mouth. Then, as soon as I swallowed it as Alraune instructed, warm sensation enveloped my body from my stomach.

I feel like being reborn. I feel like I'm going to recover in no time no matter what kind of injury I have.

    The kind Alraune gave me another honey ball when I asked for it.


This is so sweet and delicious!

I feel invincible now!




I reunited with Grandpa afterwards. He apparently couldn't find the Balbaa'affes he was looking for. Instead, he set up a magic barrier to keep the monsters away from the village.

I and Grandpa left the village. Our next destination is a nearby mountain range since there are reports of dragon sighting there. Grandpa said that the dragon must be a member of the demon lord army. But in the end, we couldn't find any dragons there.

I should have waited in the village. If I had, I would have been able to sneak off to see Alraune….

And so my training was resumed. However, since I have honey balls, it's not painful anymore. No matter how hard the training is, it feels sweet now.

This is the beginning of my new life where everything is revolving around honey. Honey is my favorite food, my family, my beloved, my future, my past, and my life. I can do anything for honey.




The honey balls are gradually melting away.

However, I can go back to that forest as long as I’m with Grandpa.

Speaking of which, after I swallowed those honey balls, my body was enveloped by a warmth sensation just like when I received light recovery magic treatment. The fact that Alraune who was supposed to be unable to use magic, somehow has knowledge of magic, was also surprising.

Her serene figure basking in the warm sunlight looked like that of a saint using recovery magic to heal people....

That's right, I might be able to regenerate the honey balls using light recovery magic. Fortunately, there's still some residue left from the honey balls. If this method works, I might be able to enjoy the taste of her honey forever. Now that it's been decided, it's time to start special training!

    Concentrating all my magical power, I tried to regenerate the honey balls in my body with the feeling of using light recovery magic.




    Eventually, the withdrawal symptoms due to lack of honey began to kick in. I felt like the sweet life I had led up so far was a lie. It was a really tough time.

This is not enough, after all....

I want to taste her honey again on my tongue....

That supreme sweetness that I felt deep in my throat....

It was so sweet that made me wondering if my true identity was actually honey....

For her honey, I'm even willing to sell my soul to the devil....

That's right, let's go to see Alraune. It's been three years and Grandpa is getting older. If I escape at full speed, even if he is chasing me, it should take a few days for him to catch up to me. In the meantime, I'll get those honey balls again.




I finally came back to this forest again --- or it was supposed to be....

I mean, the forest is gone! There's only blackened earth as far I can see without even a single tree remains. Of course, there's no figure of Alraune either.

I don't think Alraune, which it's basically a plant, can move. So where on earth did she disappear?

That village is also gone. The remains of burnt down houses look lonesome and weathered. When I came here before, there shouldn't have been so many tombstones. I wonder if everyone was killed like the parents of that white-haired girl. Seriously, what happened here!?

    I fell into despair when I thought that Alraune might had also died like the people in this village, and I would never be able to get her honey again.

I have to protect what remains from the honey balls in my body. In other words, I need to keep regenerating them using light recovery magic so they won’t melt away.

That's right, it was supposed to be only women who received the blessing of the goddess can use it, and only one in tens of thousands of them has talent for it. However, for some reason, I can use light recovery magic, albeit weak.

If I'm concentrating my magical power to the remains of honey ball in my body, for some reason, light recovery magic is activated.

Speaking of which, there might be more of this new species of Alraune out there. In that case, I just need to go look for it.

Okay, let's go on a journey and train my light recovery magic harder!

Everything for honey!!!

    Later, Armin would become the only man who could use light recovery magic in history, and would become a great sage whose name would be known not only to other countries, but to the entire continent, and even to the demon lord. However, Armin at that time, still had no idea.




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