Monster Girl 015

Chapter 15 - Have You Ever Imagined What Happens After a Weed is Pulled Out of the Ground

A revolving lantern.

This is the second time I saw it…. no, it's different.

It's true that I saw a revolving lantern for the second time, but the memories showed there were not mine, it's the flower monster's.

The memories from the birth of the flower monster that is my main body, the time she ate me --- the saint, until the time she vanished.

She germinated in this place and grew up with warm sunlight and abundant nutrients and water. Then, one day, she realized that she was not an ordinary flower but a monster when she caught a little bird that came close to her with a vine. She was very happy about that. Anyway, she was a cheerful, thoughtless, and carefree flower.

Well, it’s strange to ask for intelligence from a flower, isn't it?

When she fused with me, I took over her body, and that's the end this flower monster. That being said, I and the flower monster was born again as an Alraune. So, in a sense, the monster flower is still alive, as part of me.

Just before the flower monster became one with me and vanished, it seems that she was thinking about something like this:

I want to grow bigger.

I want to leave a lot of seeds and increase the number of friends.

I want to live my life as a plant in peace, without thinking about anything difficult.

To do that, I needed to live more.

I don't want to die yet.

---and so the flower monster met her end.

I wonder what happened to the flower monster's wishes. I wonder if those wishes are still being fulfilled, even though her body has been taken over by me.

I understand her feelings.

Because I also want to live.

Even when I was betrayed by my junior and my fiancé and about to be killed, I desperately tried to survive.

The result is I'm still alive now.

Although as a plant.

I, too, do not want to die yet.

The flower monster did not want to die either.

Our wishes are aligned.

    Something deep inside of me screamed out. Or I might have really screamed out unconsciously. Such a possibility was the highest. But perhaps it was the last remnant of the flower monster's consciousness.

I don't want to die yet!

Because I'm a wild flower, I have to struggle like one!

    I opened my eyes.

That's right, I was caught by Daddy Bear and was about to be pulled out of the roots.

I will die at this rate.

Plants can't leave the ground, after all.

That being said, even if my roots are pulled out of the ground, I won't die immediately, but it's still no good.

Laubbär has the habit of sticking their prey into their own horn and bringing it back to their den. No matter how much Daddy Bear wants my nectar, if he stabs me with his horns, I'm sure I won't survive. As an Alraune without magical power, I can't use recovery magic to regenerate my body part or make it grow if I can't replenish water from my roots.

I will wither away as the time goes by.

Then Daddy Bear will throw my body into the corner of his den like a garbage.

I can see such a future.

To prevent that from happening, I can't give up.

I will struggle to the end like a wild plant.

    My roots had been pulled out of the ground, but not all of them. Only half of them that on Daddy Bear's side were out on the ground.

I still have a chance!

    I spread all my vines that could still be moved to all directions with me as the center. Then I made countless Man-Eaters flowers bloom and take root on the ground, to hold my body in place like anchors. Thanks to this, Daddy Bear was stopped from pulling me out of the ground any further.

    Not only that, the thickest root that extended from the bulb to the ground, the so called main root (tap root), was still firmly planted. Moreover, because of the drought, it had grown very deep in the ground in search for water. Even Daddy Bear could not easily uproot it.

    Finding the anchors were in the way, Daddy bear hit the ground with a big swing of his right arm. The punch exploded, gouging and destroying the ground. A crater was born as if a bomb had just fallen.

H-Hold on, isn’t Daddy Bear a little too OP?

I’m still good because there are still many vine anchors left. But if my body takes that punch directly, I’m done for. It's completely on a different level than the tree-throwing attack from before.

Oh, I just noticed something.

There's blood dripping from Daddy Bear's left arm.

That's not something I caused, is it? Maybe it was bitten when he fought the Hellwolf.

Speaking of which, I haven’t seen him using his left arm since a while ago. He punched the ground using his right arm. Before that, he also tried to pull me out of the ground using the same arm.

In addition, he had been stung on his back by an army of bees. The venom must have worked on him to some extent. I’ve also exposed him to a large amount of poisonous pollens. If I can pull him into a battle of endurance, maybe he will give up on me and go home.

    Daddy Bear's stamina seemed to be nearing its limits. He had stopped trying to pull me out of the ground, but my body was still being held tightly.

You can release your hand because I won't run away. I mean, I don’t even have an ability walk around. I feel sorry for all the plants in the world. They can't escape from the danger even if they want to.

    Then, Daddy Bear started to enjoy (lick) me again. There was no way a former saint me could endure such a treatment. It was even beyond what a former high school girl me could endure.

I can't even resist a mighty bear that's licking me in a drunk-like state.

This is different from what he did before.

This is more humiliating, mentally.

    Daddy Bear licked my face passionately. The scent of honey seemed to be wafting not only from my face but from all over my upper body. His gaze gradually moved down from my face to my neck, then to my chest, stomach, and waist.

D-Don't look there!

No, not there. That place is not good!



I may not be able to get married anymore....




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