Maou-sama V3C6

Chapter 6 - The Pink Aura

    When I came back to the inn, the dining room was pretty crowded, probably because it was just the right time for dinner. However, my usual seat was vacant, so I sat down there. Yato came over before long and put a glass of water on the table.

"Fell-sama, good work today, ~nya? Do you want to order the usual, ~nya?" (Yato)

"Yes, one large portion please." (Fell)

"Understood, please wait a moment, ~nya." (Yato)

I've just had dinner at the village chief's house, but I won't miss the dinner at the inn. It's free, after all. I want to eat as much as I can.

    Yato came back with my order after some time had passed.

Today's dinner seems to be a dish called stew. Meat and vegetables were put together in a slushy liquid. This looks delicious.

That's right, I need to prepare dinner for minotaurs and the others, because unlike slimes and plant monsters, they need normal food. I have to pay it with my own money this time, but there's no helping it. I don't have much money to spare, so they must pay for their own food in the future.

"Yato, I want you to prepare dinner for minotaurs and the others. I will pay for it." (Fell)

"Understood, ~nya. Let's see.... six normal portions of dinner will cost 30 big copper coins or three small silver coins, ~nya." (Yato)

That's quite expensive. I still have the reward from bandit subjugation, so I still can manage it somehow. However, if I have to pay for their meals every day, it will be pretty tough. Maybe I should make them hunt for their own food.

    I took one big silver coin from my subspace and handed it to Yato. She then went to a square box-like place to exchange the money and returned.

I gave her one big silver coin, so seven small coins should be returned.

"This is your change, seven small silver coins, ~nya. I will deliver the food myself, ~nya." (Yate)

"That helps. You better hurry since I'm sure they're already hungry." (Fell)

    Yato nodded once and headed for the kitchen.

Now then, let's try this stew dish. I guess I have to scoop it with a spoon. Oh, it's delicious! This is sweet, salty, and.... it’s a complicated taste.

    When I was scooping the stew into my mouth, one of the villagers sitting at the next table advised me that I could eat it as it was, but it would also taste good with bread.

I see. There's more than one way to attack.

    I've also learned some techniques to eat stew from him. Like Dipper: putting the bread directly onto the stew, and Wiper: after eating the stew, wipe off the stew left on the plate with bread. There was also a technique called Cyclone, but since I was still an amateur, he didn't teach it to me.

I have to gain more experience, huh. I wanted to put the techniques I've just learned into practice, but I noticed there was not enough bread. I will have to pay if I want another bread. Nia really knows how to run a business.




I've had dinner at the village chief's house and had another dinner here. Today's is really a good day. I will write it in my diary.

    When I was enjoying the dessert --- an apple that Nia had cut into the shape of rabbits, two villagers, a woman and a man, come in. Not many women came to eat here, so the pair caught my attention.

Have I seen them somewhere before? Oh, I remember. These two are the couple from back then who came to the village chief's house to report that they were getting married.

    Having noticed me, the two walked towards my table.

Do they need something from me?

"Good evening, Fell-san."

"Good evening. We have met before at the village chief's house when you came to report about getting married, right?" (Fell)

"Oh my, you remembered us?"

The number of people living in this village is small, after all. I don't know their names, but I do remember their faces. In addition, I could easily recognize them because the pink aura these two emitted left quite an impression. That being said, I hope they could tone it down a bit since I could hear the guys around clicking their tongues since a while ago.

    The man started talking after I gave them permission to sit at my table.

"I've heard from the priest that you will go to pick up the nun who is coming to this village."

"Yeah, I'm leaving in three days." (Fell)

"I want to thank you for that. Actually, we can't get married until she arrives."

I don't get it, but is that how it works?

    Noticing me had a confused face, the man started to explain various things. There would be a ceremony to report the marriage to the spirits that would be conducted by the Goddess Religion's authorities. Originally, it was the old man priest's role, but since the headquarter was supposed to send a nun to this village, he decided to let her to do it so that she could blend in with the villagers faster.

    However, the said nun had never arrived and the ceremony was postponed until an undetermined time. When the two started to get impatient, the old man priest told them that I would go to pick up the nun so they came here looking for me to say hello and thanks.

"I see, so that's how it is. Well, you don't have to worry about it. This is a job I got from the old man priest. It's not something to be grateful for." (Fell)

To be honest, I'm not used to being thanked for. This makes my back somewhat itchy.

    Hearing that, the woman shook her head.

"There was also the matter with the bandits, and it's all thanks to Fell-san that we’ve decided to get married, so please let me thank you again…. But of course, the main reason I was able to take one step forward because you gave me the courage to do so."

"That's not true! It's all because you accepted me and my feelings."



    The two stared at each other.

Can you not start flirting in front of me? Also, the tongue clicking sounds are getting louder.

"If you still insist, I will be expecting delicious food at the ceremony. I heard it's free." (Fell)

"Please look forward to it. Since I'm a hunter, I'm collecting the ingredients for my wedding party myself. For the cooking, I've asked Nia to do it, so I can guarantee the taste…. Of course, the food you made is still the best. However, since you would be the leading character on that day, I asked Nia handle the cooking."

"I'm happy, but I will be even better at cooking for you. I'm still not the best yet."

I'm confident that I won't be charged with a crime even if I shoot Meteor Strike at them right now, but let's stop. I'm different from the guys who have been clicking their tongues since a while ago.

Putting that aside, did he just say a hunter? Speaking of which, I've heard that there are those who make a living by hunting instead of doing field works.

Feeding the monsters costs money so this might be good idea to let them hunt for their own food. Besides, he might need some help gathering ingredients for his wedding party.

"Is there something wrong?"

"No, I was just thinking of letting the monsters who just came from the demon world today to hunt. I don't have much money, so I want them to be able to feed themselves at least." (Fell)

"In that the case, should I take them to hunt with me? Too much hunting may cause ecological problems, so I will teach them where to hunt and other things. If it's Fell-san's subordinates, I believe they are not dangerous, am I right?"

My slimes have taught them thoroughly regarding this matter. If they still harm the villagers, I will make a hole on their stomach.

"Of course, there is no problem in that area. They are all trained." (Fell)

"Then, I'll take them with me tomorrow."

"I’m counting on you."

    The two bowed to me and left the inn.

I wonder why. Their pink aura made me smile at first, but then I felt as if my power was being sucked out of me. It was as if a weakening spell had been cast on me, which made me feeling lethargic. I can do something similar, but it's not as powerful as this.

    I noticed there are two kind of people around me; those who watching the two while smiling and those who watching the two full of jealousy.

If you're jealous, why don't you guys get married too? Oh, could it be you guys don't have a partner? I mean, the percentage of women in this village is not that high, and most of the women in this village seem to have a partner already.

    When I was thinking about such things, Dia entered the dining room.

"Sigh~ I was working hard again today…. What's for dinner?" (Dia)

    All the men's gazes immediately focused on Dia.

"Huh!? What? What happened? Everyone is staring at me. Have you finally realized my beauty?" (Dia)

    Dia put her left hand on her hip, made a peace sign using her right hand in front of her left eyes, stuck out her tongue, and winked her left eyes once.

I want to punch her.

"Yeah, nope."

"Not a chance."

"No matter how much money I have, it will never enough."

"Put cat ears and try again!"

What a horrible assessment.

    Their words didn't seem to reach Dia as she sat at my table while nodding in satisfaction.

"Wh-What?" (Dia)

"Don't let it get you down." (Fell)

“Why am I suddenly being comforted?” (Dia)

The less you know, the better.... Well, putting that aside, let's talk about clothes instead. I completely forgot because so many things happened today.

"Via doesn't sell cloth big enough to make clothes. You need to buy it from the merchants who visited this village." (Dia)

Really? Then I guess I can't ask her to make a new butler suit for me.

"You should be able to find various fabric shops at Leanne Town. Why don't you buy it from there later?" (Dia)

"I see. I don't know how much they cost, but I'll have a look." (Fell)

That's right, I can also have them delivered from the demon world. I'm not sure if there are cloths and animal skins in the treasure vault, though. No, wait, I think there are some dragon skins in there.

"By the way, can you make clothes from dragon skin?" (Fell)

"I don't have scissors or cutters strong enough to cut dragon skin. I will also need needles and threads of the same strength to sew it together. But before that, can you tan dragon skin in the first place?" (Dia)

Scissors and cutter to cut dragon skin, huh. Maybe it will work if they are made of orichalcum. I don't really understand about the tanning technique. Let's ask the development department of the demon world later.

"That was helpful." (Fell)

"Eh? What do you mean? Now way, are you really planning to use dragon skin?" (Dia)




    I headed to my room after chatting with Dia for quite a while.

Even so, Dia's Cyclone Technique was amazing. It's impossible for me.

    I saw my butler jacket hanging on the wall as I entered the room. Looking at my bed, there was my spare shirt folded neatly.

Looks like they have been cleaned thoroughly.

    On the top folded shirt, I found a strange card. There were total ten square on it with one square had been checked.

I see, so that's how it. I will get one free ticket after using the laundry service ten times. My slimes are doing various things, huh.

    I stored my shirt inside the subspace. Then, as I was looking around the room, my eyes stopped at the door of Maou-sama's room.

I wonder what is Maou-sama doing right now. Maybe he is preparing to fight the god again? No, they are not gods, but false gods. In any case, I have to report to Maou-sama about the escort request. He told me that I could contact him by knocking this door. I will try it later.

Now then, let's wash my body clean, write a diary, and then go to bed!




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