Maou-sama V2C17

Chapter 17 - Feast

    I went back to Elven Village on the loading platform pulled by a beetle. Those who returned ahead of us seemed to have informed everyone about the restoration of the World Tree. When we got there, all the elves in the village started worshiping me.

This only makes me feel bad. Please stop!

In any case, the withered World Tree seemed to have weighed heavily on their minds. Unlike when I first came here, the village seems more lively now. I also smell something delicious from somewhere. Maybe they're already preparing meals for the feast. I'm looking forward to it.

"Huh!? Did I fall asleep...?" (Mittor)

    Mittor who regained his consciousness uttered such words.

"You lost consciousness after tasting my super painful punch. Be grateful because I didn't use my absolute killing punch." (Fell)

"Oh, right, the proposal.... I got it! You were shy---gofhu!!" (Mittor)

"Umm, sorry about that...." (Captain)

"No, don't apologize, it's all his own fault." (Fell)

    The captain guy dragged Mittor who had lost consciousness again somewhere.

I hope he won’t wake up until tomorrow.

    Looking around, everyone was busy preparing various things which seemed would still take a while. I had nothing to do in the meantime, so I decided to look around the village.




I didn't find anything interesting, but the elves taught me a magic to manipulate plants. I heard that most elves are able to use this magic. In addition, according to their explanation, tree monsters like treant are classified as plant, and can be manipulated by this magic. However, since treant is not strong monster in the first place, this application is not common. The magic power consumption is just not worth the result.

    I thought I would look around a little more, but I remembered something more important.

That's right, a market research! I need to make a list of items that can be traded with apples. Everything would be in vain if I had nothing when the elves came to the village. For a start, let's ask the elf women.

"I want something sweet. Honey, for example."

"Jewelry, I suppose."

"Ornaments are also good."

"Breasts! I want breasts! The bigger the better!"

Breasts are just useless decoration. For some reason, it makes me calm when I'm around the elf women. I want them to stay as they are now. The rest is more or less the same as what I heard from Mittor. I think I can prepare them. Let's ask the men next.

"There's nothing in particular. The forest blessed us with everything."

"I want wine. There are grapes here, but they are difficult to process."

"Cat ears?"

"Wife! I want a wife! A young and beautiful wife!"

The last guy was beaten by the elf women, but forget about him. There is a lot of useless information from the elf men. If I remember it correctly, wine is some kind of alcoholic drink. Let’s ask Nia later.

Still, to think there are cat ears lovers even here, I don't understand why the beastfolks were persecuted to the point they sought asylum in the demon world.

During the market research, I also learned that there are fruits other than apple, such as strawberry, banana, peach, and so on. I heard they will be served at the feast tonight. I have no choice but to challenge them. If they taste good, let's ask the elves to sell them along with the apples.




Oh, the feast seems to be starting soon….

    Several Light Bulbs were stacked up together like a campfire in the center of village square. Sitting in a circle, all the elves were waiting patiently for the feast to begin. Meanwhile, I was stuck between the elders at the seats of honor while feeling mentally cramped.

"I'm sure you all already know that a few days ago, the World Tree had suddenly withered. However, today, Fell-dono of the demon race here has successfully restored it. I want to celebrate it with everyone tonight, but before that.... Fell-dono, please give us your words!"

No one told me about this!? I'm really bad at ad-lib. For now, let's just stand up and say something.

"I simply followed the instructions from Maou-sama. If you want to thank someone, thank him, not me." (Fell)

I have to appeal that all the credits belong to Maou-sama. If only they told me in advance, I could have prepared more words of praise.

"Hohoho. Fell-dono is so humble as usual.... Everyone, to tell the truth, we owe Fell-dono one more thing. It's embarrassing to say, but the three of us had been deprived of the control over our bodies by a group of humans from several days ago."

    Hearing that, the elves started raising a commotion.

"....and it was also Fell-dono who had saved us. The elves shall not forget this feeling of gratitude for a hundred or two hundreds of years to come."

    The applause reverberated from all directions.

For some reason, I feel like a criminal being exposed to the public. I want to escape from this place.

"Then, cheers!"

    The elves raised the cups they had in their hands and toasted. I read the mood and followed suit.

For the time being, let's calm myself with a glass of drink.

Muh? This tastes like apple.... No way, apple as a drink... are elves geniuses!?

"How is it? The taste of apple juice...."

What's wrong? The elder suddenly stopped moving.

"Delicious, and also surprising. Is this drink called apple juice? You made it by crushing the apples, right?" (Fell)

"Y-Yeah, that's right. I heard you like apples."

Hmm, apples are delicious as they are, but turning them into juice is a nice idea. This is the best drink I've ever had.

    When I was enjoying the apple juice, several elf women came with some food.

There seems to be no meat, but there are bread and various colorful vegetables. In addition, there’s a plates contained something like slime.

"Do you eat this with bread?" (Fell)

"Yes, please try to put some on the bread."

    One of the elf women told me to put something that looked like blue or purple slime on the bread.

This looks poisonous. Oh well, let’s try it just as I’ve been taught....

Delicious! What is this? This is sweet but also sour. For some reason, I feel like my vision was sharpened. I feel like I can see anything with my Mystic Eyes now.

“This is good. What kind of food is this?”

     The elf women suddenly stopped moving.

Hello? Do you hear me?

"Eh, hmm, right, that's called jam. There are several kinds of jam. That one is blueberry jam."

Jam? Understood. I want it. There are other kinds of jam, let's tell Mittor to bring them all to the village later.

    When I was enjoying the jam, the elf women stood up and returned to their group. After that, they seemed to be talking secretly about something while looking at my direction from time to time.

What's with them? Is my way of eating strange? Or is there jam on my nose?

"Yo, Fell! I'm here to pour the apple juice for you." (Mittor)

You don't have to. Oh well, the apple juice is innocent. I will accept it.

“I will bring you more if it’s not enough….” (Mittor)

"I keep getting this reaction from a while ago. Does elf race have certain rules or something when eating? If my way of eating is considered bad manner here, just tell me and I will fix it." (Fell)

"Eh, no, that's not the case.... a-anyway, try eating the bread with this jam." (Mittor)

What's with him? I will eat the food no matter who gives it to me. Yeah, it's delicious. What kind of jam is this? Forget it, anything is fine as long as it's delicious.

"I'm late to greet you because I got caught by the youngsters...." (Captain)

    The captain guy came. He looked at me and then stopped moving.

"I've never thought you could make such a wonderful smile.... wh-what's wrong!?" (Captain)

I forgot!

Since Mittor didn't make my food this time, it seems I've been smiling since a while ago.

Okay, let's calm down....

Yeah, at time like this, I should count the sheep....

One baphomet, two baphomet, three baphomet.... something is not right. This sounds like a sabbath!

Let's finish the bread and the juice first.

Now, let's take a deep breath....

"I will kill everyone here and then kill myself!" (Fell)

"Ca-calm down! Hey, get ready for the battle! You, bring all the mithril handcuffs here! Mittor, hold her down until they arrive!" (Captain)

"Are you telling me to die?" (Mittor)




    In the end, I couldn't rampage because I couldn't ruin the food around me. Using this opportunity, the elves restrained me using handcuffs and chain made of mithril. I could break them if I released my limiter, but I didn’t do it.

"Fell, calm down. I won't tell anyone about your smile." (Mittor)

"You can say that, but everyone saw it already!" (Fell)

"Then, I promise I won't tell anyone outside the Elven Village. How about that?" (Mittor)

I guess there's nothing to be done. Even though I'm aspiring to be a cool beauty demon, I can't help but smiling when I eat delicious food. I have to overcome this shortcoming someday.

"Okay, let's leave it at that. But if you tell someone, I will shoot a Meteor Strike to this forest. Now stop poking me with your rapier." (Fell)

    Mittor stopped poking me with his rapier after the captain guy nodded once.

That doesn't hurt, but my body feels strange. I can talk normally, but I can't stand up properly because my brain and my body movement couldn't match. Without that sword, they wouldn't be able to chain me like this.

I’m sure I look like a caterpillar right now.

What a humiliation!

"Ohohoho. Well then, since we have deepened our bond, let's resume the feast!"

It has not deepened. If something happens, I'm going to destroy this village. But before that, I will eat up all of their food.




    The elves lent me a house after the feast was over. Looking inside, there were a bed, a bathroom, and the other living necessities.

The house looks comfortable to live in just like the one from yesterday. The interior is almost the same, but this house seems more luxurious.

Today's food was delicious. Though it didn't taste as good as the food made by Nia, I'm still satisfied. Unfortunately, I've let my guard down and smiling. What if they underestimate the demons because of this? Well, at that time, let's apologize to everyone while prostrating.

Putting that aside, I've tried a lot of new food today. The things I want to trade have increased again. I want to procure the raw ingredients at least. If I leave them to Nia, I might be able to taste even more amazing dishes.

Now then, let's write a diary and go to bed. I've been with Maou-sama for a long time today, so I have a lot of writing materials right now. He also patted my head. I have to write that in my diary.




I’m done. Let’s sleep....

Oh, before that, let’s deploy a soundproof magic barrier first.

Good night!







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