Maou-sama V2C20

Chapter 20 - Fog

    I felt something heavy around my stomach in my hazy consciousness.

Did I get fat!?

    I opened my eyes in hurry and found Anri was sleeping soundly while using my stomach as a pillow.

Don't scare me!!! This girl, even in her sleep, she couldn't stay still. If I leave her alone in this state, I'm afraid she will catch cold.

    I covered Anri with a blanket while recalling about various events that had happened so far.

Yesterday night, it took me quite a while to solve the misunderstanding Mittor had caused about proposal. I have no problem convincing Dia and Yato, but Via was a really formidable opponent.

Via's delusion was terrible as ever. In her head, I was being chased by demons and elves this time. The story was not too different from the previous one. There was no twist at all.

And once again, Dia became a scheming villainess. I guess that's how Via thinks of Dia deep inside her heart. I can't say I don't understand her.

I suddenly feel tired when I remember it. I want to go back to sleep but it's already morning. On top of that, it's almost time for breakfast.

Mittor's cooking.... no, I've been found out, there's no need to refrain myself anymore. Besides, the elves said they wanted to thank me somehow. Let’s ask them to prepare something delicious for today's breakfast.

    Looking around the room, everyone except me was still sleeping.

I guess I will go ahead.

    After changing my clothes, I tried to open the door but it hit something and got stuck. Curious, I poked my head out of the half-opened door to check the situation outside. The door seemed to have hit Mittor's head who was sleeping on the other side.

"Hey, Mittor! Wake up! You are in the way!" (Fell)

"Mmm? Oh, Fell. Good morning... Hmm... My head hurts for some reason...." (Mittor)

"Good morning. I accidentally hit your head when I tried to open the door. It's your fault for sleeping in this kind of place." (Fell)

"Oh, that's right, sorry...." (Mittor)

    Mittor consciousness seemed to be still hazy since he has just woken up. However, his expression told me that he gradually remembered about something.

“That’s right! I entered this house yesterday, but what happened after that!?” (Mittor)

"You lost consciousness after I punched you. Since you were in the way, I threw you outside afterwards. Oh, don't worry. You are still breathing and not dead." (Fell)

"I know that the best!" (Mittor)

There's no problem then. I'm more concerned about the breakfast rather than that.

    I opened the door and stepped outside. I didn't want to disturb everyone who was still sleeping inside.

"Prepare breakfast for five people. Your cooking is not good, so ask someone who can make delicious food like yesterday." (Fell)

    Mittor went silent for a moment before making an expression of someone who had finally come to an understanding.

"Oh, I got it. You asked me to cook for you so people wouldn't find out that you always smile when you eat delicious food, am I right?" (Mittor)

"There's no other reason. I had a hard time yesterday because you said I proposed to you." (Fell)

I don't want to remember it….

"Okay, I got it, my bad. I will get you something good, so wait for a bit. Hmm...!?" (Mittor)

    Mittor looked around and was surprised for some reason.

"The fog is sure amazing. Is this a normal occurrence here?" (Fell)

    Ignoring me, Mittor suddenly unsheathed his sword.

What's going on?

"I don't know since I had not returned to this village for nearly one hundred years. However, this had never happened during the time I was still living here. I will go to the house where the elders are staying to ask about this. Please stay inside until I return." (Mittor)

I think it's better to not move around too much when the fog is this thick. Things will go bad if you get into an accident because of the poor visibility.

Setting that aside, maybe this fog was created by someone using magic? I've got a feeling that it's going to be a hassle again.

"Guys, are you alright?"

    The captain guy appeared from the fog and called out to us.

"Captain, is this fog a normal occurrence?" (Mittor)

"No, I'm also confused. This is the first time something like this happened. I'm gathering everyone in one place, but since I couldn't see you, I came here to check."

"Who are you?" (Fell)

    I asked the man who looked like the captain guy.

You can fool my Demonic Eyes. He's fake. There's no doubt that he's fake, but I have no idea who this guy is.

"What are you talking about? It's me, Theo."

    When I glanced at Mittor, he nodded once.

The captain guy's real name is Theo, huh. This is the first time I heard it.

"This is the first time I heard his real name…. Oh well, it doesn't matter. I just need to make you talk using my punch." (Fell)

    Because the visibility was poor, I closed our distance using my physical strength instead of teleportation. The man jumped back and dodged my attack.

"I've heard that illusions magic didn't work on you. I'm convinced now."

    The captain guy's figure swayed and turned into a figure of an unknown human man in his late twenties. He has golden hair and a face which seemed in handsome category. On his back, he carried a sword, while his body was clad in mithril equipment.

I'm sure that's called a full plate armor. He doesn't wear a helmet, but that still looks heavy.

"My name is Dean. I've heard about you from Ur, but since this is the first time we meet, please tell me your name." (Dean)

Muh? I guess I have no choice but to introduce myself. Courtesy is necessary.

"I'm Fell of the demon race. Is this fog your work?" (Fell)

"Yes. I did this because I want to talk to you. The elf over there, please rest assured. This fog only disorients you, it's not harmful to your bodies. The other elves are also safe." (Dean)

    Mittor turned his attention at me.

You want me to check if it's true? I have never told Mittor about my Mystic Eyes. Maybe he guessed that I have some kind of ability to see through lies. Well, there's no helping it. Let's get this done soon.

Yup. This guy is telling the truth. There's no poison or something harmful in this fog.

"Mittor, what he said is true." (Fell)

    Mittor looked relieved, but it didn't seem like he would lower his sword any time.

"So, what do you need from me? Oh, keep it short. It's time for breakfast, after all." (Fell)

"Join us! I want your power!" (Dean)

It's a headhunting again, huh. I want to brag about this to everyone in the demon world later. Well, I'm not interested in the slightest, though.

"I refuse." (Fell)

"I see. I wonder if there's someone who have a close relationship with you inside that house. Would you change your mind if I take them hostage?" (Dean)

"You can try while betting your life on the line." (Fell)

Maou-sama strictly forbade me from killing humans, so I won't kill him. However, there are things that should be done no matter what. These days, there are a lot of these things.

    Dean was staring at me, nodded once, and shook his head.

"I can't bet my life here. I understand. Please forget what I've just said." (Dean)

    Next, Dean turned to Mittor and spoke to him.

"All the commotion in the Elven Forest is due to my instructions. Could you please allow me to meet the elders to apologize?" (Dean)

"If you want to apologize, clear the fog first!" (Mittor)

    Mittor demanded as he pointed his sword at Dean.

Mittor seems to be still wary about the surrounding. Well, it can't be helped since there's a high chance we will be ambushed inside this thick fog.

    Dean turned his face to the right, and with his right hand slightly raised, he shook his palm from side to side. Then, after a while, the fog was being sucked into the back of Dean, and the figure of Ur and the other members could be seen.

From the flow of magical power, it's that child who used the magic to generate fog.

"Okay, I will tell the elders. If you try to do something funny, we will shoot your head with arrows without hesitation." (Mittor)

"I understand. Should we wait here?" (Dean)

"Yeah, wait here. Fell, I'm sorry, but can you keep an eye on these guys? It's fine if they escape again, but if they take hostile action such as setting the forest on fire, please prevent it by any means." (Mittor)

I'm going back to the Sodogora Village today. Well, I guess it can't be helped.

"Okay, I will keep an eye on this guys. Hurry and bring the other elves here." (Fell)

"Thanks." (Mittor)

    Having said that, Mittor ran towards the biggest house in the village.

It's troublesome to keep an eye on this number alone. Let's ask Yato to help me.

"Yato, come here for a bit!" (Fell)

    I knocked the door and called out Yato.

The others may also wake up, but it's not the time to worry about that.

    There was a crash sound from inside the house and Yato came out not long after that.

"Fell-sama, good morning, ~nya. What can I do for you, ~ nya?" (Yato)

"Good morning. I was told to watch over them. I'm sorry, but could you help me here for a bit?" (Fell)

    Yato nodded once and looked over Dean and the group.

"I understand, ~nya. I will keep an eye on them, ~nya." (Yato)

    Yato's face instantly turned stern.

This is how Yato always looks like back in the demon world. Except she’s wearing frilly waitress uniform now.

"Oh, a beastfolk? Are you perhaps from Ugen Republic?" (Dean)

"Shut up, ~nya! I don't want to be talked to by the humans, ~ nya!"

Scary! This is really the old Yato. Don't say anything weird, or she will crush the eye you don't need.

    The door opened and Dia came out of the house.

"Good morning Yato-chan. I'm hungry. I'd like to eat Nia-san's bento now. Can you take them out of the subspace?" (Dia)

You came out at the wrong time. Yato is in combat mode now.

"Good morning, ~nya. These are the bentos, ~nya. The floral pattern one is Anri-chan's, ~nya. Hers is not disposable, so please handle the box with care, ~nya." (Yato)

Huh? Did she forget that Dia is also a human race? Or is this different?

    The bentos taken out of the subspace were handed over to Dia without any problems.

I want to eat, too.

    Dia turned to me after receiving the bentos.

"Good morning, Fell-chan. Any problems?" (Dia)

"Good morning. I don't have any problem, but you do have a big problem with your bedhead." (Fell)

Her brown hair stands upright and it looks terrible. Having curly hair is tough.

"Huh? Who are these people? They're not elves, aren't they?" (Dia)

"We were talking about them yesterday, remember? These people are the higher-ups of mercenary corps Crimson." (Fell)

    Dean and his group looked surprised.

I just heard it from Via yesterday. I guess they had never thought I would find their identity this soon.

"You seem to know our identity already." (Ur)

"No, I don't know. I just guessed from your names." (Fell)

"What is your plan after this? You are going back to the village with us today, right?" (Dia)

"Yeah, I was only asked to watch over them for a while. These people seem to want to apologize to the elves, so Mittor is telling the elders now. I will greet them and immediately go home afterwards." (Fell)

"I got it. I will tell everyone to be ready to go home." (Dia)

    Having said that, Dia went back inside the house.

They made a huge mess yesterday night. I hope they finished the cleaning up before the elders came.

    Some time later, Mittor returned with the elders and several other elves.

Mission complete. Let's go home!




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