Monster Girl 022

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Chapter 22 - Splendid Tea Party by Female Flower and Mrs. Bear

Daddy Bear came to see me with his wife --- Mommy Bear. I know it's been a while, but…. I’m kinda scared because the couple seem so full of murderous spirits. You are totally coming to lick me, aren't you!?

I gave Daddy Bear a special honey ball when he attacked me before. I'm sure he had already finished it, then came to me again because he couldn’t the forget the taste and wanted more.

Well, I guess his purpose is my honey. The question is what will he do to me? I would like him to leave when he is satisfied with just licking me, but I’m pretty sure it won't be that simple. In addition, he is not alone this time.

Mommy Bear couldn't be the same as Daddy Bear, right? I mean, a perverted husband and wife are just beyond the salvation.

    But sadly, the two bears were the same. As Mommy Bear came closer to me, I saw her eyes were getting more and more bloodshot.

I wonder if Mommy Bear is after my honey, too. She looks like so excited that she couldn't control herself anymore.

Last time, I had to go through the hell of being licked for hours by Daddy Bear. If Mommy Bear joins the fray, they would take turns licking me, which mean I wouldn't even have time to take a breath.

Maybe I would die due to lack of nutrition due to producing too much honey. I could imagine a scene of a dried-out Alraune left in the forest, wither away, and finally return to the earth. I might be able to meet the female knights again at that time. Though I'm not sure if we would recognize each other since we both had become fertilizers.

Female Laubbär has two horns on their forehead. But in exchange, they are not as long as the male's. I doubt Mommy Bear will use them as weapons.

Mommy Bear is approximately 7 or 8 meters tall. Compared to the 10-meter-tall Daddy Bear, she is a little smaller. Nevertheless, she is still big. If two of them come at me at the same time, there's only a little I can do. I would like to deal with them at least one at a time. For a start, let's aim for Mommy Bear, who is smaller and more agile than Daddy Bear.

Now then, how about having a tea party with me, Mrs. Bear?

Of course, without your husband.

Let's take our time and get to know each other as fellow ladies.

I will be waiting for you with some delicious honey drinks.

I guess I have to send invitation first. Otherwise, Mrs. Bear won't even be able to discuss it with her husband. Please wait for a moment because I will make it now.

    I brought one of my vines to my mouth and licked it to make a honey-covered vine --- one tea party invitation was completed. Next I stretched out the honey-covered vine in front of Mommy Bear. Maybe she was so eager to attend my tea party, Mommy Bear immediately responded by getting ahead of Daddy Bear to catch the honey-covered vine.

Okay, I’ve got her!

    Like fishing, I pulled back the honey-covered vine towards me. Mommy Bear started to run after it. Daddy Bear followed suit, but Mommy Bear with her smaller and lighter body was faster than him.

No, not yet.

Just a little more….


    I showed Mommy Bear to the tea party table (a wall of thorns). However, Mommy Bear, whose eyes were too preoccupied with a honey-covered vine, crashed into it.

Well, it was nothing complicated. I simply hid the thorny vines in the ground in advance and then waited until Mommy Bear had reached a certain distance before popping them out.

    I wrapped Mommy Bear with a net of thorns and forced her to take a seat in my handmade chair.

Let's begin the tea party.

    Meanwhile, Mommy Bear started rampaging around.

Oh my, is this perhaps your first time tasting poison? It’s one of the most popular items at my tea party. I hope it suits your taste.

Speaking of which, all the guests who came to my tea party so far were delighted with it that they were blowing bubbles from their mouth. I'm also really proud of my poison coated thorns.

    Mommy Bear tried to escape, but the more she struggled, the more thorns stuck to her body. Even if she managed to remove the vines, the thorns would remain. Getting pricked by countless thorns is already painful, and to make it worse, my poison entered through those wounds.

It's about time to pour some tea for Mommy Bear.

    I held open Mommy Bear's mouth with vines and released poisonous pollen into her throat.

Mommy Bear is crying out something like "It's delicious! It’s delicious!", isn't she?

Since you like it so much, how about another cup?

    I released another batch of poisonous pollen.

Too bad. There's still more to come, but she seems to have had her fill already.

    With her eyes rolled back, Mommy Bear started convulsing while blowing bubbles from her mouth.

That’s very inappropriate for the Lord of the Forest’s wife. Oh well, I will turn you into my nourishment soon. You won't need to play the role of perfect lady anymore. Isn't that nice?

Now then, you are the only one left, Daddy Bear....

But as expected, the husband won't be as easy to defeat as the wife. He is called the Lord of the Forest for a reason, after all. Even the Four Heavenly Kings (tentative) is pale in comparison to him.

I can tell just by looking. The pressure coming from him is incomparable to any monsters I've faced until now. He has the composure of an overwhelmingly strong man and the confidence of a fighter who had gone through countless battles.

When I confronted him last time, I had no idea what he was capable of. However, after preying on numerous demons over the past month, I've also gained quite a bit of battle experience. I can catch a glimpse of his power now.

I will be honest here. Daddy Bear is many times stronger than me. If I fight him head-on, I will undoubtedly lose. Things won't be like when I fought Mommy Bear.

Even so, I have made my decision that day. I don't want to experience the humiliation of having Daddy Bear lick me all over again. His drool is dirty, sticky, disgusting, and make me smell like a bear. My body and mind were defiled, and he treated me like a thing. You can’t blame for this feeling of aversion.

So, you know, I won't go down without putting a fight.

I'll show him that I'm different from that time.

Come on, Daddy Bear.

Let’s settle this once and for all!




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