Monster Girl 018

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Chapter 18 – Fishing a Big Snake with a Bird

I, Alraune, a plant monster girl's watching a trap. Landing on the ground over there is my nemesis, the white bird. I'm going to capture her.

Her body is only about the size of a crow, so it won't fill me up. However, this will clear the bitterness from the other day when she stole my honey ball.

Daddy Bear followed her and disappeared somewhere in the distance, so it might have been a better result than throwing the honey ball randomly. Even so, I still remember the despair I felt at that time.

Well, that white bird might not be such a villainous bird.

But, you know, White Bird, I’ve always thought you looked beautiful and delicious.

You look a bit like a rabbit in color, so I guess there is no problem if I eat you, is there?

You are mine!

    I activated the trap like an insectivorous plant. The vines which I had previously hid in the ground emerged vigorously around the white bird. From the white bird's point of view, it must have seemed as if countless vines had suddenly sprouted from the ground.

    However, the white bird had good crisis management skills. The moment I moved the vines, she flapped its wings and flew up to the sky. It was only a split-second difference. The white bird had succeeded escaping from me once again.

Aahhh, I failed...!

That white bird got away again.

Even though I had prepared so carefully this time.

Well, it can't be helped. This is my first trap. I'll make the most of this experience next time.

But you know what, White Bird, stop circling above me and go home!

You must have a nest or something, right?

If you enjoyed teasing me so much, you can come back and play with me again. Then I'll surely catch and eat you at that time.

Hmm, what's that?

There is something on the ground where the white bird was a while ago.

It's a small rose-like red flower.

I said rose-like because its stem is donned with thorns just like rose from the Earth.

Yup, a red rose is wonderful.

It's the same color as my corolla.

In this world, the flower is called Rothrose.

Speaking of which, it has been a long time since I have seen a flower that I can appreciate. Only flowers of nameless weeds and Man-Eater, who's a relative of Rafflesia, are growing around here, after all.

Maybe that white bird dropped it when she escaped from my vines in hurry?

That stupid white bird....

Let’s call her Stupid Bird from now on.

Even so, why would a wild bird like her carry a flower around?

Oh, I got it. White Bird, are you building a nest, perhaps? Building your own home together with your beloved partner. You have such a good life for a bird.

Meanwhile, I'm a single flower with a long history of no boyfriend. I also have no home, no family, and live under the sky. The closest I've come to a romantic relationship is when a bee, whom I had met for the first time, almost pollinated me with pollens from an unknown male flower. It's laughable because the identity of such a lonely flower is that of a former saint.

That fucking junior of saint apprentice and my ex-fiancé, the hero, seems to have married. I wonder if the two of them are enjoying a happy newlywed life in the royal castle right now. Compared to that, why am I living a life of survival alone, half-naked in the woods?

I wonder if that shitty junior and the hero are sleeping together in the same bed every night. Since they are newlyweds, I'm sure they spend their night doing this and that. Maybe they even have some kids already.

I, on the other hand, was almost be pollinated. I mean, why should I be pollinated just by being there? If I pollinated, I would not only have a child, but I myself would become a seed (child), which would not bring me any happiness. Not only that I was licked all over by a wild bear with a cub for hours.

Yeah, there's nothing fun about it.

My life is full of hardship.

I have never not wished that I had a partner to share the pain and sadness with. The fun would also be doubled if I have someone by my side.

The sweet and blissful life I never got. A life of lovey-dovey newlyweds like the one that my fucking junior and the hero are living. I'm sure that's what that white bird is experiencing it, too.


Isn't that white bird having a better life than me?

Yes, I'm just a flower, a plant!

Ugh, this suck....

When I'm this pissed off, only food can make me feel better.

It's time to sample the rose.


Yeah, I don't really understand the taste.

I'm simply swallowing and digesting it, after all.

Still, if this can delay the white bird's construction of her own home even just a little bit, then good.

Now then, let’s pull back all the vines I burrowed in the ground….

Hold on, that's not vine!

    The vine started moving on their own against my will. I panicked, wondering what was going on. Then I found out the reason not long after.

That's a snake, not vine! To be exact a snake-shaped monster called Vaanschlange. When I was targeting the white bird, I was being targeted by Vaanschlange without my knowledge.

    The snake monster had already gotten so close when I realized it. A thick, long, vicious-looking snake, opened its mouth wide. A monstrous snake that seemed to be able easily swallow an adult man whole, and could be estimated to be 10 meters or more in length alone.

So snakes can open their mouths this wide, huh....

No, wait, could it be that I'm about to be swallowed whole...?

Give me a break!

I don't want to be swallowed whole and digested alive again.

I've been through that once in my life and that's enough.

Close that mouth now!




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