Monster Girl 024

Chapter 24 – Pavlov Bear

    Daddy Bear licked my face. To be precise, he licked honey off my face. He seemed unable to stop himself from making an ecstatic expression as he savored the honey overflowing from my lips.

It's great to see you having a good time. But no matter how many times I experience it, I hate the feeling of being licked by a bear's tongue.

    Suddenly, Daddy Bear turned weird. He started blowing bubbles from his mouth and went into a frenzy.

I understand. It’s painful, isn’t it? That’s not surprising because the honey was mixed with poison.

I can produce poisonous pollen and poisonous apple. Following that logic, I should be able to produce poisonous honey, too.

Then, after countless experiment, I finally succeeded in making a perfect poisonous honey blend. In addition, it's more potent than my other poison attacks. I wonder what would happen if you ingested it inside your body.

    Daddy Bear clawed at his own throat. Nevertheless, a large amount of drool was still trickling down from his mouth like a waterfall. His craving for honey apparently much stronger than the pain. He had become a bear who couldn't live without my honey.

I wonder who made him like that.

He is a bad example of father.

    Daddy Bear continued to hurt himself without me having to do anything.

It's a bitter pill to swallow as I have to let Daddy Bear lick me as he pleases. However, the result is worth it. This move is especially effective against a honey addict like him.

My honey still tastes sweet and delicious even though it's mixed with poison. Daddy Bear understands that it's harmful to his body, but he's still licking it. Why? Because the honey is there.

That's how the honey-crazed boy continued seeking my honey. And Daddy Bear, who had licked my face for hours on end, is already a heavy honey addict.

The honey ball I gave him last time must have been so delicious that he shut himself up inside his home for a month. Now he came here again for my honey.

You want honey, right? Okay I will let you lick it --- this poisonous honey.

But you see, there's something even better than poisonous honey. Let's give it to Daddy Bear as a reward. Even though he turned me down for the dance, I should at least thank him for coming to the ball. This is my pride as the organizer.

I've secretly made this special present for Daddy Bear in the past month. I'm sure he would love it more than anything.

    Glancing at Daddy Bear who seemed to be running out of breath, I spat out something from my mouth and caught it with both hands.

Yup, it's a honey ball. However, it's not just an ordinary honey ball, but a special-made one. Of course, it doesn’t contain recovery magic at all.

This honey ball is a special-made poisonous honey ball that has been concentrated for over a month by layering poison on top of each other to make it extremely poisonous. Its killing power should be tremendous.

This is something I’ve been carefully preparing to be used as my ultimate weapon for the rematch with Daddy Bear, who is sure to come back someday.

Here, please enjoy it!

    I grabbed the poisonous honey ball with my vine and held it in front of Daddy Bear's face. However, Daddy Bear was only staring and sniffing it.

You had it before, remember? My sweet and delicious honey ball that made you feel like in heaven. I'm sure you want to taste it again.

What’s the matter, Daddy Bear? It's bad manners to droll while blowing bubbles in front of a lady.

Oh, are you perhaps wondering if this honey ball also contains poison? If you don't want to eat it, I won't force you. However, this chance might never come to you again.

    Daddy Bear's tongue slowly approached my vine. Blood was coming out of his eyes and mouth due to the poison, but he couldn't resist the honey ball's temptation nevertheless.

I understand, Daddy Bear.

Go ahead and enjoy it.

This will be your last supper, after all


Ah, before that, please let me say something.


This is all your fault for licking me like crazy.

I'm not going to forgive you.

I'm going to take my revenge on you.


Because you licked me, I'm angry.

Because you licked me, your body is being eaten away by poison right now.

Because you licked me, your life will be forfeit.

I will clear this humiliation once and for all.


You are my greatest enemy, Daddy Bear. Even so, I won't rub salt on your wound at the end. I'm aiming to be a kind and beautiful flower, after all.

Instead of salt, I will give you the honey ball you are dying for. This gem-like mass of poison with the best hidden flavor is my parting gift.

    Daddy Bear who couldn't stand it anymore, bit off the tip of my vine that was holding the honey ball. Then, with a smile on his face, he finally collapsed. Daddy Bear was convulsing while blowing bubbles profusely from his mouth. However, instead of agony, he made a happy face, as if he was enjoying some kind of happiness.

Even I'm like this now, I'm still a former saint. I don't find enjoyment from watching people suffering.

Daddy Bear, thank you for all your hard work as the lord of the forest until now. You can now rest in peace while enjoying the taste of my honey.

Good night, Daddy Bear.

    Then daddy Bear fell silent forever.



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