Maou-sama V3C4

Chapter 4 - Common Sense

    When I arrived at the village square, I saw two minotaurs, two orcs, and two cockatrices.

What's going on here!?

"F-Fell-chan! The village is under attack! Help!!" (Dia)

    Dia asked for help from the entrance of the guild.

The village is under attack? This is my turn to shine.

"If you're going to attack this village, I will be your opponent!" (Fell)

They seem to be tough opponents for humans, but not for me. The minotaurs and orcs are holding huge axes and spears respectively, but as long as they don't hit, they're not a threat.

The petrified breath of cockatrice is quite troublesome, but it can be prevented by the Blast of Life magic. The villagers have already taken shelter in their homes, there should be no problem even if I go wild a little. All right, come at me anytime!

    Just as I was thinking this, the minotaurs suddenly dropped their axes on the ground and then raised their hand in a posture of surrender, followed by the orcs. Meanwhile, the cockatrices prostrated themselves with both chicken heads and snake heads on the ground.

What are these guys doing!?

    Then, one of the minotaurs slowly took a piece of paper out of his pocket and handed it to me.

Looks like something is written on it. Does he want me to read it?

    When I looked at the paper, it was written as follows:

"These are the cows, pigs, and chickens that Fell-sama requested. They are the best of the best in the demon world. Please make use of them in the battle. Personnel Division, General Affairs Department."

    First, I looked at the minotaurs --- their heads were that of a cow. Next, I looked at the orcs --- theirs heads were that of a pig. Then, I looked at the cockatrices --- they were snake-tailed huge chickens.

No, it's the opposite. The snake part is the body while the chicken part is the tail --- but that’s not important right now! They are indeed cows, pigs, and chickens in a certain sense, so it's not wrong. Even so, this is not what I had in mind.

Okay, calm down. I shouldn't get angry here. Let's write a character for human on my palm and then swallow it.... but on second thought, let's write apple, instead.

Fwuh~ I have calmed down a little. My head still feels dizzy, though.

    When I sighed heavily, the monsters group in front of me cowered in fear.

No, it's not your fault. Maybe the way I made the request that was wrong. In any case, I need to contact the demon world now.

"You guys wait here.... and don’t go wild! " (Fell)

    The monsters shook their heads vertically, moved to the edge of the village square, and sat while hugging their knees, except the cockatrices which sat normally.

“What’s going on here!? Fell-san, can you explain about this situation?” (Village Chief)

    The village chief armed with a spear arrived at the village square.

How should I explain it? I mean, what would he think if I tell him that I requested some livestock from the demon world but they instead sent me these guys? I don't want him to think that the demons are fools.

"Think of them as my subordinates from the demon world. T-That's right, I called them to help reclaim the forest." (Fell)

"Oh, I see. The villagers were talking about expanding the fields. So you had the foresight to call them in advance, huh." (Village Chief)

Let's go with that. This will become the truth from now on. I've experienced this kind of situation in the Elven Forest. I'm sure everything will go well.

“I need to contact the demon world, so I will leave these guys here for a while. Don’t worry, I’ve told them to behave.” (Fell)

“Okay, I will also tell the villager about them.” (Village Chief)

Now then, let’s go back to my room and contact the demon world.




[Hello, this is the General Affairs Department of Demon World. Please provide me with your name.]

[I'm Fell.] (Fell)

[Oh, Fell-sama. I have dispatched the personnel you requested. Have they arrived?]

[Yeah, but can I check the contents of my request again?] (Fell)

[Please give me a moment.... Fell-sama requested cows, pigs, and chicken in a pair, so we dispatched a male and a female respectively. Is something the matter?]

There's no mistake in the contents of my request. I wonder where did it go wrong.

[Minotaurs, orcs, and cockatrices have arrived.] (Fell)

[Yes. The Personnel Division held a tournament within their respective tribe and the winners were sent for this mission. I heard they are quite talented.]

I don't need such information right now! Did I perhaps not convey my intention clearly? Or did we perhaps have a different common sense?

[No, you see, I didn't ask for minotaurs but cows, animal that walks on four legs. That goes for the pigs, too. I also want chickens without snake head.] (Fell)

Hmm? There's no reaction from the other side.

[Pl-Please wait a minute!]

I can sense a panicked atmosphere on the other side. I'm connected to the telepathy room of the General Affairs Department, so if you leave the door open, I can hear all the nearby noises.

[Hey, come here! Fell-sama said she wants cows and pigs that walk on four legs.]

[Huh? You've got to be kidding! They're won't be of use in fight. They will be just sleeping and eating all days. A super slow life. I also want to live like that!]

[But Fell-sama herself said so!]

[Seriously? Then, the chicken....]

[Fell-sama wants chickens without snake head!]

[Do you mean chickens that can only be used an alarm clock? Oh, I got it! Fell-sama will make them cry in the middle of night to disturb the enemies' sleep. I would definitely go crazy if they did this to me every night. Well, as expected of Fell-sama!]

I just heard a disappointing conversation....

It's dangerous to assume that your common sense and other people's common sense are the same. Especially since demons are a battle-minded race. They tend to interpret a lot of things in a strange way.

    Then, after waiting for about ten minutes, we finally resumed our conversation.

[Umm, Fell-sama.... My deepest apologies. There seems to be some kind of miscommunication in our side.]

[Yeah, I heard it.] (Fell)

I've got a vague idea of what the other demons think of me now. Do I look like want to fight the human race so much?

[So, do you want me to send the cows, pigs and chickens again? Of course there won't be any mistake this time.]

I will be away from the village for an escort job, so maybe later. I hope not, but I will be in a big trouble if they send strange things while I'm away.

[For now, just make the preparation. I will call you again for further instructions. Also, since they have come all the way from the demon world, I will keep them here for a while.] (Fell)

[I understand. Do you need something else?]

I have to be careful with my request. If I don't give them clear instructions, they might send something strange. Let's have them prepare it first, and then check it again before they send it here. It's troublesome, but if I don't do this much at least, it can be more troublesome later.

[Can you also prepare some jewelry and accessories?] (Fell)

[Jewelry and accessories? I understand. I will let the manager of treasure vault know about this.]

[That's all.] (Fell)

[Yes, I understand. Once again, I'm terribly sorry about this. I will be waiting for your next contact.]

This should have taken care of everything for now. Well, anyone can make a mistake, but repeating the same mistake is just a negligence.

I said I would keep them here for a while, but what should I do with them? I've told the village chief that I called them to help reclaim the forest. I guess I will proceed towards that direction.

Speaking of which, the minotaurs’ axes are just right tool for cutting trees. The orcs will be doing fieldwork, I guess. They seem to be good at looking for edible mushrooms. The cockatrices.... making stones, maybe...?

I will think about it later. Let's go back to the village square first.


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