Maou-sama V2C12

Chapter 12 - The Circumstances of Demon Race

    I was brought to a place called the Eternal Garden again. Just like yesterday, there were three elves sitting on the slightly elevated ground.

"You are Fell of the demon race, correct? For saving the elves during this incident, we are very grateful from the bottom of our hearts."

    The representative of the three elders thanked me.

This only makes me feel guilty. Maou-sama is the one responsible for the withered World Tree after all. However, since I saved them from whatever Ur and her companions were planning, I hope we can call it even.

"Don't mind it. I just helped them in the process." (Fell)

"Even so, we are still very grateful to you.... Now then, this is just a formality, but I hope you will answer my question. Fell-dono, are you the one responsible for the withered World Tree?"

I sensed magic power usage from him. Is that magic to detect falsehood? However, there is nothing to be afraid of. Maou-sama did everything by himself, after all.

"No, I am not." (Fell)

"I was using magic to detect falsehoods…. and it didn't react to your words."

Good. I have to be careful in choosing words from now on.

"If you're going to do that again, tell me beforehand." (Fell)

"Hohohoho. It was just to be on the safe side after all. Now then, the suspicion has been cleared up with this. Everyone, please treat Fell-dono as our guest."

I guess I've won the trial. However, the mission received from the Maou-sama has not been completed yet. I have get permission to go to the World Tree from the elders.

"I will restore the World Tree. Please give permission to go there." (Fell)

    The peaceful mood instantly turned tense.

"You can restore the World Tree? That's interesting. Even we who have been living for hundreds of years couldn't do anything."

"My Lord, Maou-sama, knows how to do it. I heard it from him when he contacted me via telepathy yesterday. However, since the method is secret, I want permission to go to the World Tree alone." (Fell)

I lied about the reason I want to be alone, though. He didn't pursue that topic further. I should be safe for the time being.

"The demon king, huh. Why does the king of demons have the knowledge to restore the World Tree?"

"That.... I don't know. I couldn't measure the vast knowledge of someone as great as him." (Fell)

    The elders started discussing about something among themselves.

"Is it really possible to restore the World Tree to its original state?"

"Maou-sama said that it was possible." (Fell)

    The elder sitting in the middle looked at the face of the other two elders in turn. The two of them nodded at him once.

"Very well. We will entrust the World Tree to Fell-dono."


The other elves seem to against their decision, will it be all right?

"Silence! There's nothing we can do. Let's put our hope on Fell-dono's words. Besides, I've used magic to detect falsehood. Fell-dono didn't tell us lies."


"I understand your feelings. However, could you please not embarrass us any further in front of her?"

If he put it like that, no one will be able to refute. The elves still look unconvinced, but in the end, it seems they will abide the elders' decision.

"Fell-dono, I will guide you halfway."

"Thank you." (Fell)

Apparently, if we go further from the Eternal Garden, we eventually will find the road leads to the World Tree. However, since the road branched off at several places, I will be guided until the point where there’s only a straight road left.

"Well then, this way please."




    After proceeding for a while, our surroundings gradually turned pitch black that not even speck of light reached the ground. The elder used magic to create a light to illuminate our path.

"Fell-dono, for what purpose did you come to this world?"

    The elder broke the silence with a question.

This question sure came out a lot. Well, it can't be helped. I will keep a secret about our food situation, though.

"I came to establish a friendly relationship with the human race on the order of Maou-sama." (Fell)

"Hou~ Has the policy of killing the hero changed?"

That's, surprising…. Does he know the reason the demons attacked humans in the past?

"Did you hear about our previous policy from one of us?" (Fell)

"No, I've never talked with demon other than Fell-dono. However, after witnessing the war between humans and demons for who-knows-how-many years, I came across that idea at some point."

"I see. The demons would have never attacked anyone other than humans. For someone who has been living for hundreds of years, it's indeed possible to learn their goal from watching." (Fell)

Kill the hero before he/she gets strong. Kill all humans before the hero is born. The demons in the past came to this world while having such goals. Only human could become the hero. Therefore, the demons have no reason attack the other races. Perhaps he guessed it from that.

"Indeed. The policy of killing the hero has been abolished. From now on, Maou-sama wants us to establish a friendly relationship with the human race, so that we can also live in this world as neighbors in the future." (Fell)

"The demon king sure has an interesting idea. However, will the hero accept it?"

"There's no problem. If it's about the hero, Maou-sama has defeated her and made her to accept it." (Fell)

".... who defeated who?"

Is his hearing getting bad due to his age?

"Like I said, Maou-sama has defeated the hero. Then again, she is still alive even now. The demons won't attack humans, so the hero should not attack demons either. Maou-sama proposed such agreement after defeating the hero." (Fell)

Old man, don't stop! Keep walking!

"I see.... The reason no demons were spotted for decades, is this because of the agreement?"

"No, that's another story. It's only been a few months since we have this agreement." (Fell)

He seems to be lost in thought. At this rate, we will never reach our destination.

"Can the demon king beat the hero?"

"That's what I've been telling you since a while ago. Do you not believe it?" (Fell)

    According to the elder, it was a common sense that hero was an undefeatable existence. Or rather, it was one of the World Rules --- the rules of impenetrability and something that can't be overturned by anyone.

Certainly, if you look at the history of demon race, no demon kings were able to defeat the hero in the past. However, Maou-sama has overturned even the World Rules. He's the best of the best. I'm proud as his servant.

"I heard something interesting. This will become a good souvenir for when I go to the other side."

I don't know how to respond to his dark jokes. Oh well, he finally started walking again. Let's change the topic.

"By the way, what exactly is the World Tree has withered?" (Fell)

"The road we are walking on is dark, isn't it?"

It's the forest, after all. Speaking of forest, I don’t see many trees around here. Then, why doesn't the light reach the ground?

"Normally, the World Tree and the trees around it emitted light, so it was usually bright along this road."

The World Tree is amazing. Maybe inverse photosynthesis?

"However, the World Tree stopped emitting light since a few days ago, so we assumed that it has withered."

What exactly did Maou-sama do to the World Tree? I'm really worried now.

    Suddenly, the elder stopped walking again.

"We will be parting here. You said you wanted to go there alone, did you?"

"That's right. I just need to go straight, correct?" (Fell)

"Yes. If you proceed straight from here, you will arrive at the World Tree eventually. By the way, can Fell-dono cast everyday magic: Light Bulb? You will need it. There are some light sources near the World Tree, so it will be a little brighter over there."

"No problem. Then, I'll go. It may take time, but wait for the good news." (Fell)

Now that I think about it, I don't how long will it take to restore the World Tree. I hope it won't take months.

"Yes. Then, I will come here again when the light of the World Tree returns."

    Having said that, the elder turned around and started walking away.

Okay, let's go to see the World Tree!



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