Maou-sama V2C14

Chapter 14 - The Angels

    We passed through the newly opened door and found ourselves inside an empty room about three meters square.

"Fell, do you know what elevator is?" (Maou-sama)

Elevator? I'm sure it’s a bloody place. However, the scariest thing about elevator is when eerie twins or a long-haired woman with pale face suddenly stood behind you. I obtained this information from the horror genre books.

    I explained everything to Maou-sama.

"What kind of scary place is that!?" (Maou-sama)

Muh!? Is that wrong?

"The room we are in now is an elevator itself." (Maou-sama)

"Oh, the room that goes against gravity? I remember riding one in the Demon God's Castle before." (Fell)

"Yes, that one. However, it's quite long this time, so be prepared." (Maou-sama)

Speaking of which, I felt sick when I rode an elevator for the first time in the Demon God's Castle. I just ate lunch a while ago, will I be all right?

    Maou-sama pressed the numbered buttons attached to the room. Few seconds later, the door closed and I started to feel a floating sensation.

Ugh!? I feel like the content of my stomach is rising. Let's talk to Maou-sama to distract myself.

"I couldn't help but thinking the interior of the World Tree is similar to the interior of the Demon God's Castle. This place was built by the elves, right?" (Fell)

"No, it's not. The humán built this place. The elves were just told to protect it." (Maou-sama)

"Maou-sama, what is humán?" (Fell)

"Hmm, let's see.... I guess you can say humán is how the ancient human race called." (Maou-sama)

Do you mean the human from Old World? Maou-sama's knowledge is so vast, after all. No wonder he knows how to restore the withered World Tree.

"Speaking of which, how about the World Tree?" (Fell)

The World Tree may have been restored to its original state, but let's ask just in case.

"No problem. I have restored it." (Maou-sama)

Yup, I knew it. Maou-sama works fast. I hope everyone in the demon world could follow his examples.

    When we were still talking about that, the elevator stopped moving. I knew since I didn't feel like the content of my stomach was rising anymore. The door opened and we went out of the room.

This looks similar to the previous room. However, the ceiling is so high that I can see it. The wall is.... flashing red and green light irregularly. My eyes will go bad if I stay too long in this room.

"Maou-sama, what exactly this place is?" (Fell)

“Hmm, I wonder where should I start to explain it. First the so-called World Tree is actually a building called 【Ark】. This is a place where all genetic information is stored. To put it simply, a gene bank.'' (Maou-sama)

Yeah, I don't get it. I couldn't comprehend most of Maou-sama's words, but I have some idea about this ark thing. He was talking about a ship, right? However, no part of the World Tree resembles a ship in the slightest. I have never seen a ship in person, but I have read about it in books. It's a vehicle that floats on the sea or lake.

Did Maou-sama perhaps purposely tell a lie as joke? This is too advanced for me to laugh. I have to study more. Then again, there's also a possibility of Maou-sama giving me a serious answer and I simply didn't understand it. For now, let’s just nod.

“I see.” (Fell)

“You understand? That’s amazing.” (Maou-sama)

Oh no, I've messed up! There's no turning back now. I will look into this matter later. Let's change the topic before Maou-sama finds out.

"Will we meet the Wise God here?" (Fell)

"No, this is still a middle floor. The Wise God is still further above us. I guess it's almost the time we receive the welcoming party. Look, they are here...." (Maou-sama)

    I imitated Maou-sama and looked up. There were three winged humanoid creatures descending --- the angels.

"Start scanning.... Data found.... Super Important Individual, 【Demon King】.... Change target.... Start scanning.... Unidentified.... Entering the battle mode...."

“Let’s go! There’s no need to hold back.” (Maou-sama)

Fighting the angels, huh. I don’t think my clothes will come out unscathed. Oh well, since I have received permission to release the limiter and to use the magic blast furnace, let's not waste any more time.

"Release Ability Limiter. Connect to the First Magic Blast Furnace. Connect to the Second Magic Blast Furnace." (Fell)

    I released the things that I normally suppressed such as physical strength, magic power, reflex, thought speed, etc. In addition, though I didn't know the principle, I connected myself to magic power supplies called Magic Blast Furnace.

I feel the magic power overflowing inside me. I can use magic I don't usually use, continuously and endlessly with this.

"Omnidirectional Barrie. Omnidirectional Barrier. Omnidirectional Barrier." (Fell)

This should be enough. What about Maou-sama?

    I looked at Maou-sama’s direction after creating three layers of barrier for my defense. Two angels had already been defeated.

The first angel was bisected from head to crotch. Maou-sama must have used Dimensional Cutter to defeat her. The second angel seems to have been crushed by something very heavy. Did Maou-sama use gravity magic? I just missed something interesting.

    When I was wondering about the third angel, I saw her heading towards me with a tremendous speed. However, since my thought speed was faster, as long as I concentrate, she seemed to be moving in a slow motion in my eyes.

Just seeing doesn't mean I can move as fast, though. I need speed up myself as well.

"Acceleration. Acceleration. Acceleration." (Fell)

    The angel stopped midair and pointed her left palm towards me.

I'm sure that's a stance to shoot heat ray attack…. dodge it!

    I jumped to the left side after a moment of hesitation. The attack hit me and destroyed two barriers.

Geez, don't lose focus!

    The angel's right hand had already fired another heat ray attack at me before I could replace the destroyed barriers.

    I disappeared and reappeared behind the angel using teleportation. Before she noticed me, I unleashed an absolute killing punch strengthened with magic towards her defenseless back. My punch pierced her body without resistance.

    Still in the same position, the angel's head rotated 180 degrees, and looked into my eyes with an unchanging expression.

H-Hey, you are scaring me....

    The angel opened her mouth and light started to gather in there.

You are going to shoot a heat ray attack from mouth!?

    Once again, I appeared in her blind spot using teleportation. I felt a little sick due to the rapid change in my field of vision. Next I unleashed an absolute killing punch towards the back of her head. Her head parted from her body and rolled on the floor while muttering incomprehensible words before turned silent completely.

"Fell, are you okay?" (Maou-sama)

"Yes, I'm fine. The last part just surprised me a little." (Fell)

"That's right. To defeat the angels, you have to target their heads, not their bodies." (Maou-sama)

The same as zombies. I will remember it.

"Let's go to the upper floor before the reinforcements come." (Maou-sama)

"Maou-sama, are we going to ride the elevator again?" (Fell)

"No, we can use the transfer device from. Just wait a minute...." (Maou-sama)

    Maou-sama put his left hand on his left ear and went silent. Few seconds later, he looked around as if looking for something before finally started moving towards a certain direction. I followed him from behind. Next he stopped in front of a wall and pulled out some kind of cord from there. He connected the cord to the gauntlet he equipped on his left arm after that.

"Maou-sama, what are you doing?" (Fell)

"Hmm, well, I guess you can say I'm rewriting the information...." (Maou-sama)

There are a lot of Maou-sama's words and actions that I don't understand. I keep thinking this since we went to the Demon God's Castle. I take pride in the knowledge I obtained from reading numerous books, but even with that, I still couldn't reach Maou-sama's feet.

"It's actually possible to access the system remotely. However, the security here is so tight that it's almost impossible to rewrite information without a direct connection." (Maou-sama)

"I'm sorry, Maou-sama. I understand the words, but I don't understand the meaning. Could you please explain it in more-easy-to-understand words?" (Fell)

"You don't have to understand it. This is a technology that should have long gone, after all." (Maou-sama)

Is that so? However, it feels like I'm not qualified to serve Maou-sama from his side if I don't understand even the tiniest bit of it. If there is a simpler explanation, I really want to hear it.

    Then, after waiting for a while, something happened in the center of the room --- a glowing circle about 3 meters in diameter appeared. The circle contained some kind of pattern written in light blue, but it was certainly not a magic circle.

"Let's go. Get on the circle." (Maou-sama)

    I followed Maou-sama's instruction and walked toward the glowing circle. For a moment, I felt like my body was floating before my vision suddenly changed.

This is like a teleportation and.... makes me feel sick....

I wish Maou-sama had told me in advance so I could prepare myself. Putting that aside, this looks similar to the previous room, a white room with nothing at all. No, there's a door this time.

"Let's enter." (Maou-sama)

Okay, our next opponent is the Wise God!


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