Monster Girl 023

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Chapter 23 - The Beginning of Operation to Defeat Daddy Bear

I actually have prepared a secret plan to defeat Daddy Bear. However, I will not use it yet. There's still time for our guests to have some fun. Now that the tea party is over, it's time to dance. The ball is about to begin.

Daddy Bear, may I ask you to dance with me?

    As if to say, "Of course, Milady." Daddy Bear came forward.

Hold on, Daddy Bear. Where is your tuxedo? Don't tell me you are going to attend the ball dressed like that. I mean, you are not wearing anything

Yeah, I'm not wearing a night dress either.

I only covered my chests with vines.

Since I'm also sort of half-naked, we might make a good pair, in a way.

For forest creatures like us, our skin is our clothes, so let's just say that everything is in order. Still, a ball in the forest where nudity and semi-nudity are woven together. That sounds very indecent. Oh well, it's actually just a bear and a plant.

    Daddy Bear took a quick glance at Mommy Bear and then approached me while raising a roar.

I wonder if he was so excited to dance with me to the point he ignored his wife. If you get carried away with another woman, your wife won't be happy with it.

Oh no, look at that!

Mommy Bear is so angry that she's blowing bubbles from her mouth.

    Daddy Bear, who didn't seem to care about what happened to his wife, was drooling as he stared at me.

It's embarrassing to be looked at with such a hot gaze….

Well, anyway, shall we begin?

    I made my first move by making thorny vines came out of the ground.

Yeah, I know that it's a man's job to escort woman. However, it must be hard for Daddy Bear to ask other woman for dance in front of his wife. He should be thanking me for taking the lead here.

    Countless thorny vines wrapped, not only both Daddy Bear's arms, but all over his body.

Now, please follow the rhythm. I can't move from my spot so you will have to move for my part, too. This is a waltz with bear.

    However, Daddy Bear didn't seem happy with it. He ripped off the thorny vines all over his body as if refusing to dance with me.

Could it be that you refuse to dance with me!?

Hey, even after I went out of my way to invite you....

I'm a former saint and duke's daughter. You will tarnish my reputation if you do this to me.

Okay, I’ve had enough.

Let’s send Daddy Bear to his wife.

The ball is over.

The playtime ends here

Now it's time for the battle.

Even so, Daddy Bear doesn't seem to be in pain at all. In fact, he looks unscathed even though his whole body should have been pierced by countless thorns.

Daddy Bear really is a formidable opponent, after all. His strong and thick fur seems to have rendered my thorns attack useless. That alone shows that he can't be put in the same league as the monsters I've fought until now.

Wahnschlange a.k.a Anaconda, Creek Tiger a.k.a Battle Maniac, and even Mommy Bear have succumbed to my thorns and poison combination attack. They all offered themselves to me, declaring that they would become my nourishment. And yet, it didn't even scratch Daddy Bear.

The deadly attack, which had been undefeated until now, was nullified. That's the Lord of the Forest for you.

Frankly speaking, the fact that my attack cannot damage Daddy Bear is enough to make me want to surrender. This is just hopeless. I apparently would have to go through that licking hell again.

It's true that if I fight him normally, I will never be able to defeat Daddy Bear. But you see, I was not just having all-you-can-eat banquet for the past month. I have also been thinking of a strategy for this rematch.

All right, let’s do it!

    I took out something that I had prepared for Daddy Bear.

If the outside doesn't work, just attack from the inside.

Daddy Bear, do you know what it this?

That’s right, it’s an apple.

Though it’s called apel fruit in this world.

This juicy red apple looks delicious, doesn’t it? I made this especially for you. I hope you would like it. Still, this Plant Generation is very convenient. I can grow fruits like this anytime I want.

    I picked up an apple that has been harvested in advance with a vine and then threw it to Daddy Bear.

You must be hungry, right? I bet you have been shutting yourself inside your lair while enjoying my honey ball and haven't eaten anything else. After all, the boy also said he didn't feel like eating other food after tasting my honey. In this situation, if an apple flies by, I'm sure he won't miss it.

    Daddy Bear caught the apple with his mouth and then bit into it.

That apple contains my honey so I can guarantee its taste.

You want more? Don't worry, I knew that one apple wouldn't be enough.

Now open your mouth wide!

    I threw apples one after another. Daddy Bear, who was waiting like an obedient pet, caught and ate them all. However, he suddenly stopped at the thirteenth apple. Ignoring the flying apple, he started looking up at the sky with his mouth hanging open.

I wonder if it's starting to take effect. Actually, the apples also contain my poison. I can easily make delicious poisonous apples with Plant Generation by mixing them with honey and poison.

I usually use it as a bait to catch my prey. One poisonous apple is enough to kill an ordinary monster. But as expected of Daddy Bear. It's amazing that he is still standing even after eating thirteen of them.

    Daddy Bear’s eyes locked on me.

Is he perhaps angry? Did he realize that the apples were poisonous? Daddy Bear is not a fool, after all.

But he finally tasted my honey again after a long time. He must be suffering from the poison and craving for more apples at the same time right now.

    Daddy Bear lunged at me on all fours. I brought out the vines I had deployed underground in advance to create a wall of thorns. However, it was easily broken through.

My thorns attack is useless against Daddy Bear’s defense, after all. He came out unscathed. His title as the Lord of the Forest is not just for show. He is the first opponent I couldn't defeat using this method.

    Next I fired poisonous pollen at him. However, it was erased by wind pressure from Daddy Bear's rush.

I have used up all my offensive techniques.

My poisonous apples don't seem to be that effective either.

Fighting him directly is out of the question.

Even though I've become much stronger in the past month.

I even started to have the idea that there was no longer a worthy opponent for me in this forest. Yet here I am so powerless in front of Daddy Bear.

    Daddy Bear stopped right in front of me. He was more than 10 meters tall, so it was very intimidating. He was supposed to be in pain because of the poison. However, his desire for my honey seemed to overpower it.

You really like me, huh.

That's obvious from the way you toyed with me last time.

    Daddy Bear's face was drawing closer.

This brings back memories of when Daddy Bear licked me for the first time. I couldn't do anything back then. This time, once again, the same thing is about to happen.

    Daddy Bear's wet and sticky tongue touched my face. I felt an inescapable disgust as it started to move around licking the honey just like that day. However, this time, despair and humiliation --- none of those words were in my mind. I haven’t give up.

I don't want to be licked!

I don't want to be humiliated!

I don’t want to be treated like some kind of candy!

    But despite my strong determination, honey kept flowing from my eyes uncontrollably. Thus I decided to try something.

Since I can't stop Daddy Bear from licking me, I will just use that to my advantage.

    I smirked at Daddy Bear who moved his tongue eagerly to taste me.

My honey is delicious, isn't it?

You were also like this back then.

Don't worry, I won't try to stop you anymore at this point.

Go ahead and lick me to your heart's content.

Come on, don’t be shy!

That's right. I have prepared this special blend just for you, Daddy Bear. The highest quality honey that's different from usual mixed with a secret ingredient. This is so delicious that it will send you straight to the heaven literally. After all, this aforementioned secret ingredient is my strongest poison.


How is my poisonous honey, Daddy Bear?

Does it suit your taste?

Oh!? I guess it’s time so say goodbye.

It was nice knowing you.


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