Monster Girl 020

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Chapter 20 – The Four Heavenly King of the Forest

I'm Alraune, a plant monster girl.

Currently, I'm about to be killed by an anaconda.

I apparently have let my guard down because so far, I was able to defeat all the monsters I had encountered, with the exception of Daddy Bear. Barbaaffe --- a monkey-type monster, Terhilfe --- a deer-type monster, and many more.

However, there are still those of boss class monster roaming around in this forest. The wolf of hell --- Hellwolf, this snake-type monster --- Wahnschlange, and the one who reigns at the top, the lord of the forest --- Laubbär. If we add one boss class monster to the group, we will have something like the Four Heavenly Kings of the Forest. The Hellwolf had been eaten by the Lord of the Forest, though. Compared to them, all the monsters I've been hunting are just bean sprouts.

Anyways, no matter how you look at it, this anaconda is clearly an opponent beyond my league. I might be able to do something if I work together with the female knights. I really miss them....

     The anaconda accelerated even faster. He was going to deliver his finishing blow to me for real this time.

This is the end....

My vines are rendered useless by his slippery skin.

I have no other way to stop him.

Ugh, how did I get into this mess?

I just want to live quietly in the forest while photosynthesizing.

Maybe I'm being punished for trying to trap and eat the white bird?

I'm sorry, White Bird….

I admit that you, stealing my honey ball, have actually saved me.

I promise that I won't try to eat you again next time.

But in exchange, let this anaconda eat you to calm his wrath.

I mean, it was originally caused by the scramble for you, so it’s inevitable that you get eaten, right? This is the providence of nature.

Speaking of the white bird, I have eaten a rose-like flower that she dropped earlier. That red flower, just like rose, had thorns growing on its stem. I wonder if I can reproduce them now. I'm just one step away from the death anyway. Let's use all my remaining energy in this final struggle.

    I used Plant Generation to change the morphology of my vines. During this opening, the anaconda made his move at last. Maybe because he didn't see me as a threat anymore, he used bite attack instead of tail attack this time.

Well, how about this?

    I moved all the remaining vines to restrain the oncoming anaconda. Because it was the third time I attempted this, the anaconda probably thought the result would be another failure. However, he was wrong. Using Plant Generation, I had fully armed my vines with countless thorns.

    There were more than 10 vines wrapped around the anaconda and too many thorns to count digging into his slippery skin. Thanks to this, the anaconda couldn't break free from the restraint.

I’m not so kind as to miss this opportunity.

    The anaconda's tail started to move. However, before it could hit me, I released a huge amount of poisonous pollen towards his face.

Considering his body size, I need a heavy dose of poisonous pollen to make it lethal.

    Then, after a few moments, the anaconda foamed from his mouth and his body slumped to the ground. Drawing his last breath, the anaconda's eyes gradually lost their light.

I won?

Yeah, I did it!

It's a come-from-behind victory, but I survived!

If I hadn't been able to produce thorny vines in that situation, I would have surely lost. Seriously, it was a really close call. I need to thank the white bird for the flower later.




I'm exhausted, undernourished, and really thirsty right now.

For the time being, let's replenish my energy using that long guy over there.

Time to eat!

*munch* *munch* *munch* *munch*

Hmm, what should I do? This anaconda is a little too long to swallow.

I guess I need to digest what's inside my bulb first and finish the rest a little by a little later.

Even so, this situation makes it as though a snake is growing from my bulb.

Oh well, it's just a matter of time until I eat everything.

I had so many close calls since becoming an alraune, but I think this is the first time I have survived a death by a pure strengtsyh.

When I was about to be pollinated by the army of bees, I shut myself inside a vines cocoon and brought the battle into a stalemate. In the end, we came to an agreement to live in symbiosis. Even in the battle with Daddy Bear, I just used a honey ball as a decoy to get him to leave me. Therefore, this is really my first time defeating an opponent whose strength is several levels above mine by sheer force.

Although it's just a title I made up myself, defeating one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Forest still makes me kind of proud. Maybe I can call myself one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Forest now?

Nah, just kidding. There are still many stronger monster than me out there. Besides, I'm just a humble flower. It's not right that a plant, which is not even an animal, become one of the Four Heavenly Kings, isn't it?




But at that time, Alraune didn't know that defeating the Four Heavenly Kings of the Forest, who had their own territory, meant that their ecosystem would also be destroyed. Or rather, the turf war had already begun when Daddy Bear became a honey addict and shut himself inside his lair.

With the disappearance of Daddy Bear, the anaconda from other territory came to claim his territory. However, the anaconda was defeated by a mysterious flower, which created another blank area in the power map of the forest and accelerated the turf war even further.

Many bloodthirsty monsters started to make their move throughout the forest. As if to decide the new ruler of the blank areas, they fought with each other to prove their dominance. Of course, the brunt of this turf war would also be directed at the mysterious flower who had defeated Wahnschlange.

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