Maou-sama V2C18

Chapter 18 - Siege

    Late at night, I was awakened by the loud knocks on the door and a voice of someone who kept calling my name.

The barrier I put seems to have been destroyed....

    Though reluctant, I got dressed and decided to check the situation outside. There were Mittor and the captain guy standing when I opened the door. The two were already armed for some reason. Behind them, I saw the elders who seemed had lost their consciousness were being tended by several elves.

Did they collapse after using up all their magical power to destroy my barrier? They should have used it to fight the enemies instead.

"What's going on?" (Fell)

"I'm sorry, it looks like the village is being attacked. Please give us your assistance!" (Captain)

"I refuse." (Fell)

I will say it again; this is the problem between them. I'm just an unrelated party here.

"In order to trade with us, this village must be safe. I know you're unhappy, but please lend us your strength once more." (Captain)

I can't refuse when he gives such a reasoning….

Curse you, Ur! How long are you going to disturb me like this? I will crush them thoroughly this time!




    I went to the village square following Mittor and the captain guy. There were a lot of elves running around in hurry.

"What's the situation?" (Captain)

"Sir, all the children and women have been evacuated to the Millennial Shelter!"

The elves use millennial trees not only as prison but also a shelter. Let's check it later. If possible, I would like to see how they use Plant Manipulation magic to turn a living tree into building.

"What's the number of enemies?" (Captain)

"Sir, we have confirmed several golems and several monster so far!"

Golems? Come to think of it, they did fight using golems this morning. I don't think several golems is a big deal, though. He said there are several monsters as well. Maybe there's a tamer among Ur's companions.

"How about the attacks? Where did they come from?" (Captain)

"Sir, the guards on lookout were attacked. The enemies immediately retreated after that, we couldn’t defeat or capture any of them."

Speaking of which, shouldn’t it pretty difficult to enter the village because of the special barrier?

“What happened to the barrier?” (Fell)

“I haven’t confirmed it, but the barrier most likely has been destroyed. There seems to be skilled magic users among the enemies.”

That large-scale barrier has been destroyed? That means there are stronger people among Ur’s companions. I want to fight them a little.

"Telepathic communication is coming from one of the scouts! The enemies' golems that look like scarecrows, led by a golem with sharp eyes like a hunter, seem to have completely surrounded the village!"


"In addition to the golems, there are alraunes, mandragoras, and unknown yellow plant monsters!"


"New information has just arrived! There are three slimes mimicking little girls who seem to be their commanders, most likely named monsters! That's the last.... I lost the contact with the scout!"


I feel like I know them.

I mean, that lineup sounds very familiar to me.

No, no way, I'm sure it's just a coincidence.

"Hey, Fell, where are you going?" (Mittor)

"My stomach doesn't feel good. I apparently ate too much during the feast. I will return to my room to rest." (Fell)

"When the feast was over, didn’t you say you were only 80% full? Hey, why are you averting your eyes? You are hiding something, right?" (Mittor)

"No, I'm not hiding anything. I just thought those enemies sound familiar. I'm sure it's just a coincidence." (Fell)

"Tell me!" (Captain)

I have nothing to tell. Yeah, I don't know them. There’s no need to feel guilty about.

    When I was still trying to convince myself, a loud voice echoed through the village.

"We have completely surrounded this area! Stop the useless resistance!"

“Over there!”

    One of the elves shouted as he pointed to the top of a tree. I couldn't see well because it was dark, but I could see four figures standing on a tree branch.

I have a very bad feeling about this....

    One of the four illuminated the surroundings with Light Bulbs. However, the backlight only made it harder to see their faces.

"I'm a mysterious beautiful receptionist! I know there's a demon girl here, release her at once!"

I'm not sure since I can't see her face, but she looks like someone I know.

"Hey, is she your acquaintance? I'm sure she was talking about you." (Captain)

    The captain guy asked and stared at me with probing eyes.

He is completely suspicious of me now. No, it's fine, I can still get away from this.

"I can't see her well because of the backlight. I'm sure she also talked about a different demon." (Fell)

"I'm a mysterious be-be-beautiful general store owner, return Fell-chan at once!"

If you are embarrassed, then don't use that name.

"She just called your name, did she?" (Captain)

"No, it's just someone with the same name as mine." (Fell)

"People with the same name shouldn’t exist!" (Captain)

"The possibilities are not zero." (Fell)

Yeah, it's not zero. Let's keep this up. If I give up, it will be a checkmate.

"I'm a mysterious beautiful waitress, ~nya! Give Fell-sama back, ~nya! If you refuse, I will crush one of the eyes you don't need, ~nya!"

I can only see the silhouette because of the backlight, but that person seems to have animal ears and a tail, perhaps she is a beasfolk. However, it's also possible that she is a human using the beasfolk impersonator set that Ron also owns.

In any case, why is she wearing a waitress uniform? It's not wrong because she introduced herself a mysterious beautiful waitress, though.

"Is that a beastfolk? Despite her pretty clothes, she sure said something brutal." (Captain)

“Which eye is fine to crush, ~nya?”

"I don't want either of them to be crushed!"

That’s right. Even if I have three eyes, I don’t want any of them to be crushed.

"I'm a beautiful girl! If you don't return Fell Nee-chan, I will light the forest! Also, hand over all the snack in this village!"

The last person seems to be just a beautiful girl. I'm sure the village chief and her mother will be furious when she returns.

"Even though she is the smallest among them, her threat is the most terrifying one." (Captain)

"I don't think it's a good idea to burn the forest."

    The mysterious beautiful general store owned gently reprimanded the beautiful girl.

“Oh, over there! Fell-chan, here, we have come to save you!”

Their stares are painful…. Okay, I admit it, I actually know them.

“Sorry, I will talk to them.” (Fell)

“Please do that.” (Captain)

    I walked toward the center of village square alone.

For the time being, I will tell them that I have reconciled with the elves.

"I have proved my innocence to the elves. I will return to the village tomorrow, so take everyone and go home!" (Fell)

There is no reaction. What happened?

"Fell-chan.... I understand. You are lying to not get us involved, right? Don't worry, everyone believes that Fell-chan is innocent! Just wait, we will save you by any means!" (Via)

You don't understand anything. Maou-sama was the one who responsible for this incident, not me. I wonder what should I do to convince them to go home.

    When I was mulling over it, the beautiful girl (Anri), slowly raised her index finger towards the sky. Then, after catching everyone's attention, she slowly turned it towards the elves.

What is she doing?

"CHARGEEE!!!!" (Anri)

Oi, stop!

"Prepare for the battle! Deploy the magic barrier! This seem to be just a misunderstanding, so capture the opponents without hurting them!" (Captain)

"Don't be unreasonable---guha!?" (Mittor)

    Mittor got knocked out in an instant by one of my slimes.

Why do they listen to Anri more than me? Is this because she is a little girl like them?

    The magic barrier was also destroyed easily by the assault of the golems and plants team. Their attack seemed to be stronger than the Giant Mantis'.

    Meanwhile, Dia and Via were throwing stones from the top of tree. Those stones caused a blast when they hit the target.

No matter how I look at it, those are not normal stone, but stones that have been imbued with offensive magic. In other words, magic tools.

    Yato moved from one shadow to another, depriving the elves of their consciousness one by one.

I hope she doesn't crush anyone's eyes....

    The beautiful girl (Anri) was simply watching the battle unfolded on a tree branch with folded arms.

That looks cool, but that's dangerous, so please hold onto something.

    Not long after the battle began, all of the elves have been incapacitated.

The elves are weak!

    After my slimes tied all the elves in one place, the four gathered in front of me with satisfied expressions.

Okay, it's time for preaching!




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