Maou-sama V3C7

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Chapter 7 - Employment

Now then, I've finished my morning preparation. Let's think about what to do today while having breakfast.

    When I went to the dining hall, Ron was already there.

He's still uselessly big as usual. If I look closely, he seems to be quite strong. However, in power relationship, Nia is above him.

"Oh, Fell. Good morning. I will bring your breakfast right away, so take a seat and wait a minute." (Ron)

"Good morning, and thank you." (Fell)

    The food served was delicious as usual. I wondered whether I should break the yolk of the fried egg or eat it without breaking it.

Quick and decisive is my selling point, but Nia's cooking always gives me trouble. I have no problem regarding my food so far, but thinking about it, I'll have to provide meals for the newcomer monsters as well for a while.

I've heard that breakfast, lunch, and dinner cost two, three, and five large copper coins respectively. That's one small silver coin per person per day. Or six small silver coins per day for the whole group. Quite expensive.

I will be going to the Lean City for job, so maybe I should pay for their meals in advance for the next ten days. That would cost me 60 small silver coins or 6 big silver coins. I'm glad I've got a reward from subjugating the bandits.

"Ron, can you prepare the meals for minotaurs and the other monsters for the next ten days? I will pay it in advance" (Fell)

"There are six of them, right? Ten days' worth of meals will cost six big silver coins, but are you all right?" (Ron)

"No problem. I still have the money from subjugating the bandits." (Fell)

"Okay. I've certainly received the payment. Should I send Yato to deliver them?" (Ron)

    Just then, Yato came out of the kitchen.

"Fell-sama, good morning, ~nya." (Yato)

"Good morning. I was talking about the meals for minotaurs and the other monster with Ron. I've paid for ten days’ worth of meals in advance, so I will leave the delivery to you." (Fell)

"Understood, ~nya. Speaking of which, about last night's dinner, they were really enjoyed it, ~nya." (Yato)

"That's a given. If they say Nia's cooking is bad, I will bury them in the field myself." (Fell)

    Yato and Ron were surprised for a moment, but then they smiled. Their synchronization rate was high.

"I totally agree with you on that, ~nya." (Yato)

"This makes me happy to hear you say that!" (Ron)

I don't get it, but there's nothing wrong with Ron being happy. That's right, I'm planning to get them work as hunters. First off I have to bring them to meet the married man from yesterday.

"I'll go to talk to them." (Fell)

"Then, I will deliver their breakfast when it’s ready." (Yato)

Okay, let's take action immediately.




    When I arrived at the field, I found some villagers were already working since early in the morning.

They sure are hard workers.

    Looking at my field, there was a small hut and the newcomer monsters sitting nearby. I headed for them in brisk steps. Then, after returning my greeting, they thanked me profusely for yesterday’s meal. They said it was the first time in their life that they had eaten such a delicious meal.

I know exactly how you guys feels.

    When I asked the whereabouts of the cockatrices, one of them told me that they were still sleeping inside the hut.

Even though they look like chicken, are they actually weak in the morning? Maybe they have low blood pressure.

    When I asked why did they not wake them up, they said they didn't want to go into the hut because of the danger of their petrified breath. Apparently, only cockatrices slept inside the hut while the other monsters slept outside.

Well, if they accidentally get poked by the cockatrices' beaks when they turn over, they will turn to stone. It's indeed dangerous to be petrified during sleep. I guess they need another hut.

"Hey, Fell-chan!"

    I heard my name was called from afar. When I turned around, one of the villagers who were working in the field approached me.

"Good morning. Do you need something from me?" (Fell)

"Good morning. The minotaurs over there are your subordinates, aren't they?"

"Yes, what of it?"(Fell)

"I was wondering if I can hire them to help me open a new field. I can't afford to pay them with money, but I can give them some vegetables from my field as a reward, so I'd like you to consider it."

They won't receive money, but it if they will receive vegetables as a reward, there will be no need for them to hunt. Just to be sure, I will ask their opinion first. There might be something else they want to do.

    When I asked them about this, they nodded strongly. However, in addition to vegetables, they also wanted some logs to build a new hut.

"Sure, I don't see any problem. Then, I will be counting on you guys."

The decision was made rather quickly and easily, but there's something he needs to keep in mind.

"The monsters from the demon world can understand human language, but they can't speak in it. I can understand what they say, but you will only hear 'moo' from them." (Fell)

"Come to think of it, you are right.... Oh well, if they have something to say, I will ask them to convey it with simple gestures. If I'm still unable to understand it, I will ask you or your slimes to translate it. Your slimes often use signboard to communicate with the villagers, after all."

Without my knowledge, it seems like my slimes have become quite popular among the villagers. That’s not a bad thing, though. In any case, it’s decided that the minotaurs will start working after breakfast.

The orcs are a bit restless because the minotaurs' job has been decided. I'm also unemployed, so I understand how they feel. You get impatient when everyone else around you has a job and you don't.

    When I said I would introduce them to a job as hunter, the orcs suddenly got all fired up.

Okay, calm down. What's with this reaction? Maybe it's their hunting instinct.

    When we were in the middle of this, Yato came together with the married man from yesterday.

Maybe she guided him here?

"I brought him here because he said he has some business with Fell-sama, ~nya. Also, I brought the food in my subspace, ~nya." (Yato)

"Good morning, Fell-san. I heard that you are here, so I asked Yato-san to guide me."

"Good morning. I'm sorry to bother you. It's about the hunt, right? I will leave these orcs in your hand." (Fell)

"Yes, leave them to me."

    When the married man greeted them, the orcs returned his greet politely.

I'm sure he only heard their greeting as a random cry. For the time being, I will tell him the same precautions I made earlier. The communication will be one-way, but there should be no big problem appears.

    When Yato took out the food from his subspace, the cockatrices came out from the hut.

Maybe they were lured by the aroma from Nia's cooking. Speaking of which, what about the job for these guys? Let's talk about it after they had breakfast.

   I felt like being tortured as I watched them enjoying their food. However, it was them who actually had a hard time. They felt extremely awkward as I was eyeing their food.

I need to reflect on it.

    After finishing their breakfast, the minotaurs immediately went to the location of new field, while the orc went to the forest with the married man to hunt. Yato had also returned to the inn. Only I and the cockatrices remained at that place.

What should I do now?

    When I was musing over it alone, Elizabeth came.

How unusual. I'm sure Josephine is in charge of the field.

    When I was wondering what did she come here for, Elizabeth suddenly spat out something like kitchen waste from her body in front of me.

Are you dissatisfied with me or something? If so, tell me directly, not in such a roundabout way like this!

    Before I could say anything, Elizabeth ordered the cockatrices to turn the kitchen waste into stone.

Apparently, it's not an indirect protest to me.

    The cockatrices nodded once and shot a light petrifying breath. The kitchen waste turned into stones instantly.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

[Recycling.] (Elizabeth)

No, look, how is this recycling?

    Elizabeth took the stone back into her body and left the place. Curious, I followed her together with the cockatrices from behind.

What is she going to do with the stones? I'm worried.




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