Monster Girl : Extra 01

Extra: Does the Honey-Crazed Boy Dream of Alraune? (Part 1)

My name is Armin.

I'm 10-years-old, a magician apprentice, and a grandson of the great sage.

Traveling with my grandfather is all about training and there's nothing but hardships.

My grandfather, who is well known as the great sage, trains me personally, so I guess it's normal if he is being strict with me. Even so, it wouldn't hurt anyone to take it easy once in a while.

Both my parents were killed by the demon lord army. For my grandfather, I'm also something like a memento from them. I hope he would treat me more sweetly. I don’t like spicy thing, after all.

In any case, this spicy old man received a request to exterminate monsters from the village we stopped by on our journey. Apparently, monkey-shaped monsters called Balbaa'affe have been running rampant in the area as of late.

Balbaa'affe is famous for its high intelligence. They're smart enough to steal weapons from the adventurers to be used for themselves. In addition, they also have a strong sense of camaraderie, which is quite rare for monsters. They won’t forgive those who killed their comrade.

However, because they are smart monsters, Balbaa’affe seldom leave their territory, let alone approaching human settlements. They understand that they will lose the advantage of using weapons when fighting against humans. For them to leave their territory and even approach a human village, there must be a big reason behind it.

According to the village chief, there's a high possibility of a new predator settled in the forest. A very strong monster that forced the other monsters to flee from their territory, including Balbaa’affe.

The fatalities have already appeared in the village. I saw a white-haired girl around the same age as me at the village chief's house who became an orphan after both of her parents were killed by Balbaa'affe. Poor girl....

Back to the topic, Grandpa set out alone to exterminate the Balbaa'affe which is a clear threat instead of the unknown monster. He told me to continue my training in the meantime, but I have no intention of doing that. This is my chance to be free from that spicy old man, after all.

I'm pretty confident with my strength. I also have my magic to back me up. I'm not going to be defeated by some random monsters that live in a forest in the middle of nowhere.

Now that’s been decided, let’s secretly leave the village and head towards the other side of the forest. I’m going to defect from the kingdom to the empire.




I was too naïve….

As soon as I entered the forest, I encountered a bee-shaped monsters called Zornbiene, and was rendered immobile by its poisonous stinger.

Due to the poison, my whole body was sweating like I was in a sauna, but I was cold inside. I felt as if I was buried in snow. I couldn't even open my eyes.

Thinking that I would either die because the poison or die because the Zornbiene preyed on me, I lost my consciousness.




The next time I wake up, a beautiful woman, probably four or five years older than me, is holding me in her arms. I thought I was going die, but I meet a beautiful woman, instead. Furthermore, she looks like a beautiful woman from a painting of a saint hanging in the palace.

"Who are you, Onee-chan?"

    There was no answer. Instead, the woman stroked my head gently.

"What's is this place?"

    Looking around, I was sure that I was in the middle of a forest.


What the hell!? This woman's lower body is flower!

I got it. This woman is a monster. I'm sure it's called Alraune. It's a dangerous monster that lures people and captives them.

    I tried to escape immediately, but I was caught by her vines.

"A-Are you going to eat me, Monster?"

    Hearing that, the Alraune looked deeply hurt for some reason.

Does she understand human language? Her upper body looks like that of a female human, so I guess she is somewhat intelligent.

    However, what happened afterwards would completely blow my mind.

"I, eat, no…."

She talkeeeeeeed!?

Unbelievable. This can't be real!

I mean, according to Grandpa who is the great sage, even though Alraune's upper body looks like that of a human female, it's ultimately still a plant and can't be used to talk. Yet this Alraune can understand and speak human language, albeit stammering.

“I won’t, eat, you….”

There's no doubt. This is a new species of Alraune. She even insisted to be called Onee-san.

What is this, a punishment game?

Why do I have to call a monster 'Onee-san'?

Could it be that she is trying to seduce me?

However, not matter how big this Alraune's breasts are, I won't be seduced. I by no means feel embarrassed and unable to look straight at her. My face is also feeling hot is because of the poison.

Still, I don't understand why this Alraune have vines wrapped around her breasts. Despite being a plant monster, does she understand the concept of bra?

However, there is something that makes me even more curious. This Alraune smells extremely good. It's such a mysterious scent that can't be described into words.

    Soon, I would find out the source of that good scent. The honey dripped from Alraune's mouth just like drool. Even so, my body couldn't help but craving for it. I hesitantly dipped my finger into it, and then brought that finger into my mouth.

Looking back on it now, my life has changed a lot since then.

From the moment I tasted the heaven, I have become the slave of this Alraune….




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