Monster Girl 025

Chapter 25 – The Lord of the Forest's Throne

I am Alraune, a self-proclaimed ordinary flower. Even though I am a plant, I have now assumed the position of the lord of the forest.

That’s right, I have finally defeated Daddy Bear!

I've poisoned that honey addict to death with the honey he loved so much. No mercy for those who licked me. They all will meet the same fate as Daddy Bear.




Yeah, Daddy Bear is really filling, after all.

I'm now eating his body a little by a little, but it might still take a few more days to finish him completely. I mean, he is a huge bear about 10 meter tall. It’s not easy to digest him as expected.

By the way, I left Mommy Bear over there. She is my food reserve for now.


Oh, it's raining!

The heaven must be want to celebrate my victory, too.

This makes me very happy because I can also use this chance to take a shower.

The rain after a battle is the best.

Water is delicious.


This forest became my domain with the defeat of Daddy Bear. This also brings back peace to this forest which had been plunged into a Warring States Period when the Four Heavenly Kings of the Forest were missing.

In any case, the battle-crazed monsters are gone now. There are a lot of monsters that have taken up residence inside my stomach, but surely not all of them, right?

D-Don't get me wrong! I'm not such a gluttonous girl.


Oops, I'm full....

I've finished eating Daddy Bear before I know it. Tehe~

Well, let's go for the second round. I still have Mommy Bear, after all.

I hope Daddy Bear and Mommy Bear will live happily together inside my stomach.


    That was how this place became my forest. The large monsters were gone, and the number of conflicts decreased drastically. The end of territorial disputes also brought the small monsters and animals, which had been quiet until then, back into the forest and walking in the open. I also saw my old friends among them.

Oh, they came back!

I finally get to see them again.

    In front of me, there were several familiar bee-shaped monsters --- Zornbiene, hovering in the air.

Good day, ladies.

It's been a while, isn't it?

How have you been?

I'm glad to know that there are survivors from my female knights army. For them, Daddy Bear was the sworn enemy of their clan. They may have disappeared from this vicinity out of fear.

But don't worry ladies, he and his wife are now being digested together in my stomach. There is no more perverted bear who would harm everyone.

Isn't that great? Now we all can live together happily again.

Let’s rebuild our Lily Garden and.... that's right, let's reconstruct our Forest Girls Association, too. For that, I first need to increase the number of my female knights. Let's give them a lot of honey.

Ladies, please bring this back to you nest and share it with everyone....

You, what are you doing? There's this one female knight that kept trying to pollinate me since a while ago.

Is she perhaps a newcomer? You should properly educate the new recruits before bringing them here. I almost got pollinated.

Come to think of it, there was also a female knight who tried to pollinate me before. If I'm not mistaken, she was a villainess. If you don't want to meet a bad ending like her, you should correct yourself from now. Grow up to be a splendid female knight and support me.

Speaking of which, I wonder if Her Majesty the Queen is still in good health.

Oh, she successfully escaped from Daddy Bear? I'm glad.

Please send my best regards to my big sister, Her Majesty the Queen, and see you again, ladies!

    As I waved my vine and saw everyone off, another guest came to visit me.

Oh, if isn't the stupid white bird. She ran away from me the other day, but here she came again. I wonder if she is unaware that I was trying to eat her last time. She is stupid, after all.

Even though I've know you for a long time, it won’t change my intention to eat you. That's why you should just get into your stomach quickly and become my nutrition.

    The white bird circled above me at the height where my vines could not reach her as if taunting me.

It’s barely outside my range. I can reach her if I do my best, but from this distance, she can easily avoid my vines. To a bird that can flap her wings freely in the sky, a vine that gradually grows from below would look like it was standing still.

Hey, White Bird. You are surprisingly clever for a bird. I will still call you stupid bird, though.




    When I was looking at the white bird, something fell near me from above.

That stupid bird has dropped something again.

How careless are you?

Oh, it's a flower again. Last time she dropped a red rose, but this time it's some kind of a blue flower.

I've never seen such a flower before, neither in this world nor in my previous world. From what I can see, it's just an ordinary flower with no special characteristics. Well, let's find out.

    I ate the flower like usual, but I didn't gain a new ability whatsoever. I could only make the same blue flower bloom on my vines.

I wonder what is that white bird's deal. After seeing a blue flower blooming from my vine, she just flew away like that. I really don't get it.

In the first place, is she using flowers to build a nest? From what I know, birds are normally using small branches or dried grass to build their nest.

I mean, flowers will just wither away and die, so it makes no sense to use them as a material to build a nest, right?

I can understand if she takes the flowers home to be used as decorations, but I've never heard any bird doing that kind of thing.

That white bird is a strange bird, after all.

    After that, the white bird would drop flowers and other plants at me from time to time.

Hey, is this perhaps a harassment?

She’s definitely doing it or purpose, isn’t she?

Or is it a challenge from the white bird, something like: 'I'm going to pluck you just like these plants, so be prepared'?

Or is that white bird provoking me, something like: 'Look at these flowers, they are more beautiful than you'?

I don't deserve to be told such a thing by a mere bird. Either way, this is clearly a declaration of war. There's no mercy for you, White Bird. This time I will show you a blood festival.

    To give the white bird this message, I released my poisonous pollen towards a little bird perched on a nearby tree. The little bird tried to run away, but it inhaled my poisonous pollen and fell to the ground a moment later.

I don't feel like eating it at all. It's too small. I can’t even call it a snack.

Oh well, this is just a little revenge to that white bird.

Let's also make this week a bird hunting week.

    The white bird seemed to have realized that I was purposely targeting birds and felt that her life was in danger. She stopped dropping things on me after that.

That white bird is a coward. If only she had come to me and challenged me to a duel as revenge for her friend I killed, I would have feasted on her. Too bad.

    No more drops from white birds. However, tributes began to arrive at me instead. The food came to me on its own in the name of sacrifice.

There's a group of racoon in front of me now. In order to help their clan, they must have mustered up the courage to become martyrs and come here to be eaten by me. Their spirit is so wonderful.

But, I’m not that scary, you know? Don't get me wrong. I'm not such a monster that only see you as food and just want to swallow you. However, since you have come with such a determination, it would be rude if I refuse, right?

I mean, look at me. I'm just a beautiful flower. Being able to become one with such a beauty like me, will surely make you happy.

You don’t have to be afraid, okay? I promise I won't make you suffer, so please stop shaking while looking at me with eyes that are on the verge of tears. You will seriously hurt my feeling.

    Apparently, I've become so feared that the creatures of the forest made offerings to me.




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