Maou-sama V2C13

Chapter 13 - The Wise God

    I proceeded alone after parting with the elder. Then, around 30 minutes later, I was attacked by a sudden dizziness that only lasted for a few seconds.

What was that!?

    I stopped for a moment before started walking again. The surroundings gradually brightened up as I proceeded further.

Is that the World Tree? I thought that was some kind of wall….

    In front of me, there was something that looked like several giant trees joined together into one gigantic tree. Looking up, I couldn't find even single branch or leaf.

Is this even higher than cloud!? How thick is the trunk?

    The sunlight only illuminated the World Tree, while leaving the surroundings in the dark. Because of that, I couldn't estimate the size of the World Tree. I saw a waist-high cylindrical stone monument as I walked closer to the World Tree. On its diagonal cross section, there was a palm-shaped mark and 【Please place your right hand here】 written under it.

Maybe I should put my right hand on this mark? No, let's wait for Maou-sama first. I'm sure he will be coming soon. I will explore the area around here in the meantime.

First off, this monument is made of metal, not stone. This metal is similar to the metal I often found in some part of the demon world's dungeon. The next is…. I feel like I've seen a monument like this somewhere before, but where was it again? Oh, that's it! The Demon God’s Castle. The door opened when I put my hand on it.

Still, why is there a similar monument here? Or is this actually a monument with a different function altogether? I wonder if there are other monuments around here.

There’s no such things as far as I can see. However, I noticed there was a part of the Word Tree that looked like made of the same metal. Will that part open if I put my hand on the monument? Maybe the elves had cut out the World Tree to open some space inside. Their houses are all like that, so it's really possible.

    When I was mulling over such things alone, Maou-sama was already standing behind me before I knew it.

That surprised me!?

Maybe Maou-sama can use teleportation magic like I do. I have never seen him using the front door of the inn, after all. I will ask him later.

"Hey, Fell. You did a wonderful job." (Maou-sama)

"I'm happy to be able to meet your expectations." (Fell)

I've cleared the apocalypse mode perfectly. I want Maou-sama to praise me more.

"Now then, this is my turn from here. Let's get in at once.... Oh, are you perhaps tired? Do you want to take a break first?" (Maou-sama)

When I thought it was cleared, there's still a continuation --- the extra mode. I'm not tired, but I'm hungry.

"Maou-sama, excuse me, may I have a meal first?" (Fell)

"Sure, go ahead. It's almost lunchtime after all. Oh, should I hunt a Wild Boar? You like it, right?" (Maou-sama)

"No, I don't want to trouble you. I've bought bento in the village, so I will eat it. How about Maou-sama? It's really delicious." (Fell)

"I'm interested, but I'm not hungry now. Don't mind me and enjoy it slowly. I will look around in the meantime." (Maou-sama)

I received Maou-sama's kind words. I feel full with just that. But I also want to physically satisfy my stomach. Let's eat lunch.




Thanks for the food! Let's ask Via to make a magic tool to keep the food warm later. The food is delicious even though it's already cold, but I'm sure it will be more delicious when it's warm.

In any case, bestowing heat retention magic to the box should do the job. I will also ask her to make a magic tool to keep the water warm while I'm at it. Oops, I shouldn't have made Maou-sama wait too long.

"Maou-sama, thank you for waiting." (Fell)

"No problem. Then, please put your hand there." (Maou-sama)

     I placed my right hand on the monument just as Maou-sama had ordered me. The monument flashed for a moment. I heard a dull noise from somewhere nearby and saw the metal part of the World Tree slowly opened.

Yup, I guessed it right!

"Let's go!" (Maou-sama)

"Yes, I will accompany you." (Fell)

     The inside was dark, so I created a light bulb with magic to illuminate our surroundings. No damage caused like when I created water, but it was too dazzling that I had to strain my eyes to see what laid ahead.

This passageway reminds me of the demon world's dungeon....

Speaking of which, I sought a permission to go to the World Tree from the elves on Maou-sama's order, but I have no idea what we are going to do here. Maou-sama said he had something to do here, will it be all right if I ask the details?

"Maou-sama, what kind of business do you have in the World Tree? If possible, I'd like to hear the details." (Fell)

"Come to think of it, I haven't explained our purpose coming here. There's the Wise God here. I'm planning to defeat him." (Maou-sama)

What a problematic statement....

"The Wise God, does that mean this god is really smart?" (Fell)

"Correct answer." (Maou-sama)

I wish I was wrong, though. He will be one hell of opponent.

"Umm, Maou-sama, are you perhaps going to slay this god too?" (Fell)

"Again, correct answer. You are good at guessing." (Maou-sama)

This is not a guess. I hate my ability to perceive things right now.

"If our opponent is a god, I would have neither hands nor feet during the battle. Can I wait here?" (Fell)

I want to be useful, but there are things that are just impossible. I learned it when we fought the Demon God.

"This may be impossible now, but Fell will be able to defeat even gods someday. I'm going to defeat it alone this time. I want you to deal with the guards since my hands will be full with the Wise God later.” (Maou-sama)

"Guards.... do you mean the angels?" (Fell)

"That's right. You fought them in the Demon God's Castle before. The angels here should be the same type as them." (Maou-sama)

I lost consciousness halfway through the battle back then. However, I remember that it was painful enough to die. I think I've gotten stronger since that time, but will I be able to handle the angels alone?

"You may remove your ability limiter, and use up to two magic blast furnaces. You still can't control them yet, right?" (Maou-sama)

I was struck when it hurt the most. But it can't be helped since I will lose consciousness if I overdo it. I've learned from my experience.

"Understood. May I use my unique skills?" (Fell)

Two area of effect skills that only I have. There are conditions, but they are super powerful nonetheless. Too bad that there's no synergy between the two. However, using either one may turn the tide of the battle.

"Hmm, I don't think that kind of attack will work on angels.... and the other one needs monsters to take effect, right?" (Maou-sama)

My two unique skills are super powerful but not helping me. My survival rate has decreased significantly.

"If I die, please write 【Here lies a loyal retainer of the demon king】 on my tombstone." (Fell)

"Don't worry. Fell won't die." (Maou-sama)

I wonder on what basis Maou-sama thought so. The weight of his expectation is crushing me.

"I've been meaning to ask this since we went to the Demon God’s Castle, why is Maou-sama going around slaying the gods?" (Fell)

I don't think they are intrusive enough to be killed.

"There are various reasons. However, what I did is not exactly god-slaying. They are just fakes, after all." (Maou-sama)

Fake gods? Does this means there are the real ones out there?

"In other words, Maou-sama goes around slaying the fake gods on behalf of the real gods?" (Fell)

"No, there are no gods in the first place. There are only those who think that they are ones. I really don't understand what's on their mind, and.... I don’t care anymore...." (Maou-sama)

I don't understand either. I mean, why should Maou-sama kill the fakes if he doesn't care about those guys?

"Then, why is Maou-sama---" (Fell)

"Oh, we are here." (Maou-sama)

What is this place? This looks like some kind of a huge hall.

    I extinguished the light bulb according to Maou-sama's instruction. I thought it would be pitch black, but I noticed part of the wall near the floor emitted a pale green light at equal intervals.

The light is flickering. This reminds me of the demon world's dungeon and the Demon God's Castle.

    Maou-sama put his left hand on his left ear and went silent.

Oh, it's the usual pose.

"Wait a minute.... Okay, it's done." (Maou-sama)

What is done? Has the World Tree been restored?

    I heard a rumbling noise from the underground as I felt a little discomfort resonated inside my body due to the tremor. Not long after that, the surroundings turned bright.

The wall and the ceiling seem to be glowing white. From what I can see, it’s a circular room with a diameter of about 100 meters, and about 5 meters high. There’s only a cylindrical monument about 1 meter high in the center of the room and nothing else.

    Maou-sama walked towards to the monument without saying anything, so I followed him.

"Fell, could you please put your hand here?" (Maou-sama)

There's another palm-shaped mark but nothing written under it. This looks similar to the one at the entrance of the World Tree, but I wonder if something is different.

"Understood." (Fell)

    The monument glowed blue when I put my hand on the mark. Then, after a while, the wall opened by sliding to the side.

I've seen this in the Demon God's Castle before. The Wise God must be ahead.

"Let's go." (Maou-sama)

I don't want to go there, but that means I will be betraying Maou-sama's expectations.

Okay, I'm ready to fight!



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