Monster Girl 014

Chapter 14 - Humiliation Smells Like a Bear’s Tongue

    The invasion of Daddy Bear, the lord of the forest. There was no way I could deal with a 10-meters class giant bear by myself. Thus I decided to call for reinforcement immediately.

Distress signal: HELP MEEE!

    I raised my vine high into the sky, calling for help from my female knights.

He is looking at me as though I'm no different from the weeds around him. He is completely underestimating my existence as a living being. Though I don't think I can even put up a decent fight against him.

Hmm, this is strange....

There’s no sign of my female knights coming.

Normally, they would immediately sortie after I raised a signal.

    When I thought so, my reinforcement finally arrived --- a lone bee was approaching from the same direction where Daddy Bear come.

Where are the other female knights?

I don't think one flower + one bee would make any difference.

    Not long after that, I regretfully learned the whereabouts of the other female knights. Detecting something was approaching from behind, Daddy Bear turned his back on me. There, I saw dozens of Zornbiene were stuck lifelessly.

My female knight corps has been annihilated.

My lily garden was destroyed by this scary father without my knowledge.

This is the end of Forest Girls Association.

This is a lie, right???

Everyone has been killed. Even though I was finally able to get along with them. Now there's only the two of us left....

In any case, two is better than one. I'm sure we can repel Daddy Bear if we work together. With the power of our friendship, let's kick that guy's ass!!!

    The next moment, Daddy Bear twisted his neck in a quick movement and maneuvered his long horns like a sword. The last Zornbiene was chopped into pieces.


My last ally is…. dead….

Let's retreat for the time being. But I can’t even do that. I'm a plant, after all!

Say, why don't plants have legs?

Why do they take root?

If you like the ground so much, you should also try the taste of the ground at other places. If the plants had evolved into a mobile type long ago, I would have never in this situation.

I have no choice but to fight now. Let's just do it. This will be my last-ditch effort. The only way to win this battle is to strike first. That’s right, it’s a surprise attack tactic.

Go, vine whips!

    My whip attack didn't seem to be giving Daddy Bear any damage. Next I made Man-Eater flowers bloom on my vines and changed to bite attack, but his hide was too thick and strong. I turned my vines into tree trunks and changed to bludgeoning attack. However, his hide was stronger and the trunks were shattered instead.

He is on another level entirely. But I still have my ultimate weapon. Furthermore, its effectiveness has been proved in real battles.

    I released poisonous pollen from my corolla toward Daddy Bear.

I defeated the honey-loving perverted bear with this attack before. Since Daddy Bear is from the same species, my poison should also work on him.

    Being exposed to poisonous pollen, Daddy bear rubbed his eyes and sneezed. Then he resumed his march as if nothing had happened.


That's it?

Even though I was trying to poison him to death, it only caused something like hay fever symptoms. Maybe the dose was not enough. Unlike his son, Daddy Bear's body is much bigger, after all.

    I continued to release poisonous pollen. I released so much that the whole area was covered with a poisonous mist.

This should do the job.

    The next moment, I suddenly felt a shock on my lower body like being hit by a hammer. Daddy Bear pulled out a nearby tree at threw it at me like a javelin. The attack landed on my bulb --- opened a large hole next to the mouth. The chloroplasts scattered and digestive juices flowed out.

This is the first time I suffered so much pain since I became an Alraune.

It's completely different from when my vines were cut.

I have countless vines. They're something like fingers or fingernails to me. However, my bulb is different. You can even say this is the main body of Alraune.

And this main body has received a fatal injury. If I were a normal Alraune, I would have died from this. But I'm not just a flower!

    Like using super recovery magic, I rapidly regenerated the wounded part and returned the bulb to its original shape. However, in return for recovery, the fatigue was also great.

I need water….

    The poisonous mist was cleared when I came to my senses. And before I knew it, Daddy Bear was already standing in front of me.

I wonder if the poison pollen has no effect.

    I was shedding a stream of tears from my eyes. Even so, I still haven't lost the battle yet.

He is a tough one.

Let's release another round of poisonous pollens.

Eh!? It doesn't come out....

    I didn't know whether because I had just performed a large-scale recovery to fix a hole in my bulb or because I had run out of poison fuel, no poisonous pollens came out.

What should I do? I have no more weapon in my hand. It's a checkmate.

    Daddy Bear, who was dripping a great deal of drool from his mouth, had an atmosphere that he would not let me escape.


    The drooling Daddy Bear twitched his nose towards the ground like a dog searching for something.

I feel like I've seen this scene before....

That's right, it's similar to what the honey-loving perverted bear did back then. Daddy Bear's objective is my honey. I just noticed that he has the same crazed look in his eyes.

The father of a Perolist is also a Perolist.

Like father, like son.

Speaking of which, could it be that he didn't come here to avenge his son?

That's good, but also not.

He came to prey on my honey, not my body. But in the end, he still came to prey on me. I won't be eaten alive or anything, right...?

    Daddy Bear, who was looking down at me, opened his mouth wide. From behind his ferocious fangs, a pale red tongue emerged. Surprisingly, his tongue was longer than expected. Many times longer than that of a human as though it was specially made to lick the honey accumulated in the depths of the beehive. He then lowered his tongue, that was bigger than my face, to my eye level.

It's too scary!

    Due to fear, I couldn't think of anything and my body was frozen solid with my mouth wide open. Because of that, the honey (drool) was spilling out of my mouth. Then, as if his tongue lost its brake, Daddy Bear started licking my whole face with a great momentum. I was getting goose bumps all over my body with a sticky, unpleasant feeling.

He must have been a Perolist for decades. I could tell from his tongue work, but more than that, it's the smell.

    Daddy Bear was craving for more honey and I couldn't refuse his order. My fate was literally in his hands, after all.

I'm being licked all over by a bear.

What a humiliation!!!

As a former saint, I can't stand the thought of being licked by a wild bear. This makes my blood boiling. I'm a plant, though, so I have no blood.

    Enduring the humiliation, I had forgotten about Laubbär's habit of sticking prey onto their horn to be brought to their nest as preserved food. Because Daddy Bear liked my honey so much, he wanted to take me home. He tried to pull my body off the ground.

The roots are off the ground. If that happens, it will be irreparable as a plant.

    Tension ran through my roots. A warning that I must not leave the ground was sent all over my body.

If my roots were pulled out completely, it is the end.

The flower (my body) will wither and never grow back.

Being pulled off the ground is the same as being killed.

My plant life will be over once I leave the ground.

    Instinctively, I realized that death was approaching. I screamed, but Daddy Bear paid no heed and continued to pull me off the ground. I felt my roots slipping away from the ground as my vision darkened. My plant life ended.


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