Monster Girl 013

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Chapter 13 – The Lord of the Forest’s Invasion

It's been a week since the boy left me. He was a decent conversation partner that I was able to make for the first time since I became an Alraune. He was also a boy with a strong Perolist spirit who kept asking for honey whenever he opened his mouth. Even so, he was better than nothing.

Come to think of it, the first monster I ever preyed on, the honey-loving perverted bear, was also a great Perolist. Maybe all the children around here are like that? But no matter how oddball the boy was, the fact that he could be a decent conversation partner was enough to offset his shortcomings.

I'm back to being alone again now….

Maybe because I remembered the feeling of loneliness when the boy left, I've been interested in someone recently. I'm talking about a dead tree standing about ten meters away from me which I don't remember being there from the beginning.

If it was a healthy, lush tree that died, I would have noticed the change. After all, there are no trees, not even weeds, in the area within 10 meter around me. I’m the one responsible for this. I ate them all and I have no regrets.

It's because of my ability. I discovered that I could generate the properties of the plants I preyed on and the plants themselves. So even after the drought was over, I continued to preyed on the plants around me.

I want to increase the weapons in my arsenal while I have the chance. In addition, they are in the way of my sunbathing and reducing my share of water in the ground. For a girl who loves water like me, it’s unforgivable. That's why I've always wanted to eradicate the plants around me.

The other day, I finally went and did it. I used my vines to pull out all the trees around me by their roots. I'm surprisingly strong.

Now back to the dead tree, I'm pretty sure it was not there at that time. I wonder what's going on. This must be one of the seven mysteries of the forest.

After that, o­n the evening, when I had just finished preparing the environment where I could live comfortably, he appeared --- a giant wolf.

It was as if a bus was running through the forest. Bared his fangs that dripped with drool, he looked at me with his ruthless eyes like those of a hunter hunting an animal.

A wolf-type monster called Hellwolf. It was ferocious monster feared by adventurers with a nickname the Wolf of Hell.

The moment I saw him, I realized that he was different from any of the monsters I've fought so far. Even if I fought him, I would surely lose in an instant. I would be crushed in a single twist, and that would be the end. I am no match for him.

I was scared, so scared. The sun was still out, but I wanted to close my buds and hide myself. The reason I didn't succumb to the fear was because of my survival instinct as a wild creature.

If I resign myself to the fate every time my live in danger, I would not last long in this survival of the fittest world. I would not have been able to fight and win against opponents that were stronger than me and survive until today. In addition, I’ve got the feeling the Hellwolf would kill me if I showed any weakness.

    I didn't know if my determination got through. The Hellwolf went away as if losing interest in me.

I'm saved...?

I was sure I would be killed.

He must be the lord of this forest.

Yeah, there's no doubt.

I'm just a weak flower girl, so I have nothing to do with the power struggle in the forest.

Please don't ever come over here again.

    Hellwolf, the lord of the forest --- it was a time when I thought so. But I was wrong. Hellwolf could not even be compared to the real lord.




    A few days later, I saw a monster that was many times scarier than the Hellwolf. A monster with giant body about a head taller than the trees in the forest. He had a very scary look in his eyes like a killer. The same race as the monster I had met once. A bear-shaped monster --- Laubbär.

The honey-loving perverted bear I know was still a child. He should have been only about 2 meters tall. However, the bear over there is more than 10 meters tall.

Would that child grow up as big as that bear? Good thing I’ve already killed him. In any case….

Good day, there.

Are you by any chance that honey-loving perverted bear's father? I mean, that bear's father?

What!? Your son is missing?

O-Of course, I don't know anything!

Speaking of which, I saw a bear cub running that way before.

Yes, I know. You must be worried.

It must be hard to be separated from your child for months.

But I have nothing to do with it, I swear!

Please stop looking at me as though I'm your mortal enemy!

I didn't eat him, believe me!

It's a false charge!

The criminal is not me!

Okay, I got it.

It's the bulb below that ate your son.

Though our bodies are connected, I have nothing to do with it.

I'm really innocent!!

    Perhaps my plea did not go through, Daddy Bear devoured a familiar monster stuck in his horn. The Wolf of Hell that I mistook for the lord of the forest was just a prey for the real lord. It was such a shocking sight that I almost thought I had run into the devil.

I once read in monster encyclopedia that Laubbär has a habit of carrying prey on their horn to be brought to their nest as preserved food. Still, I've never thought I would see the fearsome Hellwolf being so cruelly preyed upon.

I don't care whether it's God or Goddess. I want to pray for a miracle to save me from this situation right now.

    Finishing his meal, Daddy Bear stroked his horn with satisfaction. Then, our eyes met.

Maybe he just remembered about his son's death.

I mean, why did he know that I've killed his son?

No, I'm sure he doesn't know.

Either way, he is clearly targeting me.

    Daddy Bear started walking towards me, knocking down the trees on his path one by one like nothing.

There is no way I could beat such a monster.

I'm just a weak flower.

I'm no match for a 10-meters-wolf-eating bear.

Daddy Bear, please leave for today.

Let's talk again tomorrow.

I also apologize about your son.


When the night falls, I will run away from this place. It's a disgrace but my survival is more important.


What a silly thought I had!

In my escape from reality, I had forgotten the most basic thing.

I can't walk. I'm a plant, after all!

Th-That's right. Because my body is that of a flower, I'm sure it won’t suit your taste.

So please spare meeeeee!

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