Maou-sama V3C5

Chapter 5 - Weakness

For the time being, I have to do something about the place for them to stay tonight. No matter how I look at it, they can't sleep at the inn, considering their sizes. I've heard from Ron that there is a hut for livestock in the north of the village, but I can't let them sleep there as expected. What should I do?

Guess I have no choice. Let's have them camp in the field tonight and build a hut somewhere tomorrow. The people in the field said they were going to reclaim the forest, so they might be able to share some timbers with us.

    I returned to the village square while thinking about that.

There's no one here. Where did they go?

    When I was looking around, I saw Dia came out of the guild building.

Is she skipping her works again? Well, the timing is just right. I will ask her.

"The monsters---" (Fell)

"They're your subordinates, right? I've heard everything from the village chief." (Dia)

"Yeah. I can't find them even though I've told them to wait here. Do you know something?" (Fell)

"Your slimes led them towards the field." (Dia)

I'm late!? No, not yet. Don't give up. I might still make it if I hurry.




    I arrived at the field while feeling sick after using teleportation several times in quick succession. Over there, I found minotaurs and the other monsters sitting with their back facing my direction. When I called out to them, I was told to come back later since they were in the middle of receiving an important explanation.

My slimes look like female teachers with glasses and all. Though their bodies still that of little girls. I couldn't see it well since minotaurs' big bodies are in the way, but they are apparently teaching the other monsters about the rules to follow if they want to live in this village. That's good and all, but what is Anri doing over there?

    In my slimes’ explanation, Anri was the boss in this village while I seemed to be the next in line.

But why!?

    You have to do some kind of work to earn money because those who didn't work, didn't eat. In addition, those who intentionally harmed the villager would be deported to the demon world after receiving a heavy punishment from my slimes. There was no mercy and no right to hire a lawyer.

This is the first time I heard such rules.

    When the explanation was over, one of my slime beckoned Anri to say something to the monster. She nodded once, then stood up and raised her right fist to the sky.

"We are different, but if we live in this village, we are brothers and sisters who share a common destiny. I welcome everyone!" (Anri)

    There was a round applause from the surroundings.

What’s going on here? I don't understand and I don't care anymore. I want to laze around in my room without doing anything tomorrow.

    When I was escaping from the reality, the monsters started to build a hut near my borrowed field.

Is it okay to build a hut without permission here? Or rather, where did they get the materials? No, that's not important right now. The permission comes first. There are several villagers who are working in the field, let’s ask someone.

I feel like everyone is staring at me, but it's probably just my imagination

"Is it okay to build a hut near my field?" (Fell)

"The field I lent to you is on the northern edge. There's no problem with building a hut around there. That being said, you'd better inform the village chief about this later."

"Got it." (Fell)

It’s getting dark. Let's take Anri home while I'm at it.

"Anri, it's getting dark. I will take you home since I have some business with the village chief." (Fell)

"Okay, let's go home together. It's almost time for dinner. Today is the day I will settle a score with the bell peppers. I won't lose this time!" (Anri)

Really? Not that matters to me.

Even so, why are you climbing on my back? Do you want me to give you a piggyback ride? Your house is not too far from here. Also, move your arms, they are pressing my carotid arteries.

    The monster saluted as we walked away from that place, which was answered with another salute by Anri from my back.

What kind of farce is this? Or are they being serious?




    Upon arriving at the village chief's house, Anri got down from my back and moved to her usual chair. After that, she closed her eyes, seemed to be doing some kind of meditation.

Is she meditating before the battle? More importantly, let's tell the village chief about the hut.

"The guys from afternoon are building a hut near my field, but is that okay? I've got a permission from the guy who lent me the field." (Fell)

"Considering their size, it would be difficult for them to stay in the inn. Well, if you have received a permission, I don't see any particular problem." (Village Chief)

"Thanks." (Fell)

I've got permission from the village chief, too. Now I can rest at ease. Let’s go back to the inn and have dinner for the time being. I guess I have to prepare dinner for them as well. Setting aside minotaurs and orcs, what do cockatrices eat? Maybe stones?

"Fell-nee, let's have dinner together today. The two of us shall disperse the strength of bell peppers." (Fell)

I received a calculated invitation from Anri. Do you need reinforcements against bell peppers?

"That's right, why don't you stay and have dinner together with us?" (Village Chief)

I won't refuse free meal. I will have dinner again once I get back to the inn, so it's a double treat today.

"Okay. I will take you up on that offer. Since I'm going to have dinner again at the inn, I won't eat much." (Fell)

I should remember to hold back. I apparently eat more than the others, after all. I don't want to hurt their pocket by eating too much. I've learned my lesson after I got fired from the waitress job. Let’s be careful to not repeat the same mistake.

    I sat on a chair that the village chief recommended. Surrounding a long table, there was the village chief, Anri's father, Anri, and I in our respective seats. Meanwhile, Anri's mother was preparing the food in the kitchen.

Speaking of which, Anri's mother is bad at adjusting heat using magic. I need to be extra careful with the soup.

Even so, it's kind of interesting to see how serious Anri’s expression is. Having this kind of weakness, I find it strange because she acts like a kid of her age.

"Anri, you will never be a good lady if you can't at least eat bell peppers." (Fell)

"Bell peppers have a strong taste claim. They're bad guys who disturb the harmony of taste. They should be destroyed, or be sweetened. They taste like that because they lack guts." (Anri)

The evaluation is lower than I expected. They are even being treated as bad guys. I think they're some good points about bell peppers. They are colorful, for example.

"Today's dinner is stuffed bell peppers."

    The bell peppers were cut in half vertically, and some kind of ground meat was stuffed into the hollow part. Maybe wild boar meat? The surfaces of the meat are slightly burnt, so I guess the bell peppers were baked afterwards.

Still, why did she go through the trouble stuffing the meat into bell peppers? I think it's okay to eat them separately. Oh well, they look interesting. Let’s try it right away

"Let's dig in." (Fell)

Yup. I've never had this before, but this is delicious. It's true that the taste of bell peppers is a little dominant, but I think its bitterness adds a nice accent that enhances the taste of the meat.

"Anri, the bell pepper is delicious!" (Fell)

"Fell-nee's taste buds are strange." (Anri)

My taste buds are strange? Maybe it's because I'm used to eating the demon world's food, but it's true that it's delicious.

"They say children's tongues are more sensitive, so the bitterness of the bell peppers must be too strong for them." (Village Chief)

"If you chop them finer, I think they will be able to eat them more easily." (Fell)

"That's cheating! Deceiving children to eat bell peppers. I won't believe adults anymore." (Anri)

    I ended up aggravating the situation for some reason.

"In the demon world, you can't eat something that has a decent taste. There is also the fact that the demons and beastfolks are not good cooks, but the ingredients that can be obtained in the demon world themselves have almost no taste. Even if it's bitter, I'm envious of everyone here who can eat food with a clear taste every day.” (Fell)

    Having said that, I ate another stuffed bell peppers.

Yup, it's delicious after all. I want everyone in the demon world to try it, too. Once they have tasted something like this, they might be want to go to the human world.

    Anri looked at me, looked at the stuffed bell peppers on her own plate, and closed her eyes. As if she had finally decided on something, she opened her eyes again, and then slowly brought a stuffed bell pepper into her mouth, chewed it several times, before swallowed it. Her eyes turned teary.

"I can't show something unsightly in front of my subordinates. I'll at least conquer the bell peppers by myself." (Anri)

"Well, good luck." (Fell)

Everyone other than us is smiling for some reason. I wonder if something nice have happened to them.

    After that, we enjoyed the rest of our food while chatting. I drank the tea served at the end of dinner in one gulp and burned my mouth.

What a trap! I should have not let my guard down until the end. Now then, let's go back to the inn and have dinner again.


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