Maou-sama V2C19

Chapter 19 - Pajama Party

   Three people were sitting on their knees against the floor in front of me --- Dia, Via, and Yato. For some reason, Anri was clinging onto my right leg.

"Fell-chan, why are we being treated like this?" (Dia)

    Dia asked with a puzzled expression.

Do I need to explain it from there?

"Fell Nee-chan seems to be angry because of our lukewarm response. I got it, we will light the forest after this!" (Anri)

“Anri, I believe I’ve told you to not talk!” (Fell)

I wonder what kind of education the village chief household gave to her. I got the feeling that something is already irreparable.

"Listen up! I don't know what kind of idea running inside your heads, but I'm really innocent. On the contrary, I have restored the World Tree to normal state and chased away a group of human who seemed to be planning something bad here. Thanks to that, albeit a little, I was able to establish a relationship of trust with the elves. You girls almost ruined it!" (Fell)

"Fell-chan, that joke is not funny." (Dia)

Does my explanation sound like a joke? Yato and Via, don't just agree with Dia!

"Of course it's not funny. Everything I've said is a fact, not a joke. I will bring someone to explain it. Don't move from here!" (Fell)

I will let the elders or the captain guy or in the worst case, Mittor, to explain everything. I wonder where are they now....

"Anri, can you let go of my leg for a moment? You are in the way.... No? I see…." (Fell)

I wonder why does she always do this. Maybe my legs are just easy to cling onto?

    I looked around and immediately spotted the captain guy. He seemed to be able to endure the fight against my slimes without losing consciousness.

"Captain, explain to them that the misunderstanding about me has been resolved." (Captain)

"Huh? Y-Yeah, sure, just give me a moment. I lost a little confidence in the battle earlier. I've never though the human race was this strong...." (Captain)

"You guys fought the monsters led by my slimes, not humans. In any case, even I don't know if I can win, so don't think it too much!" (Fell)

I have no chance of winning unless I remove my limiter and use the Magic Blast Furnace. In the worst case, I have to use three of them at the same time even there's a high chance I will lose my consciousness during the fight.

    The captain guy explained everything to the four. Though they didn't believe him at first, when he talked about the plan to establish a trade with Sodogora Village, the four suddenly started believing it. Apparently, it was something unprecedented and it would likely very profitable. I got the last piece of information from Dia's reaction.

"Fell-chan.... I always believe in you!" (Dia)

    Dia winked once and gave a thumbs up. I found her behavior annoying, so I grabbed her thumb and bent it backwards.

"Fell-chan, it hurts! My thumb couldn't bend to that direction!" (Fell)

"I know." (Fell)

    I decided to use a joint lock technique on Dia because she always managed to dodge my punch.

"I believe we are clear now. So, who planned this attack?" (Fell)

    Three people pointed at my leg.... or to be precise, Anri who was still clinging onto my leg.

“You’re pushing the responsibility to a child!? I’m really going to be angry now.” (Fell)

"It’s the duty of boss to help her minion. If you get hit, hit them back, thoroughly, until the roots." (Anri)

    My slimes applauded, followed by arlaunes, madragoras, and the yellow moving plants. I got a headache when I saw their information through my Mystic Eyes.

"Anri was the one who came up with the idea, but we didn't bring her with us, I swear! The plan was only the three of us who would go…." (Via)

It seems Anri consulted with my slimes and came up with a plan to follow the three from behind in secret. But how could they not notice such a large group following them?

    I asked my slimes why did they go along with Anri.

[Our master' boss is also our boss.]

No, she is not my boss. I couldn’t tell whether they're serious or not with those words.

"I thank you for coming her to help me, but you girls went too far.... In any case, I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep now. Take everyone and go back to the village!" (Fell)

"It's dangerous to traverse the forest at such a late time. Mister, we will also stay here tonight!" (Anri)

You girls just wrecked this place. Do you think they will welcome you with open arms?

"Y-Yeah, sure. You can stay in the house we lent to Fell. I don't think there's a problem with the size or the number of beds." (Captain)

The captain guy seems to feel intimidated. I feel bad for him.

"All right, it's a pajamas party time! Let's talk while eating something!" (Dia)

No, I want to sleep. I mean, you will get fat if you eat late at night.

"Then, I will tell you my best love story! This is story about a friend of my friend's friend!" (Via)

That sounds like something fabricated!

"Please leave the food and drink to me, ~nya." (Yato)

Where is Yato heading?

"Bring me snacks. If you don't listen, I will break this leg." (Anri)

Did you plan to take hostage from the start?




    I entered the borrowed house with tired steps. Not long after that, my slimes came in while carrying food and drink followed by everyone.

I don't want think where did they get those from....

[We are going for a walk.]

    Having said that, the three slimes went off somewhere.

Aren't you girls having too much freedom lately?

    When I took a seat on the nearby bed tiredly, Anri climbed onto my lap as if something natural.

Is this her fixed position? Forget it. I don't have the energy to get angry anymore.

    The other three also sat down on the bed and started eating and drinking.

This is bad manners.

"Delicious! This jam will definitely sell!" (Dia)

"This bread is also delicious even without jam! Let's bring some as souvenir for Nia-san." (Via)

"The vegetables are crunchy and juicy, ~nya!" (Yato)

"Apple juice is supreme!" (Anri)

I give up. Do whatever you like….

"By the way, Fell-chan. Have you really reconciled with the elves?" (Dia)

Why are you asking that now? You have already made this place like your own home. Or am I untrustworthy?

"I've reconciled with the elves. I've said it so many times already. In addition, I've restored the Word Tree, and also drove away a group of suspicious human who seemed planning something here. Now I'm pretty much trusted by all the elves." (Fell)

"Humans, ~nya?" (Yato)

"Yeah. I don't know what their plan was, but some of those humans disguised themselves as the elders of elves. They fled after I exposed their identities." (Fell)

My search magic could find their location. They probably have fled somewhere far away already.

"Umm, what kind of people are they?" (Via)

"There was a woman called Ur and a man called Rock among the group." (Fell)

"Ur? Rock?" (Via)

Her reaction caught my attention. Maybe she knows about those two.

"Ur is a woman in her early twenties and Rock is a man in his late thirties, am I correct?" (Via)

"They looked around that age to me. Do you know them?" (Fell)

"Maybe, I'm not sure if they are the same people. Ur and Rock are the names of two famous mercenaries based on the Ruhara Empire" (Via)

The information came out from an unexpected source. Let's gather more and give it to the elves as an apology tomorrow.

"Do you have any other information about these two? I want to give this information to the elves as an apology for all the troubles." (Fell)

"Geez, Fell-chan, what have you done this time?" (Via)

"You girls did it!!!" (Fell)




This is how I put together the information I've got from Via:

Ur is the leader of a mercenary corps consisted of 500 people called Crimson. There are four executives within the group --- Bell, Kuru, Rock, and Root.

Ur, Bell, and Kuru, these three are sisters. Ur is the eldest, Bell is the middle, and Kuru is the youngest.

Crimson is considered as one of the elite group among the other mercenary corps since their winning percentage in the battle is quite high despite their numbers. Their other selling point is that they are good at suppressing the damage during combat. There seems to be quite a number of mercenaries who wish to join this group.

However, two years ago, this mercenary corps suddenly disappeared from the battlefield. There are various rumors about them out there, such as they had moved their base of operations to the Kingdom of Trang, they were in the middle of conquering a dungeon, they got wiped out by the other mercenary corps, and so on.

"But this is information from a year ago. I don't know their latest news." (Via)

"No problem. I think it's good enough. Still, this information is quite detailed." (Fell)

"My parents participated in the war, after all. I gathered information about the mercenaries that my parents fought with. I was still doing it even after my parents died, but stopped after moving to Sodogora Village." (Via)

The topic is getting awkward. Come to think of it, Via's parents were already dead.

"You don't have to worry about it. My parents died a long time ago, after all. In addition, thanks to Fell-chan, now I think I can fulfill my dream of becoming a great wizard like my parents." (Via)

    Via said with a blooming smile.

Via is kind of energetic, or perhaps I could describe it as full of motivation? Just don't get too motivated to the point of attacking the Elven Village again.

"Oh, that's right, do you know someone called Dean?" (Fell)

"Dean? I'm sure it's the name of a famous solo mercenary.... oh, I'm talking about a mercenary who doesn't belong to any corps. He is someone surrounded by many mysteries, and it's said that only a handful of people have seen him in person." (Via)

He is also a mercenary, huh. I saw that on the surface information of Ur. However, she said that she served a noble. Does this mean he is a noble mercenary? I'm not sure. I didn't look into further information because the headache was severe back then. Nevertheless, to think only a handful of people have seen him. Did he use magic to turn invisible or something by any chance?

“I smell something fishy here! Did something happen with that guy? My intuition always hits the mark!" (Dia)

"That story, tell me the details!" (Via)

Your intuition is completely off the mark! I haven't even met this Dean guy. Also, Via is biting into it too much.

"No, it's not what you're thinking. Ur said that this Dean guy is her master, and that's all there is to it." (Fell)

"What? It's not a romance story." (Dia)

    Dia had a blatantly disappointed face, while Via looked even more disappointed.

Why are you trying to develop this into a romance story?

"Yo, Fell! I heard the girls from the village came. Please introduce them to me!" (Mittor)

    The door suddenly opened and Mittor walked in without asking my permission first.

"Oh, she’s cute! I always like an older sister type like her! You are absolutely in my strike zone!" (Mittor)

    Mittor said so while holding Via's hand.

Via may be an older sister type, but no matter how I think about it, you are clearly older than her.

"Uh? Eh? Th-Thank you...?" (Via)

Via seems to be flustered. Maybe she's not used to being praised? No, I'm sure it's because the other party is Mittor.

"Fell, I'm sorry." (Mittor)

    Mittor suddenly apologized to me.

"I've decided to marry this girl. Therefore, I can't accept your propos---" (Mittor)

    I cut off Mittor's consciousness in single blow. This happened in less than a second that he didn't even have time to moan.

It doesn’t seem I can sleep today unless I resolve this misunderstanding soon.

Come on, let me sleep already!




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