Maou-sama V2C21

Chapter 21 - Emperor

    The elves and Dean group were facing each other in front of the house that was lent to me in tense atmosphere. The three elders were sitting on the ground. Right behind them, the captain guy and Mittor were standing imposingly, while the other elves surrounded the periphery. On the other side, Dean was also sitting on the ground after taking off his armor. The rest of his group was standing upright behind him in the same manner as the elves.

"Your name is Dean, right? I heard you wanted to apologize, is that true?"

"Hold on, stop right there! Why are you doing it here? I want to go home now, so can you wait until we leave at least?" (Fell)

I mean, they gathered right in front of the door. I can use teleportation, but Via and the others will have to pass through the center of this crowd on foot to leave. Or are you telling me they should leave through the windows?

"Hohohoho. What are you talking about? Of course, I'd like Fell-dono to participate."

"Yeah, I want you to stay, too." (Dean)

No, thanks! I want to go home as soon as possible and eat Nia's cooking.... Maybe it's an addiction?

"This smells like war. Fell Nee-chan, let's listen!" (Anri)

"Anri, please be quiet! Let me remind you, the village chief is waiting in the village to scold you right now. That goes for you girls, too. You should go home as soon as possible and apologize." (Fell)

Dia looks surprised. Did she just remember it?

"It's fine. Bumps are the children's medals. I'm already prepared." (Anri)

I see. You are prepared, huh. I think that's not the point, though.

"Well, calm down, leave everything to me!" (Mittor)

Mittor seems to have something to say. I'm sure it's just something useless like usual.

"Fell, if you stay, I will give you ten apples as a souvenir." (Mittor)

"Deal. If possible, add jam, too." (Fell)

“Got it. I will add peach, blueberry, and apple jam.” (Mittor)

Mittor looks somewhat cool right now. He's a good guy, after all.

"Now that we have a deal, don’t go home until the talk is over, okay?" (Mittor)

    The elves spread a mat in front of me.

Do you want me to sit here? I guess I have no choice.

    I sat cross-legged

"Wow, Fell-chan! Your girl's power is so low!" (Via)

I don't care. There's no such ability score.

    Shortly after that, without saying anything, Anri sat on my crossed legs as if something natural.


"Let's begin! Oh, bring me apple juice before that!" (Anri)

Why are you in charge? I agree with apple juice, though.

    The elders and Dean seemed to have given up on something.

Don't worry! I've given up as well.

"Now then, let me introduce myself properly. I'm Dean, the leader of mercenary corps 'Crimson Lotus'. I will get to the point, we apologize for the commotion we have caused this time. It’s impossible now, but I'll do anything to apologize once everything had settled down." (Dean)

    Dean bowed his head. He wasn't prostrating, but it seemed he sincerely wanted to apologize.

I wonder how the elves will react to his apology. But Crimson Lotus, huh? I thought it was Crimson. Dean used to be a solo mercenary. Maybe he changed the name when he became the leader.

"Can you explain why you did this?"

"I understand. By substituting the elders with my companions, I was intending to manipulate the elves to become our fighting force." (Dean)

Fighting force? Dean also tried to recruit me before. Maybe he's trying to strengthen his mercenary corps.

"What are you trying to accomplice?"

"We are going to fight a big battle, so we need to increase our fighting force." (Dean)

From my point of view, the elves are not that strong. Ur and the other members seems to be exception for humans, while my slimes are out of the question. That being said, if they can add the elves into their ranks, it will be a reasonable increase in their fighting force.

"There are no other humans I can rely on except the members of Crimson Lotus at the moment. Because of that, I'm also thinking of adding elves, dwarves, and the other races into our ranks." (Dean)

"Why didn't you ask us normally?"

"I don't think the elves are interested in humans. I thought I had no choice but to use deception to get your cooperation." (Dean)

I understand that. Putting Mittor aside, I'm sure someone like the captain guy wouldn't even listen to him.

"That's right. I'm not particularly interested in humans. I'm interested in demons."

    The elder glanced at me and then smiled a little.

I won't say anything. I only agreed to stay and listen.

"This is a coincidence. I'm also interested in demons." (Dean)

Enough of this.

"*whistle* Fell-chan is so popular!" (Dia)

"Yato, bury Dia over there! Let's tell everyone in the village that she was attacked by monsters." (Fell)

"Could you please not bury people in the Elven Forest without permission?" (Captain)

The captain guy got angry. This is a demon joke. He was supposed to be laughed at it. Maybe he doesn't have a sense of humor?

"Th-Therefore, I would like to ask the elves for their cooperation. I want you to help me in the upcoming war." (Dean)

"I will have to refuse. The elves will not involve ourselves in humans' conflict."

Indeed, it's just a conflict between fellow humans. There's no reason for the elves to involve themselves.

The demons were attacking the human race because there was an existence called hero. If there were no heroes, we would have no reason to hostile towards them. Though the situation is different now.

I guess that also applies to the beastfolk race like Yato. The persecution against them still exists out there even now. I don't think they will give him their cooperation to humans like them.

"I see…. However, I’m afraid to say that the elves are not unrelated to this conflict." (Dean)

Speaking of which, who will Dean go to war with?

"Not unrelated?"

"Yes. My opponent in the upcoming war is the Ruhara Empire." (Dean)

From what I heard from Via, their number was only 500 two years ago. I don't know how much their number have increased since then, but do they really think they stand a chance against a country? In the first place, what did he mean by the elves are not unrelated? I know that the Elven Forest and the Ruhara Empire are geographically close.

"What exactly do you mean by we are not unrelated?”

    The other elves nodded in agreement with the elder's question.

Hmmm. The topic has completely changed. I feel that Dean is in complete control of the conversation now.

"There is a high possibility that the Ruhara Empire will invade the Boundary Forest. My estimation is about half a year away." (Dean)

Half a year? That's pretty fast.

"Hold on! Everything has calmed down now, but the Ruhara Empire is still at war with the Republic of Ugen and the Kingdom of Trang. I don't think they can afford to invade the Boundary Forest in this situation." (Mittor)

Mittor once told me that he was based in a city in the Ruhara Empire. This information should be credible because I'm sure he's familiar with the situation over there.

"You are right. However, a powerful strategic-class magic tool was found in a certain dungeon not long ago. There's a very high chance they will test it out in this forest." (Dean)

The strategic-class magic tools are magic tools which consume dozens of demon's worth magical power to cast a wide-area magic. The magic tool for calling Meteor Strike in my possession can be categorized as one of them.

But a dungeon, huh. I want to go there once.

"Is it true that a strategic-class magic tool was found?"

"Yes, it's true." (Dean)

The elder used a magic to detect lies just now. From his reaction, it doesn't seem like Dean was telling lies.

"But why are they targeting the Boundary Forest? There are no treaties or agreements, but we have never interfered in each other's affairs until now."

"The test shot will serve as a treat. They want to show off their new obtained power to force the other countries into submission. Even if it's been a non-interference relationship until now, that doesn't mean it won't change in the future. Especially since the current emperor is seriously planning to conquer the world." (Dean)

The human world conquest? I heard no one in history had successfully achieved such a feat. I wonder if he will become the first.

"Furthermore, the current emperor is a human supremacist. He will enslave the races other than human or even annihilate them from the world." (Dean)

    Mittor nodded when the elder looked towards his direction.

"I'm based in a remote town in the Ruhara empire and there's no persecution towards elves over there. However, if I go to the imperial capital, I most likely will be caught and enslaved." (Mittor)

Why did he choose that kind of place as a base of operations? The elders also live in depths of forest where a lot of monsters roaming around. Maybe the elves are masochists.

"I was gathering information to be sent here on a regular basis. Don't get any strange ideas!" (Mittor)

Oops, did I show it on my face?


    The elder lost in a deep thought. Occasionally, he talked about something with the other elders in whisper.

"I have a proposal...." (Dean)

    Having said that, Dean looked over the surrounding to make sure he got our attentions.

"I will kill the current emperor and become the new emperor. If you help me to achieve this, I promise the Ruhara Empire will never touch the Boundary Forest and the elves." (Dean)




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