Maou-sama V2C22

Chapter 22 - Responsibilities

Emperor? That's a pretty big goal. I don't know much about the human world, but can you become an emperor by defeating the current one? I think there will be a lot of opposition from the surroundings. Maybe he will kill them all? He's a dangerous guy.

"Does this mean you are planning to usurp the throne?"

"From the outsiders' standpoint, I suppose so. However, I also have the right to the throne.... No, it should be mine, it was the current emperor who usurped the throne from me. I'm simply going to take it back." (Dean)

Does this mean Dean was originally the crown prince of Ruhara Empire? I'm not interested so I won't ask.

"I can’t believe it. But even if it’s true, we have no reason to help you."

"Why!? The Elven Forest will be destroyed at this rate. Isn't it better to help us before that happens?" (Dean)

"There's no merit in doing it. Besides---hmmpmmpmp!!" (Anri)

    I covered Anri's mouth in hurry when she suddenly chimed in.

"Anri, let's shut up, okay?" (Fell)

Don't interrupt the conversation of adults. If you say something extra, our return will be delayed even longer.

"What do you mean, Missy?" (Dean)

You shouldn't take a child's opinion seriously....

Hey, don't bite my hand!

Yuck, my hand is wet with her drool!

"You said you would never touch the Boundary Forest and the elves if you became the emperor, but there's no guarantee of that. No one would risk their lives for such promise." (Anri)

    Anri started talking again the moment I released my hand from her mouth.

I guess it's faster to let her talk and get over with it.

"If I become the emperor, not only the Boundary Forest, I will not go to war with the neighboring countries either. This is what I have decided. I've also told about this to all my comrades who followed me. I shall not break the promise." (Dean)

    Anri snorted and then started laughing mockingly.

Is she really a five-years-old child? There's nothing cute about her behavior.

"Laughable." (Anri)

Oh? That's one of the lines I want to say at last once before I died.

"What did you say!?" (Dean)

"Even if you intend to stop the war, it doesn't mean Ugen and Trang will just stop. Before that, if a civil war breaks out, they will surely use this chance to launch attack. The Ruhara Empire might be destroyed before you ascend the throne. The elves only need to watch from the sideline." (Anri)

"The elves can choose to be the spectators, but the strategic-class magic tool will be used in the Boundary Forest sooner than that." (Dean)

"THAT’S IT! After the strategic-class magic tool is used, there's a high chance the neighboring countries will surrender without fight. The Ruhara Empire will absorb them and become even stronger. Your chance of winning will become even smaller. You should start the war before the strategic-class magic tool is used." (Anri)

"Then, what if I give up the throne? They would still use the strategic-class magic tool, right? If we join forces now, we can prevent it." (Dean)

"You never give up. I'm telling you that those conditions are meaningless." (Anri)

    Dean looked surprised, but he gradually smiled.

"Yes, I will never give up." (Dean)

    Anri leaned back as she folded her arms in front of her chest. Her hair tickled my nose.

"What would Missy do if you were in my shoes?" (Dean)

Hey, don't ask advice from a five-years-old kid about war!

"Even if you successfully become an emperor, if your country is exhausted, the other countries will use this chance to invade. It's necessary to settle the matter in a short period of time without exhausting both resources and soldiers. The quickest way to do this is to stage a diversionary coup d’état within the country, and then attack the imperial capital with a small group of elites. However, don’t assassinate the emperor. If you don't openly declare yourself as the rightful emperor when you overthrow the current emperor, there is a high possibility that someone else will claim the throne." (Anri)

"I understand." (Dean)

Dean seems to be convinced, but is he going to adopt this plan?

"Then again, this operation is based on the premise that you are or were the rightful heir to the throne. Otherwise, you will end up as a mere rebel." (Anri)

That's true. There must be other heirs, and people will not just recognize him as the new emperor after that.

"That's not problem. I can't show it, but I have something to prove my legitimacy." (Dean)

"Then, this is all I can say." (Anri)

    Having said that, with a tired-but-satisfied face, Anri gulped down the apple juice in one go.

Hey, wait, that's mine!

"Hey, Ur. How about we recruit her?" (Dean)

"I totally agree. She is smart and also cute. Let's negotiate later." (Ur)

Don’t do that! The village chief will scold me.

"Say, is this normal or Anri is a special case? I don't think that's something a five-years-old girl would come up with." (Fell)

    I asked Deer and Via next to me in a whisper.

"Well, she received education from the village chief after all." (Dia)

"I heard that the village chief was former prime minister of certain country before, was that true?" (Via)

I thought the village chief was a man of common sense, but it doesn't seem to be so.

"Hohohoho. The little lady over there has said everything we wanted to say. You now understand, right? There is no reason for us to help you. The Ruhara Empire will be exhausted even if you fail to seize the throne. Of course, the other countries will not miss this chance."

"I see.... I have to take action before the strategic-class magic tool is used. However, if the war breaks out, the other countries will use this chance to launch attack, so it's necessary to settle everything before it's known to the other countries. In addition, to not exhaust the army as much as possible, I will have to attack the imperial capital and defeat the emperor with only a small number of elites. Not a bad plan." (Dean)

Is that so? But it’s none of my business. Let's get this done so I can go home.

"Do you have any other opinion, Fell-dono?"

"That's right. I also want to hear your opinion." (Dean)

What are these guys saying? The purpose of this gathering is to apologize, right? So why are you discussing about a coup?

"No, don't mind me. Let's wrap this up if there's nothing else." (Fell)

"Fell Nee-chan, I also want to hear it." (Anri)

Hear what? How bothersome. But this will never end unless I say something.

"I don't care about how will you seize the throne, but what do you want to do as an emperor?" (Fell)

"What do I want to do as an emperor...?" (Dean)

"Yes. I don't know much about the human world, but emperor in the pinnacle of a country, right? You said you wouldn't go to war with the other countries, but are you thinking about anything specific? What do you think about national policies and relationships with the nearby countries? Even if you had a legitimate inheritance right, would the people around you recognize you as an emperor? What are you going to do with those who do not recognize you? Execute them all?" (Fell)

His silence could only mean that he had never thought that far yet.

"Let's say you succeeded in your coup, the country will be temporarily paralyzed afterwards. What will you do if another country invades during that time? Even if the army isn't exhausted, will they listen to you after you become the emperor? Is there any reason why the other heir to the throne wouldn't stage another coup?" (Fell)

Don't you have anything to say? This is getting annoying.

"To me, it seems you are only thinking about taking the throne. If you start to think about what to do after you become the emperor, then the emperor will change again in the meantime, or the Ruhara Empire will be gone for good." (Fell)

Dean and his followers seem to be lost in deep thought. Never mind them. Let's continue.

"If you want to be an emperor, think about your people first. If all you have is your own personal grudge, then give up the idea of becoming emperor.” (Fell)

Those who stand at the top must think about the people below them. Those who aren't thinking about the people below them should not stand at the top. After all, authority come together with responsibility.... whether you want it or not. He must be aware of that first.




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