Monster Girl 019

Chapter 19 – Monster Panic: Giant Snake Anaconda

    When I was feeling disappointed because the white bird had escaped from my trap, there was a giant snake waiting next to me. I was surprised because I really didn't expect it.

The body of this snake-shaped monster --- Wahnschlange, is quite thick and long. Maybe around 15 meters? It's a big game.

Speaking of which, this reminds me of anaconda monster from a certain movie. Let’s call it anaconda from now on.

Still, why is there an anaconda here? Maybe I wasn't the only one aiming for the moment when the white bird descended to the ground.

This anaconda was also trying to prey on the white bird, but since the white bird has escaped, he changes his target to me, instead.

Too bad. My upper body looks human at first glance, but it's actually a pistil. I'm sure it won't taste good even if you eat me.

    The anaconda did not heed my advice and tried to crawl through my vines.

I don't want to be swallowed whole by this anaconda.

Go, vines whip!

    I thought I could restrain the anaconda with the vines. However, they were slipping on the anaconda's slippery skin. The vines seemed to unwound as soon as they were wrapped around the anaconda’s body.

Wahnschlange is snake-shaped monster that usually lives near a water source. There must be a river nearby, and he must have come here from there.

The combination of the original Wahnschlange's slimy skin and the dampness of the river seems to have caused his entire body to be constantly covered in a viscous liquid. It's also possible that he is secreting mucus from his own body. This make him a very slimy snake. Let’s change the strategy.

    I made a bunch of Man-Eater flowers bloom on my vines and bit the anaconda's body as I restrained it.

Not good. I can't hold down a 15-meter-long anaconda with just a dozen Man-Eater flowers.

I could hold it down with hundreds of Man-Eater flowers, but my nutrition would not last that long. It takes more nutrients to make Man-Eaters bloom than you might think. Since I can't stop his movements, I will stop his life activities with wide-area attack. It's time for poisonous pollen.

    But surprisingly, the anaconda could easily avoid the poisonous pollen released from my corolla.

He is quite fast for a big guy. What’s more, he also dexterously shakes off his long tail to disperse the poisonous pollen in the air.

I have underestimated this anaconda. No matter how big and strong it looks, it's inferior to Daddy Bear from the other day. And since I was able to survive against Daddy Bear, I thought this would be a piece of cake.

But I was wrong. I just realize it now that this anaconda is quite experienced in fighting. The difference in our battle experience is evident. He is a snake that has been in numerous battles.

He should not approach me so easily as long as I spread the poisonous pollen around my body. However, that's it. There's nothing more I can do.

    The anaconda, on the other hand, had no hands, but instead had a long tail. While keeping his face far away from me, he started to strike me with it.

No amount of poisonous pollen that came into contact with the anaconda's tail would have any effect. The poisonous pollens must have entered his body through the mouth, nose, or eyes to take effect. This clever snake….

    The anaconda's supple whip attacks using his 15-meters-long body that was also thick enough to swallow a whole cow had a tremendous destructive power. The first strike destroyed all the vines I used as a defense wall. The second strike hit the flank of my bulb, causing my body to sway greatly to the right. The third strike hit my upper body and knocked me over.

    My roots were still connected, but the collision had almost forced my upper body --- the pistil, to the ground. Then the anaconda hammered me with another strike and completely brought me down. I was lying sideway with the entire bulb on the ground.

This hurts like hell!

It's next to being thrown a whole tree by Daddy Bear.

The attack on me, the pistil, was especially effective.

My upper body has almost no defense, after all.

I mean, it's a pistil.

Oh, I'm in big pinch, aren't I?

    The anaconda was slowly approaching me. He seemed to be intending to finish me off.

No problem. I still have a secret plan!

    When the anaconda had reached a certain distance from me, I immediately activated the trap. The vines hidden in the ground wrapped around the anaconda in an instant.

The power of the saprophytic plant was quite convenient for me, as I am a wait-and-see type of monster. Anyways, I've sealed off his movement with this.

    Just when I thought so, the anaconda slithered out of the vine as if ridiculing me.

Oh, yeah, my vines are useless against him.

What are you doing, Me!?

    Breaking free from the entanglement of my vines using his slippery skin, the anaconda started circling me around, looking for an opening.

Had he used strangle attack using his own body like a normal anaconda, I could spray my poisonous pollen at his face from close range. The fact that he's taking measure against it means that this anaconda is quite intelligent.

I can't escape if the anaconda uses his body to strangle mine, but that goes for him, too. I'm a plant so I can't go anywhere to begin with. There there's no need for him to do that in the first place. Ha-ha-ha-ha....

Forget about the rematch with daddy Bear, I will end up inside this anaconda's stomach at his rate.

That's right! I will give you my honey, so could you please spare my life?

Oh, I see.... The anaconda doesn't seem to be interested in my honey. Well, some monsters are like that. I've never seen a snake licking honey either.

    The encirclement around me was gradually narrowing.

The anaconda will surely take a bite out of me when I show an opening. Or maybe he will squeeze me with his long tail? There's also a possibility that he will start lashing me again. I have no idea what kind of attack will come next. I'm completely at his mercy.

I thought the next crisis would be when Daddy Bear come back, but I was wrong. The strong prey on the weak in this forest. Besides the lord of the forest --- Daddy Bear, there are many other strong monster such as Hellwolf and this Wahnschlange.

I was too naive.

I had let my guard down.

    The anaconda accelerated his speed and was getting ready to deliver the finishing blow.

What should I do? I'm really screwed this time.




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