Monster Girl 012

Chapter 12 – I’m Alraune, 0-Year-Old, I Decided to Keep a Shota with Honey from Today

Three days have passed since I started keeping the boy. Apparently, feeding him my honey is enough to satisfy his hunger. However, unexpectedly, honey is not the only menu on our dining table. Of course, I didn't feed him raw monster meat. I gave him proper human food.

I was able to learn various information thanks to the boy, but that was not all. I also found an Apel fruit in his bag. This fruit looks and tastes just like apple from Japan, and one of the most delicious fruits in this world.

    I snatched the fruit from the boy and preyed on it using the bulb's mouth so that I could absorb its properties and made them my own.

First, produce a female Apel flower on the left vine and a male Apel flowers on the right vine. Using a thin vine created by Plant Generation, I take pollen from the stamen of the right flower and pollinates the pistil of the left flower. Next use super recovery magic to make it grow rapidly, and voila…. one ripe Apel fruit is ready!

    I gave the newly produced Apel fruit to the boy.

I'm starting to think that I'm a pretty good plant, being able to produce fruits and all. Maybe because of this, the boy also became fond of me.

Every now and then, the boy would suddenly start crying while chanting; 'I want honey', 'I need more honey', and 'I miss honey so much that it's painful'. Other than such times, he is a very obedient and smart kid.

The boy's name is Armin. After his parents were killed by the demon lord's army. his grandfather took him traveling the country to train his magic.

His grandfather seems to be pretty good at magic according to him. However, because he can keep up with the rigorous training, he decided to run away when his grandfather went to exterminate monsters after being asked by a nearby village.

I must say it was a disappointing decision. I want to scold him for running away from magic training because it's natural for it to be rigorous.

After that, he got lost when trying to pass through the forest, got caught by Zornbiene, and was brought to me.

Good thing I’m a former human who thirsts for entertainment. Otherwise, he would have already become monster food. In a way, I am the benefactor of his life.

Since I've saved him, I want him to live as long as possible. Thus I decided to teach the boy magic.

I’m still a former saint, after all. In field of magic, I’m his senior. I could use two of four basic attribute magic. One of them was light attribute magic that could only be used by women blessed by the goddess, and only appear one among one thousand. This is how I rose to become the greatest saint all the time.

    When I started to give him a lecture about magic, the boy was astonished with his mouth wide open.

I'm sure he was amazed at my deep knowledge in the magic field and couldn't help but feel respect for me.

"Onee-san can use magic?"

"I can't. I just have, the knowledge."

I don't think he will believe it even if I tell him that I'm a former saint. Besides, if this information were to spread to the people in the kingdom, I could only imagine the troubles it would bring. That's why I think it's better to keep it secret.

"If you don't practice, while you can, you will regret it, later."

"What do you mean?"

"In a pinch, your magic is the only tool, you have to protect you."

That's my rule of thumb. Because I mastered light recovery magic, I was able to survive even after being eaten alive by a flower monster. Though I fused with it and became a monster myself as a result.

Maybe it was just some kind of miracle or a work of Goddess. However, without my recovery magic, I would have melted to death inside the flower monster's stomach for sure.

You have to protect yourself in the end. To do that, you need strength. It will be too late to regret it after the enemy kills you. In order to survive in any situation, it's important to hone your magic, train yourself, and become stronger.

"Is that how is it?"

"That's how it is."

"Okay, I understand."

"Good boy."

    When I was giving a lecture to the boy about magic tricks, a small shadow appeared on the ground. When I looked up, I saw a strange bird was flying in the sky.

What is that? It’s too fast for an eagle.

"Oh, that must be Grandpa's wind magic bird!"

I see. That's wind magic, huh. This is my first time seeing it….

No, wait, please tell me the details, boy!

    According to the boy, it was wind magic that mimicked a bird-like creature which could then be remotely controlled and shared visual information about its surroundings.

That’s a very advanced magic, isn’t it? I don’t know anyone in the kingdom who could perform such a feat. Not even the saint me. Maybe the chief of court magicians can, but it’s just a maybe.

If this boy's grandfather is someone who can wield such advanced magic with ease....

This is bad. I will be killed!

I mean, talking about the current situation from his perspective, I'm a monster who drove his grandson crazy with honey, kidnapped, and confined him in the forest for three whole days.

Yeah, that sounds totally bad. If I were him, I would tear that monster to pieces. Let's return this boy before his grandfather finds this location and comes to exterminate me.

I've been treating the boy well all this time, so there should be no issue. I hope he can turn a blind eye to the fact that I've been holding the boy here for three days. If it weren't for me, he would have died, after all

"I'm a monster. You are a human."

"What does it matter?"

"You and I, can't be together."

"Why is that!?"

"You live in the village. I live in the forest."

"But I like Onee-san so much!"

"What do you like about me?"

"I like your delicious honey, of course!"

Y-Yeah? The answer is different from what I was expecting….

On closer look, he has similar eyes to that honey-loving bear's. Maybe it's already too late for him.

"Armin, go back to your grandfather."

"No! I can't live without your honey!"

"Forget about me, and keep it secret, from your grandfather."

"I'll never be able to forget the taste of Onee-san's honey!"

Do you like my honey that much?

Did you become so addicted that you didn't want to go back to your family?

Poor thing. You seem to have caught the same illness as that pervert bear’s. Still, my life will be in danger if he stays here....

I got this! There won't be any problems as long as he can continue to taste my honey, right?

    Thus I decided to make special honey. First I condensed the honey inside my mouth in order to prevent it from dissolving easily. Just as I could control where the nectar came from, I felt that I could control the honey itself to some extent. If it was just honey, it would eventually run out, so I mixed it with super recovery magic, and solidified it into a ball. The super honey ball was completed.

Humans can do it if they try. I'm a flower, though.

If this works as I intended, the super recovery magic will prevent the honey ball from melting. It will continue to regenerate the honey ball to its initial form. The honey is also part of my plant body in a sense. That's why I came up with this idea. This should be enough to satisfy the boy's honey addiction for some time.

"This honey ball, swallow it."

"Can I just lick it?"

"It's specially made, if it is in the body, it will not dissolve easily."

"It's delicious. Thank you, Onee-san!"

"You can now go home, right?"

"If you give me another honey ball, I will go home."

This brat is really shameless!

Oh well, I guess I have no choice. I will make another honey ball for him.

Ugh, this is so draining....

I'm out of energy. I need nutrition. I need water.

    Not realizing my hardships, the boy, who had swallowed the second honey ball, waved his hand to me with a smile and walked away.

Those honey balls should last for the next few days. Until he reunites with his grandfather and leave this region, he wouldn’t go crazy about my honey, at least.

What will happen after the honey balls melt completely? I won't be there at that time, so it doesn't matter to me.




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