Monster Girl 016

Chapter 16 – I’ve Been Defiled, But Please Take Me as a Bride

    One day, I was being licked by a bear in the forest. The bear seemed to really like the honey I produced and started licking me even further.

Damn it….

Why? Why do I have to go through something like this!?

I should have been married to my fiancé, the hero, and living a newlywed life in the royal castle where every day is fresh, fun, and filled with happiness by now.

Yet, here, I'm being subjected to the shame of having my face licked by a wild bear in the forest.

Everything is all because of that fucking junior of villainous saint apprentice.

Betrayed by a shit junior and a cheater fiancé, my limbs were chopped off, and I was fed to a flower monster. Then I was reborn as a flower monster --- Alraune, and living a plant life I never thought I'd have.

Moreover, it comes with the privilege of being licked while being held by a huge bear in the forest. I don't have such a perverted hobby.

Hey, Daddy Bear!

Please stop licking me.

Haven't you had enough?

Just how many more hours do you want to do this?

    I couldn’t stop my tears (honey) anymore. Every time the honey came out of my eyes, they got licked.

H-Hey!! I gave up on my face, but please spare my eyeballs.

Don't lick them, okay?

Here you can lick my face, instead.





Please stop it already….

Why are you doing this to me?

Do you like my honey so much?

But I don't like you, so leave me alone!




What should I do to get out of this hell?

If I don't do something soon, Daddy Bear may take drastic measures again. If he had his fill of my honey, he may try to pull me out of the ground again for a take-home.

I have yet to have an experience of being taken home by a gentleman. I don't like the idea of a male wild bear with a cub to be the first one. I might consider it if he lived in a palace instead of a cave

He's the lord of the forest, so he wouldn't actually be rich, would he?

    Perhaps because I was constantly flooding my mouth with honey. Daddy Bear only focused licking my face for the time being. My body was still safe.

My first experience of having my face licked was robbed by Daddy Bear. However, I will not let him do anything to my breasts, stomach, and hips, even if it costs my life.

Moreover, the place where honey first came out is my breasts. I don't even want to imagine what Daddy Bear would do if he found out that honey came out of there too.

I won't give up on that.

I won't let you do whatever you want anymore!

I have to somehow divert Daddy Bear's attention elsewhere.

That being said, nothing is more valuable to him than my honey. I don't think we can live together in harmony. He seems to have raided and destroyed the female knights' headquarters for their honey before coming here, after all.

If only there's something more delicious than this honey....

Oh, there is! The honey ball that I gave to the honey-crazed boy as a parting gift.

It was made by condensing the honey with recovery magic many times over. You can enjoy a much sweeter taste than when you lick regular honey. Moreover, they are hard to dissolve.

Yeah, I guess this is the only way.

    Thus I started making a honey ball while enduring Daddy Bear's licking. I absorbed the underground water and replenished the nutrients along with it. Then I converted all the nutrients into honey and condensed it into a ball. I also didn’t forget to apply recovery magic to the honey so it wouldn’t dissolve easily. I added one, two, three, and more layer recovery magic until I lost count. One honey ball had been completed.

    Perhaps because I was using so much energy to make a honey ball, the honey was flowing out a little slower than before. That was probably why, to my horror, Daddy Bear attempted to draw the honey from the inside of my mouth directly. He used his fingers to force my mouth open. Then he moved his tongue over my mouth like an UFO catcher.

No, stop, wait a minute!

That’s not good!!

That’s absolutely not goof!!!

Being licked on the face is many times better. If you do that, I really would not be able to marry anymore. If someday a handsome male flower were to say "Your stigma smells like a wild bear.", my pride as a female flower would be shattered.

Well, I've become an Alraune and I'm not planning to marry anyone.

It's just a matter of mood.

There is no more time for this.

I'll just have to carry out the honey ball operation.

    I stretched my vine to my mouth before Daddy Bear's tongue did. Fortunately, Daddy Bear's right hand was used to hold me and his left hand was full with keeping my mouth open.

Daddy Bear or I.

Who will get the honey ball first?

This will greatly change the tide of battle.

    The battle over the honey ball between my vine and Daddy Bear's tongue only lasted for a moment. I caught the spit out honey ball with my vine faster than Daddy Bear’s tongue.

Yeah, I won, I did it!

    I hung the honey ball in front of Daddy Bear with my vine to show it off. Upon seeing it, Daddy Bear stopped moving with eyes wide open. He was crazy about my honey from the start, but he had become even crazier than ever.

The water falls….

No, that’s Daddy Bear’s drool.

His drool is overflowing from his mouth like a waterfall.

He seems to have noticed the charm of my honey ball. That's right, my honey ball is not just a lump of honey. It's a sweet and thick honey condensed into several layers with a special recovery magic. Just one lick is sure to bring you a taste of paradise that will make you a prisoner of honey like that honey-crazed boy.

    Daddy Bear's hands moved away from me.

He is going after my honey ball, isn't he? This is my chance.

    While Daddy Bear's attention was still focused on the honey ball, I transformed my vine into a bow-like shape in hurry.

If you want this so badly, I'll give it to you.

But go get it yourself!

    I shot the honey ball like an arrow. Probably because it has gained a lot of momentum, it flew quite far.

Laubbär, the lord of the forest, is an obsessive monster that is said to chase after the humans he encounters in the forest to the ends of the world.

    Finding a new target, Daddy Bear immediately left me and started running on all fours to where the honey ball had flown.

I did it!

I'm free now!

The honey ball operation was successful!

    However, something unexpected happened. A white bird flew in out of nowhere. It was the white bird that often appeared in front of me lately.

Maybe her nest is around here. I have seen that white bird so often that I have to admit that I know her.

    Then the white bird took a sharp turn in the direction where I had thrown the honey ball and caught it mid-air.

No way....

This can't be happening....

What are you doing, stupid white bird!?

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